Reviews for Life Goes On
KayEn78 chapter 5 . 9/7/2011
While Jay and Marlene are attending the Buddy Holly impersonation concert, Mrs. Shirley McCarey, age ninety-six, makes a bold and unbelieveable decision. She decides it is now her time to pass away because she is "only" ninety-six years old! The woman suddenly realizes that no one (Karen or Jay) is there to say a proper good-bye to her. She even remembered that Jay didn't have the chance to say good-bye to his father, who passed away three years ago (he was doing another sold-out concert at the Hilton Hotel as the famous Elvis impersonator). Even thought, Mrs. McCarey knows these few facts, she dies anyway. It is Marlene who discovers her body and tells Jay, "It's looks like she died." In which, Jay replied, "Can't be, Marlene. Mom can't be dead." Marlene's repsonse to that, "Looks like it." And Jay's, "She was alive when we left. ...First Dad three years old and now Mom. It can't be." Jay starts to feel sad all over again.

Who wouldn't after their ninety-six-year-old mother had just passed away? But he must remember that both of his parents lived extrememly long, mundane lives. It was their time to go. They were lucky to reach those ages. Sure, it is a sad moment, but also a blessing.

A funeral is planned (two weeks later) and the McCarey's old friends, Bob and Bella Fluke attend the gathering. Everyone meets one another. The Flukes meet Marlene and the gang. Introductions are made. A new friend is introduced- shy Cecil Thomas, the mechanic in town. Everyone's occupation is discussed again and finally, at the end of the chapter, Mrs. Shirley McCarey can finally rest in peace.
KayEn78 chapter 4 . 9/4/2011
Carla should've put those tulips into a vase with water right away, after receiving them from Gunnar (not the next morning). It was nice of Marlene to put them in a vase (hopefully with water) for her younger cousin, but by then, since the flowers would've sat out all night without water, they would've died. Still, I know Marlene was trying to be helpful. It's unusual how Gunnar always seems to give Carla flowers at the end of the date. Usually, the girl gets flowers at the beginning of the date. Gunnar must've stopped and bought those tulips while he was still on his date with Carla.

Instead of reading and loafing the day away, Marlene decides to take a motorcycle ride to the Strip (in Las Vegas). While riding there, she goes by Jay McCarey's house, but no one is stirring. Bored out of her mind, she heads over to the Strip and does a little thinking.

...She knew her favorite teenage men were in school so she couldn't hang out with them until their next date...

Those teenage boys had better be in school and not hanging out with a thirtysomething woman! During her ride on the Strip, she sees a billboard of Gunnar Newton and wishes she could go to his next show. After leaving the Strip, Marlene runs into Steve-almost breaking his camera in the process. Steve's camera and himself are fine, and the two decide to meet for lunch later that day at a nameless restaurant.

Marlene ends up being late for lunch because she was caught in traffic. She exclaims that she's "never caught in traffic." How could this be? Depending on the time of day and how bad rush hour traffic is, anyone could be stucl in traffic.

Marlene runs into one of her teenage boyfriend's at the restaurant. Apparently, he and his two friends are on their lunch hour and have off-campus lunch privileges. Introductions are made and Marlene announces how Steve was her first boyfriend. This irks Ben, who thought he was Marlene's first boyfriend. He calls Steve a jerk and sticks his tongue out at Marlene, in which she replies, "I don't like tongues." All turns out okay because Marlene and Ben make a date for Friday. Ben's friends think Steve is so cool because he works for National Geographic (not the magazine, just with cameras). So, he must be a photographer for National Geographic.

Steve gets a call and has to head back to work. This leaves Marlene alone again and no lunch. How would she pay for it anyway, since she doesn't have a job. Still bored, she rides over to Circus Circus and sees Jay McCarey there. He has nothing to do that day, so the two of them decide to take in a performance of a Buddy Holly impersonator. Later on, they meet with Mrs. McCarey. It sounds like it was a fun day after all.
KayEn78 chapter 3 . 9/1/2011
It's surprising that Marlene didn't have a date for that Saturday night, since she's been known to date six teenage boys at one time. Still, she needs to grow up and realize that not every Saturday can be date night for her. After all, it gave her time to finish Bill's other best-selling novel and get on Facebook to catch up with friends and boyfriends there. Her night wasn't so bad after all. It sounds like Carla had a great time at that concert with Jay and Gunnar performing together.
KayEn78 chapter 2 . 8/31/2011
Marlene's never going to find a job with that huge chip on her shoulder. Apparently, someone must like her because it appears that she gets interviews after all. We never realized she was interested in radio and ended up having an interview at the radio station. Was that the only interview she's had in the two years she's been looking for work? Still, her attitude needs some adjustment.

We find out, after the gang met at Olive Garden for lunch that day, that Jay McCarey has low blood pressure and has to take medication for it. Even though Carla's the only one working and paying bills, it's amazing the group can go out to eat so much. Perhaps, Gunnar decided to chip in and help pay for their lunches at Olive Garden (and elsewhere). We got a brief synopsis of everyone's former and current occupations while at the lunch table. Marlene and Jay get into a tiff about him playing guitar and singing and as to why he can't sing without the accompanyment of his precious guitar. Marlene ended up dropping him off at the church, while she went back to the apartment (to look for more jobs, maybe?)
KayEn78 chapter 1 . 8/29/2011
In this "sequel" to Cousins, we learn that "a few years" have passed since we last saw Carla Sanchez and Marlene Potsie. The two cousins still live in the same apartment as before. Marlene seems preoccupied with her looks, as she suddenly forgotten she was the one in her group of friends who didn't have dark hair. She is a blonde. She seems to always flirt with Jay McCarey by giving him the pet name of "hotcakes." Although, Jay still does not understand why she calls him this, even in front of his elderly mother.

Apparently, this day had started out well for the two cousins. Marlene seems to have a knack for creating/baking desserts in only an hour. How does she do it! Her cousin, Carla wonders along with the rest of us. (Considering not every dessert takes an hour-some take longer and others have shorter baking times). Still, Marlene tends to have this unusual talent for baking things in exactly an hour.

We learn that Marlene still dates the teenage boys and lo and behond, has a date that very night. It isn't with just one poor teenager boy, but six! We do find out however, that her dates always drive her home. The question is, which one and how many of these teeangers have cars?

Even though the beginning announced that a "few years" had passed, it now switches to two years that had gone by. Supposedly, two years prior Marlene had gotten a DUI while being a part of NASCAR, thus caused her suspension from the speedy sport. Officer Smithy, her hated parole officer, is finally out of the picture, much to Marlene's happiness. Only the girl has had trouble finding employment in the past two years. Having a DUI on record will not help her out, but somehow, her and Carla are still able to afford that nice apartmnet of thiers. I just hope Marlene's phone bills have decreased considerably and are no longer $859 per month. Also, let's hope that Marlene has watched her weight in these past two years. Last we heard, she was 310 pounds with no health issues in sight.

Still, the two cousins seem to get along very well, despite Carla always wanting to taste Marlene's desserts-tonight, it's brownies. Carla gets her wish while Marlene is out of the house on her date with six teenage boys. It was nice of Carla to leave the lights on for Marlene when she returned home. I just hope theeir electric bill will not be sky-high in the future. With only one cousin working (at the library) still, funds must be extremely tight.