Reviews for Listen
Cherry Blossom Slushy chapter 1 . 9/9/2011
Dear Half Past12,

I liked this poem because it show how a friend can sometimes not be a real friend, but you just have to keep pushing through until you find your real friends. The ones who will "listen" are the ones who love you, and they will not think about theirselves no matter what. The one's who are your friends are the one's who care about you and listen to you in your time of need, despite the past that you have had with them. It would not be a real friendship if they were incapable of being concerned in the least bit with your emotional needs. Once again, you have put me in awe of what a simple person who has been through some hard-to-take times can do when they have a creative mind and a gift for quenching people's reading wants and needs.


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