Reviews for Daphne's Charity Mission
KayEn78 chapter 29 . 11/15/2011
So am I. I'm so glad Sheriff Cline is able to do activities of daily living in his own now. I'm glad his entire life is getting better for him and that he helped out his friend Brad Scott. And it's a good thing that Karen and Frank finally caught the guy who planted the bomb in the high school. However, no details are given to this-it just happened.

It was sweet of Cecil to give $5,000 back to the church, after what they're doing for Sheriff Cline (sending him weekly checks of $5,000 for the rest of his life). I'm glad everything here had a happy ending! I will miss reading about Sheriff Cline and others. This was a nice story. It had a good message to it.
KayEn78 chapter 28 . 11/15/2011
Sheriff Cline tells the entire story of the murder of his best deputy, Andy. After hearing this, Dr. Ribbons decides that he no longer needs to see her. She tells him to forget the murder and do things that make him happy. This makes sense, but a murder like that will never be forgotten. It can be pushed to the back of the mind, but never forgotten.

I guess his lapse in not eating lasted onnly momentarily because that night at dinner, he ate the entire meal. Cecil and Sheriff Cline have a long talk about how God was there for him and will continue to help him. Another $5,000 check arrived in the mail. The former sheriff asks how long these checks will keep showing up in his mailbox. Cecil says that they'll keep coming each week for the rest of his life.
KayEn78 chapter 27 . 11/15/2011
Brad seems to be reluctant in trusting Sheriff Cline. But in the end, the former Sheriff is there for him and the town druggie can have his cell back.

It seemed as though Sheriff Cline was improving, since he was eating entire meals of oatmeal. Now, he won't eat them...maybe he's tired of oatmeal all of the time. I wonder how his next appointment with Dr. Ribbons will turn out?
KayEn78 chapter 26 . 11/15/2011
This was a nice church scene. I thought it was very kind of Daphne to allow the Cline's to put the $5,000 checks toward further research on severe depression. And it looks like Sheriff Cline is going to be there to help Brad out and have him be comfortable back in his cell.
KayEn78 chapter 25 . 11/3/2011
In the last chapter, after Karen received the phone call from Joseph who thought someone was going to steal something, her and Frank head over to SuperCuts. Sure enough, the guy did steal money from the cash register. The only thing is, Joespeh would've or should've known how much money was in the cash register (and perhaps the safe, if there was one located in the back of the store). It seems very unbelievealbe that Karen would automatically know how much money had been taken-$500.00 from the cash register. However, it looks like the robber forgot to take some money because she and Frank are counting the remaining dollar bills in the register. Even so, Karen still would not know how much was actuall taken, unless Joseph had the total amount in the store for that day and had written it down. He would also provide a list of other items that may have been stolen, such as shampoo, conditioner, etc. He would have to take inventory of the store and then tell Karen what exactly was stolen.

There's a description of the suspect, most notable feature is the earring in his left ear. Joseph though he might've been Native American. The guy wore blue jeans and red and white striped shirt. This could almost resemble the characters of Where's Waldo. Still, during the entire process, Joseph is shaken up and his hands are uncontrollable. Now that they had a description, both Frank and Karen left SuperCuts to drive around town and look for the suspect. Suddenly, they come upon a man with the exact description of the robber and automatically knows it's him due to the fact that he has wads of cash in his hands. As the man is running, little by little, the bills slip from his hands. This is probably one of the dumbest criminals even encounterd becaus the man actually stops to pick up the money that he had dropped. He had seen Karen and Frank in the squad car and once he stopped running, Karen asks him if he needs any help. The man replied no and Karen then asks to see his I.D., which he obliges. Frank comes in to the scene with the description and immediately points the finger at him.

Just then, former Sheriff Cline enters the picture and says hello to Karen. This is quite unprofessional and awkward for former shriff to do. Even Karen tells him she can't talk with im now, she's making an arrest. Still, Sheriff Cline presses on and asks what the man did. Karen replies that he had robbed SuperCuts. This is still very unprofessional of Sheriff Cline to do. He would or should know the procedure of having a suspect in custody, what to say, what not to say. Basically, he should still know the law/police protocol and what it entials. This whole situation makes him look quite ridiculous and very stupid.

Can this get anymore unprofessional? Yes...Karen actually asks Sheriff Cline, a civilian now, to tell Joseph that the suspect was caught. Karen should do that part herself when the proper time arrives (after the booking procedure, paperwork and everything else is complete. There is some good advice from the former sheriff though-he tells Jospeh that he sould get a burglar alarm. This should've been done ages ago.
KayEn78 chapter 24 . 10/30/2011
Terry Cline comes up with the brilliant idea of giving some or all of the checks from the Church of the Messiah to researchers that specialize in finding possible cures for severe depression. She asks Cecil if this would be okay to do, and he said he'll ask his church first before she sends anything to any research organziation.

