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kbapee chapter 20 . 4/5/2012
Such a sweet story. I'm in love(:
Tinyyellowboxes chapter 20 . 3/15/2012
Turns out I'm just stalking your FP today, sorry about that, but these stories are fantastic and I just need you to know how brilliant a writer you are. You really excel at describing the reality of the world but not how you see it, but how you feel it, which made this whole story an emotional roller coaster ride. Granted when Shrimp died that was the worst for me. I got out a roll of toilet paper and just made a little pile of paper and snot. That was heart wrenching. But I loved it all the same. Thank you for the excellent piece.
PyroTech chapter 20 . 3/2/2012
I hate your story. It made me cry. Which of course means I loved it so very much. It was beautiful.
PyroTech chapter 15 . 3/2/2012
This chapter was fucking brilliant and almost made me cry.
PyroTech chapter 1 . 2/29/2012
So...I'm already absolutely in love with this because I love theatre and A Midsummer Nights Dream.

I just recently acted on my liking for theatre though (not actually ACTED, i'm much too shy and socially anxious for that), by doing tech work for my community theatre. It was a blast. We finished with Tempest in January and already the actors are rehearsing for Music Man, though tech week is coming up soon too

Anyway, I am enjoying your story so far. Found it on a recommendation sort of forum on this site and figured I'd give it a try. Getting tired of plotless one-shots lol
Ally04 chapter 20 . 2/20/2012
I absolutely loved this story. It was simply beautiful. Your writing is inspiring and I've decided I might actually decide on posting one of my stories as well. Loved the ending. Dolph and Tristan make me happy (:
jdmj90 chapter 20 . 2/9/2012
This was an awesome story. I will admit the jumping back and forth between the past and present took a little getting used to but i think doing that gave the story more clarity and meaning, once you figured out when it was at that point. Other than that, the plot was great, Dolph had some great character development, even if i wanted to strangle him sometimes. Good story can't wait to read more of your work.


Guest chapter 10 . 2/9/2012
Till now is one of the best stories ever. Good job
WantsRevenge21 chapter 20 . 1/18/2012
Oh my gosh! How this story only has 69 reviews I have no idea.

It was lovely,beautiful,and true.
xfffxfxfx chapter 20 . 1/13/2012
I was totally going to bring up Edward the Second, before you even mentioned it! I even had this speech of Gaveston’s typed out:

“Not that I love the city or the men,

But that it harbours him I hold so dear,

The king, upon whose bosom let me lie,

And with the world be still at enmity.”

Pretty gay, huh? Huh? Yeah.

I find that the story doesn’t really pick up until we meet Tristan in Chapter four. He’s one half of the balance that was missing for the first four chapters. I think these chapters could be agreeably condensed into one chapter. I was seriously considering stopping reading by the time we got to chapter four. I struggled on only because Honunjama had given it her word on the Slash fiction forum. Well, I’m glad I did, anyways.

Who could expect such a tepid beginning to soar to such heights? You’re like a prose Paganini, evoking such extremes of emotion one after another. Many authors here on Fiction Press gesture towards trauma, loneliness, heartbreak, crushing feelings of all kinds, but here you really summon them forth. To be honest, I cried more-or-less continuously throughout the last quarter of the story. And not only sad feelings but the exhilarating flush of first love, completely intoxicating. The friends and their crazy play, seen through the bittersweet lens of time. So many powerful emotions brought forth so fully.

I like that we see Tristan’s disappointment with his life in the present before we see him as ‘king of those people’ in the past. It provides this beautiful sense of parallax – of seeing time compact before our eyes. It reminds me of Wilde in his wild and wooly days of Decadence, and then seeing him broken and battered, dying an outcast in Paris. This sense of time lapse is very powerful and adds immensely to the story.

On the subject of Tristan, I find him a total gem. I like the way you show him to us, showing us his worst sides first. Then when we see him in full flower – wow! He’s marvelous. We really get a chance to fall in love with him ourselves.

I think that, in a sense, the Dorian Gray references are a bit of a red herring. That’s true as much for Dolph as anyone else. Dorian Gray is to be approached worshipfully, like an object of immaculate beauty, if approached at all. His beauty is a power over people, but as a power it doesn’t differentiate between Dorian the man and Dorian the image. Dorian is not much more than an object himself: he has, as far as we can tell, little or no interior life. He lives off of his reflection in other people. This is why Dolph has so much trouble accepting Tristan as a lover – he’s afraid of being Basil (I believe he said as much) and therefore is unable to see that Tristan has an immensely absorbing interior life, that in fact his interior life has followed much the same path as Dolph’s has.

