Reviews for It's All Lyrical
mylittlePRINCESS chapter 27 . 4/9/2012
love it,more please.
Wonder46 chapter 27 . 4/8/2012
This is so cute! If you look at the first couple chapters and then this one it's just like WOAH. Wait. What? XD Love it!
thenamesanya chapter 27 . 4/7/2012
I have no idea ho I've been passing this story by for a week...basically the best thing I've read on FictionPress.

Honestly, I love this story. I stayed up most of the night reading the first twenty chapters but decided to save seven for today.

God, when I saw there wasn't a 'Next' button after Chapter 27 I was so sad...
U MadeMyLifeComplete chapter 27 . 4/7/2012
Wow thats so cute and I love the girls who were in there haha. Can't wait for the next chapter :)
TO-OLazyToLogin chapter 27 . 4/6/2012
Perfect. Because as I was reading this, 'clocks' by Coldplay was playing...such a beautiful melody
hindzeit chapter 27 . 4/6/2012
I don't know why I haven't reviewed to this fic. :(

I have had this fic on alert since chapter 10, and I've been waiting for so long on how the story goes. Now, this fic reminds me of a fluffy romantic movie (maybe along the lines of You've Got Mail(?) gone realistic (in a good way, of course).

I can't believe that one more chapter and this story's done. I'll miss reading about them in a somewhat regular basis. :(

I had more to say about this awesome fic...

Tell Cambria, Chris, and everyone I said hi and a Happy New Year! LOL. XD
panda chapter 26 . 4/3/2012
i love it! :D 2 more chapters to go!
BOONIK chapter 26 . 4/1/2012
you better update soon, bcause i have pie downstairs, but i dont want to eat it, till u update, so plzzz dont lemme starve!...
TasteTheFreakingRainbow chapter 26 . 3/30/2012
nice update
Nami98 chapter 26 . 3/29/2012
LOVE IT! im so glad you updated again(: i really missed it!
mylittlePRINCESS chapter 26 . 3/29/2012
love this story i'm happy and sad to end so soon, update please.
StarryNight359 chapter 26 . 3/29/2012
lol cambria's so dense

it's good she finally realised it :)
dramaqueen89 chapter 26 . 3/29/2012
At first, I wasnt so sure about your story but as i read it, i got sucked in. I love how Chris and Bree played off each other. gabriella was such a bitch and i swear i would have told Chris the truth the first time. Especially since music was so special to me and reminded me of my mother.

The development of the story and their relationship was not too fast or too slow either but believable. Im hoping for some Rex-Jennifer romance some time in mix :D

The last line, "Theyre in love" was such a good cliffhanger! Cant wait for the next update :)
VikinGurl123 chapter 26 . 3/28/2012
OMG they are just to cute
K loves oreos chapter 1 . 3/28/2012
awesome story! plz update soon!
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