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Dr. JES chapter 61 . 4/19/2012
I like how Jeff picked up on the tension with Sadoz. I wonder if him asking about it will create more tension...hmmmmm :)
chiroho chapter 60 . 4/16/2012
Stayin' with the times here and reviewing the current chapter. ;-)

These are the sorts of tests that make NCIS extraordinarily popular with rest of the Navy.

Interesting that Kim has the leeway to talk to JAG and the Provost without needing to go through the Captain. I wonder what would have happened had he not agreed to searches and the like. I guess NCIS could just go ahead anyway given that they're outside the chain of command.

And everyone does the go-pills.

At least Kim gets a lead on a crew chief, which could be something.

And while she might feel as though she screwed up, she wasn't exactly encouraged to pursue it by the team in Seattle. So it's not really her fault.

And on an unrelated note, did you see that Stan Burley is going to be on an episode coming up soon?
shulesaddict77 chapter 59 . 4/12/2012
I like reading about Jeff being a brother. But Fallujah already casts its shadow over everything.
chiroho chapter 59 . 4/12/2012
It's funny how I was just reviewing a chapter in which Simple and his brother were trying to convince their other brother not to drop out of college and go into the Marines, and now Jeff's brother is contemplating the same thing. I guess things do come around again, don't they?

I have to remember to look for Mandy's articles in Sky Magazine next time I fly Delta. Of course, I don't think I've even flown Delta this decade, so that may not be soon!

It's interesting seeing Jeff analyse his own behaviour in his brother. Something about how the things that annoy us most are often the things we do ourselves? :)

I used to work right behind MIT. It's walking distance from down town Boston. Everything around there is practically on top if each other.

Deciding to be a Marine? Not an easy one. But at least if he does engineering and NROTC he can go in as an officer, right?

It's amazing how many kids don't know geography. I try and educate mine.

Nice that Jeff can provide some people to talk to about when Michael has questions. At least he's useful for that. :)
chiroho chapter 33 . 4/12/2012
LOL at the "your boyfriend is a squid" conversation. It is amazing what kids pick up on, and then parrot back to you. Frankly I'm astounded that all of the Tomblin grandchildren aren't swearing like sailors (or Marines) based on how much goes on around them.

Being a long way away is hard. Definitely hard. Especially when you know that there's a connection but neither of your lives really seem to be heading in a way that will bring things together. I know it will get easier for Jeff and Kim as they acknowledge more, but it's still not easy.

And really like that Jeff stood up to Kevan at the end there. No matter that Kim was crying, he should realise the difference between "being hurt" crying and crying for different reasons. So what Jeff said was very appropriate - and obviously what leads to Kevan not looking at Jeff in the same way again.

And I think this is my last "old timeline" review. I'm up to date, save for your new chapter. Phew!
chiroho chapter 32 . 4/12/2012
I've played Risk a couple of times before, and there is no way I'd be wanting to play in that company. I'd be running for the books, or more likely the cookies.

I work with a lot of Indians, and I think only one of them was actually born here - comes from working in high tech. I can barely have lunch at a larger office without being surrounded by Indians.

Always have to wonder just how much like JAG things really are. I mean, sometimes Harm was the prosecution, and sometimes the defence, and very frequently he was up against Mac. Doesn't seem all that realistic in many ways, but I guess it probably isn't as far from the truth as you'd think. It always surprises me just how little JAG there is in NCIS, given that on JAG there seemed to be a lot more field work and research than you might imagine for a bunch of lawyers. But apart from the odd cameo seasons ago, almost nothing. It's a bit weird, to be honest.

I can really see why Simple would want to look out for his brother. It can't be easy going through what he did, and then having a brother who is potentially looking at doing the same thing.

That has to be something which is difficult for people who serve together and then separate. They all became so close when doing their tour overseas, and now they've gone their separate ways and changed they remember how things were. Must make for a bit of a shock when you see them again - or perhaps in some ways drag them back to how things were.
chiroho chapter 31 . 4/12/2012
Sometimes it really seems as though this family tells half truths just to see what they can do with each other. ;-)

It's surprising how few "identical" twins are truly identical. Certainly most of the ones I know are quite distinguishable - I guess if you've known them for more than 10 minutes anyway.

As the parent, I am less than excited about the cool aunt buying candy. But believe me, I've purchased some very loud toys for friends and family who seemed to think that was appropriate when my children were small, so revenge is sweet. ;-)

45 minutes is a short flight, and it's that sort of length that can almost take longer on a jet than a prop plane - because the prop plane can keep boring in until the very end then just turning "off" the engine.

It's nice to be home for Christmas. I haven't done that since 1994. Yes, it's a LONG time.

Gah! You just posted a new chapter. Need to finish these old ones before I get to that because it's been quite strange being in two different timelines. And I think I'm only a chapter or so away from being done, so maybe soon ...
chiroho chapter 30 . 4/12/2012
Always nice to get the chapters which focus on other characters - especially since we came to know them so well in your last story.

Always seems strange when nurses have such a high rank. Obviously appropriate, even in M*A*S*H hot lips was a higher rank than most of the surgeons, but it still seems weird. I guess because, in a regular hospital, and on TV not reality where I have less experience, the nurses always seem to be lower on the totem pole than the doctors. Or maybe that's just what they let the doctors think ...

I don't think anyone believes that running a "wounded warrior" company would be difficult. Of course, those people have never been there.

