Reviews for Mustang Eyes The Original Novel
Foohypink chapter 16 . 9/10/2011
This story gets better and better keep up the good work :D
unicorn-skydancer08 chapter 2 . 9/10/2011
Wowsers, I'm liking this thing already! I can very well picture it in book form, on a prominent shelf in a library or bookstore. Hopefully that will be the case someday! I like the "western talk" of the people; really makes me feel I'm in that time period.
unicorn-skydancer08 chapter 1 . 9/10/2011
Wow, this is awesome! It could use a little spit and polish, but it's off to a very good start.
Foohypink chapter 15 . 9/9/2011
No! Poor Leanne I hope she doesn't die. But I'm glad that Yuma doesn't hate her anymore. I hate that Brent I hope he gets what he deserves.
Foohypink chapter 14 . 9/8/2011
Poor Leanne I want to cry with her :S I hope she gets in time to the camp an explain everything to Mustang Eyes!
Foohypink chapter 12 . 9/8/2011
Thanks for the update it was really good it's so sweet how Mustang Eyes keeps saving her. I think I have a crush on him ;D
Foohypink chapter 11 . 9/7/2011
No if I was Leanne I would have stayed with Mustang Eyes :S I hope they someway stay together. I love your story, I can't wait until you update good job. :D
Foohypink chapter 10 . 9/7/2011
aww Mustang Eyes may feel something for her I think Ohanzee also feels something, I think?
Foohypink chapter 9 . 9/7/2011
Poor Leanne I bet that hurts.
Foohypink chapter 8 . 9/7/2011
I so wanted a kiss but I guess it will come I hope! :O
Foohypink chapter 6 . 9/7/2011
Yay More Mustang Eyes! But still poor Leanne, Yuma sure doesn't like her but at least Mustang Eyes will defend her. :)
Foohypink chapter 5 . 9/7/2011
How can her father be so cruel and married her off. Poor Leanne :S
Foohypink chapter 4 . 9/7/2011
awww that's sweet that Jason has feelings for her, but I like Mustang Eyes better even if he hasn't come out that much.
Foohypink chapter 2 . 9/7/2011
I like the way you started the story with your prologue.
Foohypink chapter 1 . 9/7/2011
Your story looks interesting :D
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