Meanwhile, sixteen-year-old Tony has a date that night. He asks his father if he could have $20 for dinner and a movie. His father agrees and the boy says he'll bring back whatever is left. With the high prices of movies these days, I don't think he'll come back with very little change or nothing at all. He may not even have enough for a dinner-and-a-date.

After Tony leaves, Karen McCarey arrives and proceeds to inform Sheriff Cline about Brad, who won't return to his cell since Jeremy left the force. Karen lets him know that Brad considers the sheriff's office "trash" now that Sheriff Nelson is in charge. The guy is in his 20s, and according to Brad, the town druggie, "he knows nothing about the law." She asks if Sheriff Cline can at least talk to Brad and find a way to get him back where he belongs-in his cell.

While the discussion of Brad is going on, Officer Frank Williams arrives at the Cline house just then, telling Karen that they must head over to SuperCuts. Joseph, who's cutting a customer's hair, believes the man that just walked in is going to steal the money from the cash register. Judging by this source of information, no crime has actually been committed yet. You can't arrest someone because you "think" they will lift something. We'll see if the man does commit his crime and what Karen and Frank will do afterward...
KayEn78 chapter 23 . 10/30/2011
Usually, authors don't really write about characters going to the bathroom. Everyone does it, its a well-know fact of life, but you don't have to say that Cecil went to the bathroom and then came shortly afterward. Just a suggestion I remember someone else bringing up a few years back when it came to writing and going to the bathroom.

I was wondering what was going on with Cecil's cousin Mike while he was still in jail. At least, they allow him to have telephone priviledges. Mike says he is sorry for reading the Cline's mail, but doesn't know why he did such a thing. After a bit of thought, he tells his younger cousin the reason he did this was because Cecil read the Cline's as well, since he was a caregiver for Sheriff Cline. It looks as though Mike was just doing to same job as Cecil. Mike should not have been arrested. If it was such a bad thing to do, then why not arrest Cecil too, for reading the Cline's mail? Obviously, there was a communication gap between the telling of which specific duties Mike was allowed to do, versus Cecil. I still think it was ridiculous that Mike got arresed in the first place. Let's hope Cecil comes to his senses sooner or later and helps his cousin get out of jail.

After the phone call, Cecil makes himself a sandwhich for lunch and then logs onto Facebook to chat with the Severe Depression Support Group he's a part of there. After an hour with that group, he suddenly snaps to attention because he just remembered the conversation with Mike. He had apparently totally forgotten about it while on Facebook. In record time, he races over to the Cline's and has a long talk with Sheriff Cline about Mike. During their discussion, the former sheriff announces that the headache he has been having is getting worse. His response about Mike is this...

"Still, the law is the law, Cecil. Once Mike gets arrested for what he's done, he has to serve his full sentence instead of getting out of jail after being arrested right away. You see what I'm talking about, Cecil?" Sheriff Cline asked.

Sheriff Cline also says that Mike can return to his job once he has served his full sentence. After this, he as had enough talk. "Mr. Headache" is getting very bad now and he must go lay down.

Poor Mike, he will not be happy when he hears from Cecil again...
KayEn78 chapter 22 . 10/28/2011
Cecil arrives at the Clines on Saturday morning to help Terry with breakfast. A seemlingly annoyed Terry lets Cecil know that he does not need to help her with breakfast. The subject quickly switches over to Sheriff Cline who has not come downstairs yet. He asks Tony to fetch his father.

When Tony lets himself into his parents room, his father reprimands him about not knocking first. Reluctantly, the man slowly gets out of bed and Tony attempts to find him an outfit to wear for the day. Meanwhile, Cecil is wondering where the two of them are, so he goes upstairs and finds Tony at the closet and the former sheriff sitting up in bed. The caretaker tells the boy that he'll pick out something for his father to wear after breakfast.

After Sheriff Cline finishes his breakfast, he suddenly remembers that he did not get the chance to ask Cecil about those $5,000 checks that keep arriving in the mailbox. Cecil finally tells the former sheriff the real meaning of these checks-how his pastor at his church (The Church of the Messiah), has a mission in helping others to find a cure for their ailment by sending them weekly $5,000 checks. Both Terry and Sheriff Cline seem to understand Pastor Daphne's reasoning behind this and they both decide to deposit the chekcs in the bank.
KayEn78 chapter 21 . 10/28/2011
We're not really sure how Karen actually found out there wasn't a bomb in the school. No details were given of just showed the three of them meandering around the school, eating lunch and then suddenly, later in the afternoon, Karen discovers there is no bomb at all. Now, everyone can return to school. There seems to be a huge gap here.

