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Yumeri Riki chapter 49 . 7/10/2015
Not sure if you remember me... But I remember reading and reviewing every single chapter of this story because I liked it so much... Hehe...

Honestly, I'm still waiting for the next chapted, even though I checkexd your dA and you're working on another project :(

But pleaaaase finish this story? ~
Guest chapter 49 . 8/16/2013
Beg my pardon

It has been about over two months since the last update

Please do not leave your readers hanging

Find the will to update, would you
Kaliskia chapter 1 . 7/3/2013
wow, it seems cool even though it was the prologue
Mirimo27 chapter 49 . 6/8/2013
Omg, HOW DID I MISS NOT ONLY ONE BUT THREE CHAPS...? OTL Ahhh I can't believe I never noticed my inbox updates going to my spam folder this whole time-! I was wondering what happened to my all my fanfic updates recently, and it turns out that they're all in my spam folder for some reason. ;; Anyway, as my utmost apologizes, I'll make sure to review all the chaps I missed here-! x] :

Chapter 47: My, this chapter was intense-! The action part with Lucio coming in to save his son was epic for a parent (not to mention the way you wrote it was very imaginable), and I literally held my breath after the part Nicholai went in the shack to the end of the chap because everything became suspenseful from there. Lol, poor Nicholai going through all this, but I'm SO GLAD he didn't die! XD The short story you portrayed about the 3 children, the demons, and Chi's death was very interesting and explanatory. Of course I was once again crept out by your graphical writing lol, but to be honest I think you have a knack for writing horror genres. (And then it took me awhile to actually realize that that means Cherry Blossoms is partially horror genre as well...XD") I also especially liked the way you portrayed Nicholai's father here - I really loved his parental figure mainly because unlike most parents you portray here, he's genuinely caring and kind towards his family. I think above everything else, that one trait makes him outshine more than the other guardians so far right now. (In fact, he's probably my favorite guardian character lol!) Hopefully, I'll get see him and find more about MASK in the future. x]

Chapter 48: I have to say both this chap and chap 49 were my personal favorites to read because OMGGG ALL THOSE LOVE TRIANGLES, I CANT TAKE. XD Chapter 48 was just so very entertaining to read about, what with the new transfer student being a potential love rival for Nicholai and just I SHIP NICHIOLAIXPURIN SO HARD YOU HAVE NO IDEA. XD I actually somewhat like Olivier because it seems like she might help to develop their Nicholai/Purin's relationship more rather than deflate it (but even if she does deflate it that just makes things interesting too to me lol). I also like how you chose Olivier to have an almost identical personality to Purin's because seeing their fire vs fire interactions were great, and I couldn't stop laughing at the random remark about Alejandro not being affected by Olivier because he's gay and the "no-no spot" incident with Nicholai, rofl. XD (Pfft, you portrayed how French people are more 'romantics' perfectly here LOL.) I just enjoyed Chapter 48 so much that all my NicholaiXPurin feels exploded. The idea of adding in another love rival between Nicholai and Purin was brilliant, because now with a new bump in their road, things have became a lot more interesting with them. (Not that it wasn't already though, haha.) Oh boy, I look forward to how this will turn out.

Chapter 49: As if I wasn't intrigued enough with chap 48, chap 49 almost made me squeal with excitement because once again, ALL THOSE LOVE TRIANGLES. XD I loved that one moment at lunch where we got to hear what all the characters thought about with the ball event coming, and OMG JORDAN, I HAVENT HEARD OF HIM FROM FOREVER-! XD I loved Jordan's technique to ask someone to the ball lol. That one line about skies and kittens together was just so random and Jordan-like that I had to laugh, NicholaiXPurin was as cute and interesting as ever, and OMG, MaryXJordan is another pairing I ship really hard because the two of them are just so precious. (I just basically love all your canon pairings ok XD) I also especially loved Rin and Kento's chemistry with each other because the two of them are unexpectedly so amusing together, and overall, I really could not stop smiling while reading this chap. These 3 chaps made my day, and now I'm super satisfied with your new updates. Can't wait to see what happens next! I really look forward to see what happens at the ball/your new chaps coming soon. x]
Romance4Ri chapter 48 . 5/18/2013
Hello This has turned out quite well, and I can't wait until you update with some more romance- and maybe horror? :)
Mirimo27 chapter 46 . 4/9/2013
...Whoa. I'm probably not gonna say much because I'm rendered mostly speechless with this chap. You made everything vivid, alright. So much to the point it's a bit traumatizing to picture, and I had to skim a few parts... Although, what I can also say is that your writing is still efficient overall. I wonder if this voice is good for Chi after this incident? The voice seems to help Chi at first, but I'm not so sure from this point a way, I'm somewhat glad (and horrified with myself lol) that Chi ended up giving back her parents a taste of the own medicine to a certain degree. I'm not that all fond of reading graphical violence (mainly because its somewhat uncomfortable for me to read, I admit OTL), but the ending resolve at the last part of this chap gives Chi's life story a purpose for her detailed background. Now that her background introductory is over, I'm more curious of how Nicholai will save her from here on out. I'll be looking out for your new update, as per usual. :] Hope to hear from you again soon-! (P.S: Chi's video game...? o-o Okay, I totally lied when I said I wasn't going to say much for this chap lol)
Yumeiri Riku chapter 46 . 4/7/2013
Oh... my gosh. That's a LOT of bloodshed. O.O I am super shocked you wrote this... I... I'll review again later... o.o
Mirimo27 chapter 45 . 3/26/2013
Oh...lord. OH NO, what going to happen to Chi?! I have such a bad feeling that this was her turning point from being a happy child... And now that I know her background story, I feel so sorry for her-! TT I'm so scared to find out what's going to happen to her next, especially if it's graphic...P-Poor Chi-! OTL Seriously, I now find all the parents in this story pretty much messed up...what's up with that? XD

But anyways, other than my personal reaction, the literary part of this chap was great, as always. I really like how you depicted the difference between all the family members in the household, it's interesting to see all their distinct personalities if only just for little bit. I also like how you described Chi's relationship with her dog; it seems very realistic for a happy yet lonely child like her. Chi's initial personality was very clear as well, with your descriptions, she appears so vividly in my head.

