Reviews for Smugglers Prize
Alice-of-the-Forgottens chapter 6 . 12/6/2011
OMGoldfish, Jane! Jane, Jane, Jane! She will NEVER let that go! Hahaha, I smell blackmail! :)

That aside... BWAHAHAHAHAHA! XD Chris, the lady killer. Almost literally. :P He is so tactless. If your towel slips... Lie. Lie like hell, or make something up. Or stand up and be proud! ... Lol no! No man parts in faces, plox!

Lol, now I am super curious! XD (PS, I really liked your cover art.)
Alice-of-the-Forgottens chapter 5 . 11/23/2011
-steals the popcorn- Hail yes, fishes! Popcorn!~~

Ahem... Hee hee, Abby and Jane kick astronomic donkey! Hopefully, they don't kick each others' donkeys before they find Abby and Dave's kid. That wouldnt be good. It would be entertaining... But not good. :]

Mmm... smell the smexy lurve in the ayer! ~_O Excited to see how that goes! Toodles, dahling!
Alice-of-the-Forgottens chapter 4 . 11/13/2011
Awwww, Jane and Chris would be a cute couple! X3 They OBVIOUSLY like each other, so we're in (coughbaby-makingcoughcough) business! :D )_) (_(

And... Chloe seems to be a popular name this year. (My half-sister's baby's name is Chloe. :3) It's a darling name! Poor Captain... He never knew... :(

, I'm SOO glad you're back! I missed you lots! (After all, you and Nat are pretty flipping awesome-sauce!) Can't wait for chapter 5!
Alice-of-the-Forgottens chapter 3 . 11/10/2011
Okay... I can't stop laughing at the part about his pride being on the ground. XD That was the highlight of my day. So thank you for being awesome. :)

Also... David is firetrucked. Almost literally. ;) And AWWWWW, they has a behbeh! (As my wonderful, slightly crazy French teacher would say... "Oh, mon dieu!" -insert funny Madame face here-)

I still heart the dudes that work for Daddy David. :3 -mwah-

Yaaaay, I was soooo excited when I saw there was a new chapter! I was wondering when the next one would come along. :) I has missed the epicness of this story, and all the awesome-sauce involved. :D Can't wait for the next chaptah!
Alice-of-the-Forgottens chapter 2 . 9/3/2011
My dear Mischa... Props. It's taking off steadily and developing well! Kudos! :D

So, one quick real question before I launch into idiot mode. Lake's first name is Chris, yes?

And on to Idiot Mode! I hearts me some Jane. She doesn't take shazz from no one! She's all Grr Face! D: I hate you, random chick! You can just tell she's pretty hard-ass. Like rock fans!

Abigail just makes me want to punch my computer screen. If she loves Davie (Crockett) so fruiting much, she shouldn't be en-flipping-gaged to Jacob (Black). It just makes life diffi-muh-cult.

And Chris/ Lake makes me happy. :) He's pretty badass to punch a mafia boss in da face... Even though he didn't know he was mafioso. - I think this is the right word. But I really don't give a chute. Cuz I want a ladder! :D

And I have been wracking my brains for evah, but I can't figure it out! What's the signature under your author's notes stand for?
Alice-of-the-Forgottens chapter 1 . 9/2/2011
Hi there! :D!

Hmmm... It's strange how men let women totally rule their lives. Hahaha! I mean... No, wait, that IS what I meant! :P I've heard that being hungover suck some major peach juice. (I wouldn't know, being that I'm kind of underage... Not that anyone really cares, besides the government.) So... No, it's still funny. ;)

I was kinda surprised you didn't already have a character summary up. I figured you would, but I guess if people are like "I'm so cool, I'm gonna not read on a reading webpage," then I totally don't blame you. :) I shall be observing my computer screen periodically to see if you pop up. (Like a magic otter! XD -poing!- I am Bi-lly! :D)