Still, Karen is excited about her date with Joseph. She arrives at his house on time and he offers to cook dinner! How nice for her. The two sit on the couch and have a lengthy conversation about that day. The bomb threat comes up, of course, and some of it went like this...

"...I don't know how loud the bomb was when that person put it there," Karen said.

This is a confusing statement as we have no details regarding the type or size of the bomb. They don't even have the person in custody who supposedly hid it in the school. As far as we know, that person is still walking the streets.

After this awkward conversaion, the two have a a "nice, quite dinner." After the meal is finished, Karen decides that a phone call is more important than spending time with a potential boyfriend. Joseph doesn't want her to leave so soon, but she promises him that the next date they have will be longer. She then heads home to call the Clines and inform them that there wasn't a bomb planted in the school after alll.
KayEn78 chapter 20 . 10/27/2011
This chapter switches gears to Tony and Sara's high school, where Karen McCarey, Officer Williams, and Sheriff Nelson are there because of the recent bomb scare. During lunchtime, in the cafeteria, the sheriff asks what her prayers are about this bombing. Karen tells him what she had prayed to the Lord in hoping that this bomb situation would not be like the one at the Columbine High School in Colorado. All of them had apparently brought lunches from home.

Around two in the afternoon, Karen saw the town druggie, Brad, walking around school grounds. Before she could speak with him, her cell phone went off. It was Cecil, who now realizes there's a bomb threat in Tony and Sara's high school. I guess he didn't know this before because he says he can't pick up the students from school because of the bomb threat. This does not make sense since the studnets are already at home during this time. Karen reassures Cecil that she's been praying all day about this situation. Cecil agreed with this as he decided then to put the two children on his prayer list at church.

However, by the end of that day, all three believed that there really wasn't a bomb at the school at all. They hadn't found anything. No one seems to know what kind of bomob it was. More investigating needed to be done to wrap this case up. Instead, they all had back to the office and call the faculty and staff, explaining there was no bomb, although none of them seem 100 percent sure about what they never found. Yet, the authorities are going to let everyone back into school anyway. Let's hope it wasn't a time bomb of sorts.

The entire bomb situation and prayers that Karen said throughout the day seemed to vanished as she thinks about the upcoming date with Joseph, the barber at Supercuts.
KayEn78 chapter 19 . 10/27/2011
Sheriff Cline had his first appointment with Dr. Ribbons. It seemed to go well. Dr. Ribbons had explained at the beginning that she liked to get to know her patients before getting to the meat of their problems. When Sheriff Cline met Terry in the parking lot, he told he wished he didn't have to see all of these doctors. Terry reminds him why he has to keep seeing these doctors, to see if he'll get well. For the entire afternoon, the former sheriff barracades himself into his office, staring the three checks he had received from the Church of the Messiah. Each check is for $5,000. They now add up to $15,000. He can't quite figure out why he's getting these checks and still trying to find an answer when Cecil arrives at dinnertime. Cecil knows all about these checks, but won't explain anything to Sheriff Cline or Terry about them. Since they are legit checks, he'd better cash or deposit them quickly before Pastor Daphne runs out of money. If that happens, he won't have the $15,000. I wonder how many checks Sheriff Cline will receive before he begins to do something with them?
KayEn78 chapter 18 . 10/23/2011
Terry is on the phone the next morning speaking with her older sister Marilyn Evans. We quickly learn that the two heaven't spoken much to one another since she and Jeremy often attend several doctor's appointments and sessions with therapists. But now, Terry has a moment to chat with her about the solved murder case that made Sheriff Cline depressed for so long. Since he could hear his wife on the phone, he leaves the kitchen and wishes this didn't have him be so depressed all the time...the case is solved, for crying out loud! Once Terry is off the phone, Sheriff Cline returns to the kitchen and his wife suggests about calling Dr. Beatrice Ribbons, a therapist whom Cecil had recommended the night before. Sheriff Cline grunts that he doesn't care, that he's seen enough doctors already. But before Terry calls her, she deicdes to call Dr. Mason to see if he can give some background information about this therapist.

Apparently, Terry receives a positive report from Dr. Mason about Dr. Ribbons, so the concerned wife sets up an appointment for Sheriff Cline to see her.

Tony is seeing his counslor at school the next morning. It looks as though the bomb threat has been taken care of (off-page between chapters 17 and 18) because we never hear about it again. Perhaps, this aspect was forgotten by everyone. Only this is given...

Tony and his sister couldn't go to their appointment with the counselor the next day because of the bomb in their school so their appointment had been canceled, so they would go when the school would reopen. (However, two paragrpahs before this announced them being at school).

Whatever the reason may be, Tony doesn't want his sister to be with him when he talks to the counslor again about his father.

It is evening now, and it looks like the bomb threat had not been forgotten afterall. Cecil wonders why the school is closed and Terry explains about the bomb scare. We learn that it will be closed for awhile now.