Ledo's pizza is a place you've frequented as well? Not a huge fan of mushrooms, but the pepperoni and extra cheese sounds good. :)

Christmas with a General and his sons. No way THAT could be intimidating. ;-) I guess paperwork is much easier for those people too. I mean, there was a scene in a Tom Clancy book, Red Storm Rising if I recall correctly, where a Russian four star general starts yelling at people, and things start happening awfully quickly, and actually has the thought that all it takes to get things done quickly in the army is to have a high ranking general doing some yelling.

I always remember the scenes from ER where they're trying to get a psych consult, or get a patient admitted, and they have completely the opposite opinion than Colleen does here.

Awww, Jon and Colleen. :)
chiroho chapter 29 . 4/12/2012
I think that this is just the beginning of how close Jeff starts to become to Kim's family. Even her grandfathers are in on it!

Of course, still an opportunity to pick on the squid. One of these days, he's going to get his own back.

Nice speech from Jack Tomblin. Have you ever heard one of these live? Or something like it? Or is this just how you'd imagine it would go?

These little family in-jokes are often hard to get, and I'm sure in this case it is more about the complaining than the actual taking of the photographs, but are what make families.

Interesting statement at the end from Jeff about how he'd not have gone if Kim wasn't there, and only a year or so later he's spending weekends at the orchard just to get advice. It's amazing how things change.
chiroho chapter 28 . 4/12/2012
This makes me think of the NCIS episode where Ducky accompanies the Director to the Marine Anniversary Ball in DC. Guess Sheppard isn't making it this year if she still has to fly back to DC from Washington.

And while I guess she could be intimidating, I have to personally say that I didn't think she was anything like on a par with Morrow. He had a casual competence and you definitely didn't get the impression that Gibbs would treat him the way he did Sheppard or Vance. But of course, that was back when the show was good and Tony wasn't a moron. :)

Speaking of which, on a completely unrelated note, did you notice in the 200th episode of the show (assuming you still watch) that in all of Gibbs future AU visions, Tony and Kate were together? Made me a touch nostalgic for the few Tony/Kate pieces I wrote way back in another lifetime.

One thing I really don't like is getting home from somewhere and finding my in-laws in the place, making themselves at home. Not sure why it rubs me the wrong way, but it does. Can't be anything on Kim getting home and finding her parents, brother, his wife, and her grandfathers there!

So, given that I have spoilers, this is the Alex who it turns out is dealing drugs to the trainee Marines in later chapters. Tut, tut. Really does seem like she's trying to pick him up though, I have to say. :)

They really do like surprising each other, don't they?
chiroho chapter 27 . 4/12/2012
Always liked the way that, despite their quite aggressive banter at times, Kim and Rodriguez always seem to be able to talk to each other. And there are definitely times when Kim needs that. Also interesting that he knows things she doesn't - perhaps because when she sees Jeff it's not really about anything but the physicality of the relationship, at this point anyway. She needs to figure out how to open up to him more outside that.

Unfortunately, as Kim discovers here, actually talking about important stuff, while important, isn't always easy. Sucks, huh?
USAF Chief chapter 1 . 4/11/2012
It has been so long since I've anything of yours that I'm having withdrawal symptoms. So I've come looking for you and found this. I don't have an account here, but looks like it will let me review with just a name - same as FFN.

So, I'm off onto another adventure. I'll probably not review often, but just wanted you to know that I'm lurking about.

All the best.

chiroho chapter 26 . 4/9/2012
All the information about the pre-race rituals is very interesting - especially how different everyone is in how they prepare. I guess there are just as many types of preparation as there are people who run in races, but it's still interesting that you actually came up with something different for each person.

I think I've said it before, but even in my "flying a desk" line of work, my wife says that I have a "work voice" which is different from the way I usually talk, so it's no surprise that people like Jeff and Colleen do as well - though in their case it's about not thinking about what's happening and thinking only about their role as a doctor. It's amazing how few TV shows about doctors capture this sort of thing - though I guess it was there in M*A*S*H at times with their overly friendliness when off duty a complete contrast to their professional roles when in the OR.

Again with all the medical details. You'd think you had experience in the area or something. ;-)

And while the experience here is obviously not a good one for Simple, it's a good demonstration of "the team" being back together as it were.

Also, have to say that reviewing chapter 58 and then following it with 26 is a bit weird. :)
chiroho chapter 58 . 4/9/2012
I have to say, I think that this is the first chapter which has been exclusively focused on Simple and Colleen. Not saying that's a bad thing, but while we've certainly had scenes in which they were the only ones present, don't think they've had a whole chapter to themselves.

I guess that anyone that goes through that sort of traumatic experience is bound to have nightmares. And as for the pharmacy in his cabinet, I have to say the only one I've heard of is Lunesta - and that's only because they advertised so much on TV for a while. I guess I'm fortunate enough to not have experienced anything that would require that sort of medication.

Nice conversation between Colleen and Simple's mother. Must be somewhat easier in some ways given that she has something of an understanding of the military life, but more complicated in others that she really can't understand - nor does Colleen necessarily want to be having that conversation with Simple's mother. Those are really things for him to say.

Really nice that Simple and his brother could have a good conversation, and that Dave is able to encourage him in the way he does. Sometimes when you're going through bad stuff, it's difficult to see the good things for the trees, but encouraging him is what he really needs. And hopefully Nisha really will be okay in Kabul. I'm sure she'll have it easier than Jeff going back to Iraq with 1st Recon anyway.

Yes, kids do deflect grandparents. More so when they're small, but you can still use them when they get older. :)

And Happy Easter for yesterday!
Dr. JES chapter 57 . 4/5/2012
Oooh, FF is pitching a fit again, I see.

Oh well, despite the 12 hour wait, I love that we are finally getting back to that original case. Nice job of tying things back in and I can't wait to see what she uncovers. Again, thanks for keeping it interesting.
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