I'm partially curious how she'll change at this point, but I'm also afraid...gah, you give me that frightened/curious emotion so much while reading your story now. XD I was suspecting her father to turn out like that, but I was somewhat doubting it until the end portion came up...I wonder if her mother is like that as well? And oh god, the siblings don't know anything suspenseful! Haha as intimidated as I may be, I'll forward to the next chap, nonetheless. Hope to see you update again soon-! x]
Yumeiri Riku chapter 45 . 3/25/2013
Oh god. I think that's part of what changed Chi. She seemed so scary and then I learned that she was nice. But now I think it's her whole family's fault! For making those rules! For punishing her like this for just one thing! She's been lonely for so long! Her best friend just ran off... I feel so sorry for Chi...

PLEASE update soon so i know what happens next!
Hana chapter 44 . 3/14/2013
This is amazing! I love it so much! Great job!
Nekopyon chapter 44 . 3/9/2013
MuaaaScary! Can't wait to see the rest! I wonder if Nicholai would be killed hehehehehehe...
Mirimo27 chapter 44 . 3/8/2013
Ohhhh this chap was great-! Lots of new suprising stuff going on, I like it. x] The part about Jordan being Ronald McDonald made me lol'd so hard. XD That was brilliant, LOL. I also like how every chap centers around with another character each's interesting how you link it to the story plot, and how Ichigo and all the others have a fair chance on getting their individual spotlight every once in awhile. Although, now I'm pretty worried about what will happen to Nicholai...he won't die will he? (PLEASE NO OTL) I-I hope not. The part about Jordan helping Chi was shocking too, I wonder if he really has the intentions to kill Nicholai like what Grim says...? (JORDAN, WHY? XD) But ah, so many new raised questions-! Things are getting interesting but oh so suspenseful now. This chap is a good way for setting up the plot, and it kept me going overall, but I'm sort of eager and scared at the same time as of what's gonna happen next...XD" Utimately, I'll look forward to next chap, though-! I hope you'll update again soon! ;]
Yumeiri Riku chapter 44 . 3/8/2013
This chapter was wonderfully written, as always. I was shocked when Yoshi said they'd send in Nicholai to help out, but I think he might die at the very moment he succeeds, or that he will reach a critical condition while doing so.

I am happy that your story now has over 100 reviews, and I'm proud to have helped out with reviewing. In my opinion, your story deserves more than just 100 reviews, I think it deserves 1000. I know you will eventually reach it, though. :) I await the next chapter.

-Yumeiri Riku
Yumeiri Riku chapter 43 . 2/16/2013
This was a beautiful chapter as always- although I want more KentoxIchigo! XC

Also, when will Ichigo's powers come in? You haven't written much about the troubling powers of the 6 children.. (Or was it 7 children?) You are getting off-plot, and you're focusing a bit too much on the characters' normal lives and romance. Although I love the fluffiness of the story, I think it's best if the main topic of the story comes back. Isn't Ichigo supposed to be some sort of powerful mage or something?

I'm not sure if you just want to take it slow or if you've went off track...

I'm just wondering!
Mirimo27 chapter 43 . 2/12/2013
OMG. I LOVE YOU FOR THIS CHAP. XD Lol, seriously ok? The moment I found this story in my inbox, my first impression was "*Gasp* Omg, this story's updated again! *Cheering in the background*" And then when I really went to go check and read the whole chap afterwards, my mind was officially blown to heaven… LOL, end of story.

ANYWAY XD Asdfghjkl, I literally died from all the overflowing NicholaiXPurin here. x3 To be perfectly honest with you, I think I'm really going to like this pairing more than the actual main canon now, which tells something. XD Gahhh this whole chap was WAY too cute though! Not to mention that Purin was a total 'boss' here, LOL. She totally rocked in this chap...that one part about her shamelessly kicking the door was beautiful (Other than Ichigo getting hit in the process XD) And pfft, I love the boys here too, teasing Nicholai whatnot (LOL oh Jordan with his English xD). I think this chap might actually be added on to my personal favorites now, surprisingly. I didn't even bat an eyelash reading this whole chap lol, since I have to admit that I was too excited and giddy while reading this – it practically screamed, “PurinXNicholai ftw!” throughout the whole thing. XP Lol although not to mention, I can also totally see how Ichigo deals with her best friend now after reading this. XD Purin doing all these proud shameless acts, while Ichigo being the primary witness to all this...pfft, I see it so clearly there. XD

Now to put it short overall, this chap was awesome. Very light, heart-warming, and just so…‘Purin’, haha. XD It’s nice to be off from the suspenseful plot every once awhile - I would love to see what happens next, but waiting will most likely be end of me, lol. OTL The good side to it though is that the chaps are always worth it, so hopefully, you’ll be able to update again, soon…I’ll eagerly wait for next chap, until then! Fyi, my day was accomplished after reading this. x]
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