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LittleSuzy chapter 56 . 4/5/2012
Mhm, funny - I just got an email though saying Chapter 57 is up... but it's not.

Ah well, a wonderfull chapter as usual. I love the interactions between Jeff and the Tomblins. It is just so realistic - not perfect. Fantastic reading! I look forward to the real 57.
chiroho chapter 57 . 4/5/2012
I don't think Kim is alone in the whole "burying themselves in work when personal life is crap" scenario. I think just about everyone, assuming that they have any interest in their job, has done that at times.

So she finally starts digging on the questions which she should have answered? Guess that's what happens when you get distracted by everything else in your job. I'm positive that there are other things that I should be doing, but am not because of all the crud which is happening.

I get the impression that there often isn't a lot of popularity between the crew and NCIS, largely because they're primarily seen as party poopers. Just like MPs are rarely popular, because they're usually the ones making the other soldiers lives difficult.

Sounds like someone killed Adams off.

And now, for her last few weeks on the Roosevelt, Kim has something to focus on - how the drugs are getting aboard. This should at least make her life interesting for the next month. :)
chiroho chapter 25 . 4/2/2012
Kim may not do sleepovers with anyone else, but she does with Jeff - even if she's slightly confused in the morning.

Jeff really isn't that much of a morning person. Then again, with jet lag, who would be? Especially as, to get into the east coast during the afternoon, you need to leave awfully early from the left!

Nice to see Kim admitting to getting help too. They both need it.

How do these nice doctors actually deal with the Marine types?

I think Simple should have got the X5. Much larger for people like Anderson.

Do Generals really make that much money? I know having the Corps ship it over would save a lot, but I wondered. Of course, working in the private sector, I probably make a lot compared to a lot of people who put their lives on the line every day.

I guess being at the embassy there really isn't much else to do save work out and gossip. Anderson fits right in. ;-)

Ah, the introduction of the tall blonde. One of those used to sit next to me in the office - taller than me, German, and plays volleyball (indoor). Kinda scary in some ways!
chiroho chapter 24 . 4/2/2012
It's nice that Colleen gives Jeff the alternative of leaving with Simple or staying to wait for Kim. Though no doubt uncomfortable knowing that all your friends have been talking about you!

It's so incredible what is possible now, what with limb replacement. It obviously doesn't look normal, but the fact that it's possible for someone without legs to run a marathon is awesome. Of course, back in the 1930s Douglas Bader lost both legs above the knee in a plane crash (he was the pilot of a single seat fighter), and yet came back in the 1940s to be one of the best pilots in the RAF - other pilots used to claim he could turn tighter than anyone else as the blood didn't have to go down his legs! So I guess it's not that new. But even so, while they may be capable of this, still not qualified in the same way.

I would imagine that a Marine would have a pretty tough time adjusting to life in a place like NCIS - the language particularly. After all, the military vocabulary is definitely more colourful and filled with colloquialisms. ;-)

Kim is Kim, what with her jumping on Jeff. Lucky she's so small!

I like that Jeff apologises and talks about what he's going through, even though Kim doesn't say much from her side. Still won't be easy going their separate ways though.
chiroho chapter 23 . 4/2/2012
Whether it's just the ruptured ear drum, or the loud concerts, or the running with the music way too loud, I can't imagine much in Kim's life is really making her hearing any better.

Always enjoy the medical detail in your stories. I know I used to have exceptional hearing, was one of only 3 kids in my elementary school that scored 120 out of 120 on a music related hearing test, but now that I'm old who knows. Certainly tinnitus doesn't help - would that be something which service personnel might be prone to?

And even if Kim and Jeff aren't talking per se, it's nice to know that he can do something for you. Though way more people are going to be hearing what she's listening to when she's running than before - though I've actually noticed that I can quite clearly hear the music some runners listen to even when they have ear buds on. Can't possibly be doing their hearing any good at all!
chiroho chapter 22 . 4/2/2012
Lost all this review somehow.

Anyway, was saying that when I think of WA, I always think of rain - though I've only ever been west of the Cascades. Even though I know the other side is very different, it's hard to think of it that way.

Also, Mitchell probably dresses better for the rain than Kim, him having a Navy background. Of course, these days the ships are all enclosed. Back in the days when many ships had open bridges, they used to wear towels around their necks to stop the spray from soaking them underneath their oilskins. Of course, that only worked until the towel itself was soaked.

What Mitchell really needs is simply a better thermos. Something in the Zojirushi line would be ideal - keeps the contents hot, even in a travel mug, for over 8 hours!

So, even after the big fight, the person Kim wants to wake up with is still Jeff. If nothing else captured it before, which I'm sure it did, they're obviously still in love.
chiroho chapter 21 . 4/2/2012
Personally, I've never been that drunk. Not sure I've ever actually BEEN drunk, either. And bizarrely half a bottle of Chianti last Wed night didn't seem to even make me buzzed - which is weird for someone who barely drinks. But starting the day off with a beer? Ugh!

