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BellaLovesNutella chapter 36 . 1/29/2016
Omg this chapter was so good and really made me feel better after my friend nearly broke my finger at swim practice tonight. Keep on writing

Xoxo- BellaLovesNutella
BellaLovesNutella chapter 28 . 1/27/2016
It would have been so smooth is this happened with the nicknames
Jiro: Well, I've been think of something to call you for a while, and I have an idea.
Granite: What did you want to call me?
Jiro:My girlfriend. . .
BellaLovesNutella chapter 15 . 1/26/2016
BellaLovesNutella chapter 13 . 1/26/2016
BellaLovesNutella chapter 5 . 1/18/2016
Dude, this story is so good. I honestly think u should
1) publish this into a book
2) write another book
BellaLovesNutella chapter 1 . 1/17/2016
This is so awesome I can't even put it into words
jm4reader chapter 54 . 1/1/2016
Nooo! Astrid! Leon! Good chapter! I want to read Granite's confrontation with Tabitha. Oh, on my last review, I meant that it's nice that the romantic drama isn't central to the plot. It's very important, but not all readers pay attention to.
jm4reader chapter 53 . 12/20/2015
Hello TLTH14! Have you had college finals? How did they go?
I was wondering if you might update soon, but I haven't asked 'cause I thought you would be studying for finals. But I figure that you're probably finished. Have a merry Christmas break!
justme chapter 1 . 12/10/2015
Halo! I haven't read your story yet. I'm saving it for the future when I get really bored and started looking for somrthing real to read. Right now I'm looking for just drabbles and stuff… you know, the kind of stories that aren't hard to put down? I want something that I could easily put down when I get sleepy or stuff. Anyway Yeah I will read this very soon now.

BUT! What I really wanna say is that you have a really cool bio! Coolest bio I've ever had the luck to read of an author here in fictionpress. Don't worry I already think you're cool just by reading your bio. I love you now!
zzzeus11 chapter 53 . 11/1/2015
the past few days i have been reading the entire length of the story. i must say that this is one of the best works i have ever had the privilege of laying eyes on. you portrayal of reality in a somewhat gritty but certainly realistic fashion is amazing. i really love the way you deal with real world issues and manage to develop your characters from them.

i am in love with this story. you really do have an amazing talent.

hopefully school is going well for you as are any of your other endeavors in life.

i am very much looking forward to the next chapter of this incredible story.
Kia chapter 53 . 10/28/2015
Oooohmygodddd. You freaking rIPPED MY HEART out of my chest. These characters are so well-developed... lile Karl was only here for two chapters and I am weEPING. Y U DO THIS TO ME?! Haru, Granite, Astrid, Leon, Frankie, Keir, Risk, Red... like I didn't like Risk from the get-go- I knew right then he was a trap and man was I right (I was still shocked)- but he is bae now and I just.. words can not properly articulate how I' rn. Just utterly sad and urhsjsmab ;-; WHO IS THE FOOL MESSING WITH MY OTP?! You like ripped gravity from under me with that. AND JOHN?! oh hECK no he is on MY list! And did Haru lose the baby? Like was she legit pregnant? SHE RODE 2-3 HOURS TO SEE THAT PUNK WHO DIDN'T EVER DO ANYTHING FOR HER. oH IT IS ON
Kookie Luver chapter 53 . 10/24/2015
Hi Author,
Your story once again kept me riveted. I had to force myself away from reading this as soon as I got the notification, I wanted to let this chapter last as long as I could so that the wait untill the next chapter wouldn't be so gruesome, but I failed quite miserably.

I'm excited to see Haru meet Astrid, I love people's reactions to astrid ( at least The ones that aren't evil).

I adored Zaahir's point of view. It was absolutely precious to see how he views the situation.

Once again I would like to applaud your beautifully discriptive and meaningful wording.
Because of this I got to wondering, are you majoring in literature? If you are, it would be absolutely amazing to see you as an official writer, perhaps even a published author.

Also, I totally feel your pain college life pain, I'm have so much homework and studying to do that it physically hurts me. I haven't slept peacefully in weeks.
I can only offer two words of advice: don't PROCRATINATE!
But procrastination is a disease (one that I suffer from), once you've got it, it's hard to fight and cure it.
Anyway, don't give up and don't stress out.
You'll do fine!

Stay gold
Jms4reader chapter 53 . 10/23/2015
Good writing as always! Argggg. Obstacles to romance... typical event for a romance story, but you do everything so uniquely and creatively and so non-cliched(and non-plot centered) than everyone else. keep up the good work!
P.S. Thanks for the update!
jms4reader chapter 52 . 10/22/2015
Hello TLTH14! Are you really busy? I hope you can write again soon, but I'm in college too, so I get that there is almost always work to be done! Have a good day!
Sarah chapter 52 . 10/8/2015
Oh man...I had forgotten how much I loved your story ! I started it when you started and bookmarked it but never finished reading it and boy, am I glad ! Because now...I have to wait for your next chapter U.u But, I'm glad I remembered it because it is so worth it !
First, I adooooore Astrid. I love the emotional growth she went and still is going through. I think her uniqueness is what made me remember this story years after its start (I can't believe you've been writing it for so long, it takes dedication. And I very easily googled your story...which is easily found with the key words "finctionpress" and "empty" or "emptiness"...a hard name to forget since I remembered it)
I also love the relationship between her and her siblings, it's very touching to read about...and Zaahir, whose name I will steal for my future imaginary son, is the cutest kid ever *.*
And Tuesday...I only noticed how much she had grown when she met Haru. It was heart-breaking as well as pride-filling.
Right now, my heart is breaking for Granite and Jiro and Frankie and Keir.
And Leon ? I want to know if he'll be able to ask Astrid out. I have a feeling something will happen to stop it but I'm not too sure. You have a flair for drama after all.
And now, I have some questions. Some very important questions.
1) Why is Astrid's hair so long already ? I feel like there was a time skip but I'm not too sure. Did you jump ahead by two years or is it an idea ? Are they all in their last year of high school ?
2) I know Kamden went to college but...what's the difference between an out-of-states college and a community college ? Will we see him again ?
3) When will Risk and Red's relationship be official ?
4) When will Astrid and Leon's relationship be official ?
5) When will Jiro and Granite's relationship be official ?
6) When will Frankie and Keir's relationship be official ?
Lastly, I just want to let you know that I'm glad you kept writing that story. You write really well and the attention you have for details is exceptional. Each detail, each word has an impact one the whole story, no matter how small it may seem. And, very very lastly, I think you story is the only one with multiple POV's that has kept me reading. I usually can't stand them because I feel like the flow of story is broken but you don't. It all makes sense. And despite the abundance of POV's, each character has a story. And even before their story is explored, tidbits of each one makes them all seem so real. Every character is multi-dimensional. And that's rare in books...but even rarer on FictionPress I feel. They all feel like people. And that's what makes the story addictive.
And that's all. I hope my review wasn't too long or annoying. Have a good day and I hope you'll update soon .
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