During dinner, Terry presses Sheriff Cline to tell Cecil his great news. After prodding the answer and getting nowhere, Terry announces that her husband ate his entire breakfast and took his medicine on his own this morning. Cecil also finds out about Sheriff Cline's appointment with Dr. Ribbons. When Terry asks Cecil about the checks they've been receiving from the curch, all he could give is a blank stare. The guy is lost in thought. He doesn't hear or answer Terry's question.
KayEn78 chapter 17 . 10/23/2011
Tony arrives at Supercuts and has to wait in line for his haircut. The mayor is there and he asks the boy how his father is doing. Tony replies that he is very sick and later on says the mayor should speak with Cecil about visiting hours.

All of a sudden, a police siren wails and a squad is at Supercuts. Karen comes in saying that someone had set a bomb in Tony's high school and that he or Sara are not allowed to head back the next day. Karen decides that Tony needs a police escort back home so that she can inform his parents of the bomb scare.

While his son is waiting to get a haircut, Sheriff Cline sneaks a peek at his e-mail and Facebook accounts. He soon discovers Tony has been putting personal information about his severe depression on his Facebook Wall and that his mother had e-mailed him several times and appeared to be very worried about him. He replies to his mother, updating her about his condition and how Cecil is helping them out as a caregiver/personal assistant.

After logging off the computer, he decides to go for a walk by himself to see if any of those $5,000 checks had arrived in the mail again. But first, Terry fixes him dinner and he eats every bite, much to his wife's surprise. But before the former sheriff can go on his walk, Tony, Karen, and her partner, Frank arrive at the house and break the news about the bomb. Sheriff Cline's reaction to this?

"A bomb! Karen, Tony and Sara are supposed to have football and choir practice tomorrow," Sheriff Cline said in a shocked voice.

I highly doubt that under these circumstances, their father would be worried about whether they attend football or choir practice the next day. With a scare like this, everything at that school will be put on hold until the proper steps are taken and the bomb has been deactivated (if there really is a bomb at the school).

After receiving this frightening news, Sheriff Cline decides its time to speak with his son about putting personal informatio on Facebook (especially when its about his severe depression). But before the scolding can begin, Sheriff Cline takes his frist walk alone out to the mailbox. He has not done such a thing in twelve long years. Remember, their mailbox is anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes away from the house. This is another big milestone for the former sheriff, who finds another $5,000 check inside the mailbox.

While the sheriff is out taking his walk, Cecil arrives at the house. He and Terry discuss therapist Dr. Beatrice Ribbons' radio show. It is also mentioned that Dr. Bob Mason is the couple's marriage counselor. As usual, Cecil stays until everyone is in bed and then heads home himself. It looks as though Tony's scolding willl be put on hold until tomorrow.
KayEn78 chapter 16 . 10/20/2011
The eventful news is that Mike is being transferred back to Arizona, so he can do his time in the jail there. I'm not quite sure why he has to go back to Arizona to serve his time, since the crime was committed here not Arizona. But, if he had committed some crime there, then it would be different. I don't think it was right for him to be sent back to Arizona, all because he read Sheriff Cline's mail. I guess all of his duties as caretaker/personal assistant were not properly discussed. If they had been, then Mike wouldn't be in this mess.

This chapter is quite interesting because as sick as Sheriff Cline has been for the past twelve years, we see him act as a father here. For instance, when Sara asks to go to a friend's house, her parents let her go and her father reminds her to call them when she arrives there. Soon after she leaves, a car pulls up in the driveway and we have no idea who it is and why they are there. Tony just seems the car in the driveway from the office window while on the computer browsing through Facebook.

Suddenly, it's as if the mysterious motorist is completely forgotten as they are never mentioned again. I guess they decided not to come to the door after all or maybe they were just turning around in the driveway. People do that sometimes.

Anyway, the next fatherly moment comes when Tony starts his homework. He has a report to do for history class, but he can't decide what to write about. So, Sheriff Cline suggests that he do a report about the Great Depression. Tony agrees to this.

To Sheriff Cline's dismay though, the boy decides he needs a break from studying (even though his father came up with the idea for the report and nothing has been researched or written yet). Tony needs a haircut and tells his father he is going to Supercuts and Joseph will cut his hair. Sheriff Cline thinks this is an outrage because the boy has hardly put a dent into his homework. Still, he lets his son go and tells him to hurry back. This chapter ends with Tony leaving.
KayEn78 chapter 15 . 10/16/2011
For the past twelve years, Sheriff Cline has not had one entire meal. He's only picked at his food when he sat down to eat. But today was a red letter day for him because the man finally ate entire bowl of oatmeal! And on top of that, he took his pill on hiw own. This is definitely a milestone for him, but he still has a long way to go before he can ever live a normal life again.
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