If so, all of this is very interesting. As a figure for homosexual relationships, Oscar Wilde is daunting. He is so famous, and so openly confronted the issues of being gay, that it is hard to avoid him (not that we’d really want to). However, he hardly presents a very healthy picture of a homosexual relationship in Dorian Gray, or of any other relationships in his other works. Now, I’m not saying that he should have been, but where does that leave us? I think this story is trying to rewrite Dorian Gray to show a new way forward, to show a different kind of relationship. Like Dolph to Hedda, it allows us to forgive him for mucking us up.

I’d say the main theme of this story is of reintegrating the past into the present – a remembrance of things past, if you will. The crux of the story involves an entire segment of Dolph’s life (specifically the important part) being uncovered and accepted. I can’t remember if he stores his box of photographs in the closet or not, but one way or another he is still ‘closeted.’ Although his family knows he is gay, they don’t accept it, and yet he continues to try to live to their standards. He goes through the motions of having gay relationships, but is unable to truly connect with anyone. He is as closeted as he can be without actually being closeted.

Now, I’d like to make an interesting parallel here. The same element that incites Dolph’s closetedness, his close-minded provincial philistine home community, is the same element that denies art and literature. In a sense, to them, art and literature are ‘in the closet.’ They are as disconnected from the ability to love and appreciate art and literature as they are from the ability to love and appreciate their own family members as individuals and not simply as family members. Without a connection to art and literature, they are in a deep sense uprooted, cultural amnesiacs who are incapable of coming to terms with any new elements they are faced with. They are stultified ghosts living in a limbo where there is no past and there is no future.

So, broadly, what I’m saying is that when Dolph recovers his ability to genuinely love another human being, and accepts the full implications of his past, this is entirely to do with his ability to embody his art and be in living dialogue with his literary antecedents. It’s important that Tristan, who gives up his piano playing, is unable to make that important bridge across their divide. Ultimately, Dolph is able, because he has continued to practice his acting and grow as an artist. As these individuals find themselves in relation to their cultural past, they are finding themselves in relation to each other.

Now that I’ve gone on and on, I’d like to point out some things that I didn’t take up. The fairies are a recurring motif. The relationship between the city and the country. The relationship between the characters and Shakespeare. The importance of Dolph’s dog toy, and the dogs in the story. These deserve further treatment than I’m giving them here.

I have to admit that I’m dying to know how certain things occurred after the end. We see some things, but I just imagine Anna’s face when Dolph explains to her what happened five years ago. I imagine Dolph meeting with Tristan’s parents as his boyfriend (just think of KB’s reaction!) I imagine what all of their university friends have to say, and how happy they are that the D and T are doing so much better. Not that you have to satisfy every question, but these moments are just too delicious.

PS This just occurs to me now, but wouldn’t it have been an awful irony if they ended up killing themselves? Like Tristan just can’t take it anymore, and then Dolph is like ‘I can’t go on!’ Because then it would be like Romeo and Juliet, see? Oh, it would have been so deliciously awful.
cerulean-azure chapter 20 . 1/12/2012
This story is so unique and I loved it not for its escape from reality as most stories tend to to do, glossing over so many nuances and emotions, but how heart bracingly realistic it shows life can be. (Even if it has a happy ending; there is enough tragedy out there anyway) The characters were so developed and the detailed memories make it seem all the more real. I'll save this for a rainy day to read again :)
green grout chapter 20 . 1/3/2012
So, that’s it. Final chapter, final review. Instead of an exuberant adulation (this would founder on my limited English skills, anyway), I’ll keep it plain and simple.

Thank you. Thank you very much for finding exactly the right words when I have none. Thanks for sharing. You deserve more, I know, but I’m quite lost right now:)

Don’t take too much time. My respect, dear comrade. GG
sshsilence chapter 20 . 12/28/2011
It was a jumbled mangled mess but it seems that is what it needed to be. You did wonderful job. I loved it.
Scorned chapter 20 . 12/26/2011

I mean, it was a really nice and realistic ending and I liked it a lot, especially the bit where tthey talked to the parents at the end (And strangely the 2 line phone call with Hedda as well)

In general, awesome story. Congrats on finishing or whatever, and I guess I'l author alert you just to see what you pop out of thay brain of yours in the future (Attractive metaphor much?)

nffhkasjfnbsdkjb chapter 20 . 12/26/2011
I take back what I said about Dolph...I forgive him (sort of). Tristan is lovely...and I would love to read more of your writing.

This is the most compelling story I've read here on fictionpress and you deserve hundreds of reviews (it's much better than lots of stories with hundreds of reviews).

I think I'm going to have to read it again as one whole piece...maybe I'll think of something more worthwhile to say then.

Thank you for sharing this.

Suki .
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