Good to talk to Rodriguez, even if all he ended up doing is admitting he still loved Kim. That's probably a good part of the reason why he still feels like crap.

At least Siobhan is willing to confront Jeff over what he's going through. He needs someone in his life to do that, and thankfully she's willing and able to do so. Especially that she helps him realise he needs someone to talk to - even if I don't think she quite had in mind where he actually goes.
chiroho chapter 56 . 4/2/2012
I know that you've probably mentioned this particular track before, but your ability to pull out music not only that I don't know, but that I've never even heard of, has an astounding ability to make my feel old! ;-)

That said, I do like the way in which you have that piece of music trigger something in Kim. I know that there is music that used to calm my daughter down when she was a baby, and now years later still has a special meaning. It's amazing what it can do sometimes. And the fact that it makes Kim realise that Sadoz isn't the guy for her, obviously better.

Why is Jeff guilty? Because he's with Kim's family I wonder? :)

I agree with Kim. I can think of absolutely no way to make that statement that isn't, in any way at all, disturbing!

Next thing, Kim will have had someone hack Jeff's phone so that the ring tone is "in the Navy" by the Village People. ;)

Wow. Talk about a bombshell from Sadoz. Then again, what was Kim expecting from this?

I think the biggest bombshell though is Kim actually talking to someone. That obviously isn't easy for her, but the fact that it all comes out is pretty astounding. Maybe it will actually do her some good.

Final comment though is that Sadoz is quite a guy for just picking up his stuff and leaving. Not everyone could do that.
chiroho chapter 20 . 3/29/2012
Glad someone is able to point out to Kim that she and Jeff are still dating, no matter what they might actually be saying to each other.

Surfing is hard. My excuse is that my centre of gravity is obviously too high. :)

Nice to see Colleen and Simple taking steps towards being together. Apparently the guy can still get the girl, even if he does have no legs.

And the fight. Clad, for Colleen's sake, that it happened after they got home. I think they both have some points right and both some points wrong here. I think Jeff is wrong to completely blame Kim, though she did effectively run away, and she's wrong to say it was his job to keep them together. No relationship works that way. It's all about the compromise, and that's something they never discussed - then anyway.
shulesaddict77 chapter 55 . 3/29/2012
The ending gives me chills. I like it that he sees it as his responsibility to go to Fallujah. I'm just glad that I know that nothing bad is going to happen to him. At least not physically. I know he will return with psychological scars.
Dr. JES chapter 55 . 3/29/2012
Wow! It could be that I'm tired from a red-eye across the country, but that ending made me tear up. Great job, as usual. Thanks for sharing.
chiroho chapter 55 . 3/29/2012
Nice to see Jeff bonding so well with Chris Tomblin - even if he is scary in the sense that he's the dad of the woman you've been sleeping with on and off for quite a while!

I am so fortunate that neither of my kids was colicky. Though my son did have a milk allergy when he was little. Had to drink soy milk until he was over 3. And then we had the hardest time getting him onto regular milk afterwards!

All this hanging out with Tomblins has made Jeff soft in the head. Running at 10F? Ugh!

My wife is a substitute aid in the local public elementary schools, and she HATES indoor recess.

Really nice bonding moment between Chris and Jeff. It's funny that I was talking with a colleague last night who indicated that he rides with a bunch of other guys - half in the corporate rat race, half small business owners. The guys in corporate jobs all long for the freedom of the small business, but the small business guys all long for the security of a corporate job. It's a tough choice.

Glad Jeff has made his decision, but who wouldn't be scared?
chiroho chapter 19 . 3/28/2012
Do people really talk about "cock blocking"? It's not something I'd ever heard until I read this, though some people I know who like the TV show Castle have used the expression a couple of times.

Of course, Siobhan doesn't know that, right before Jeff arrived in Seattle, Kim was sleeping with another guy.

There is definitely an explosion coming, and I think she just jinxed herself completely.
chiroho chapter 18 . 3/28/2012
I guess if you're going to leave anyone to baby-sit your child, a paediatrician is probably one who you know will at least be able to fix any problems the child might have! (Exactly as you say - the most educated baby-sitter she'll ever have.)

Children are very cute at that age. It's a shame that they grow up so quickly.

Apple pies for a wedding? I'd be into that!

At least being around family can bring Kim back to her usual self. I won't say "Normal" for obvious reasons.

Having that sort of relaxing weekend is awesome. Unfortunately as a parent that rarely comes - just ask Kevan, who still has stuff to do around the place. It's people like Kim who visit who get to have the fun.

And a nice conversation to finish between Kim and Jeff. This certainly would be the time for Jeff to try and change locations, but we all know that's not going to happen - especially since I have spoilers!
chiroho chapter 17 . 3/28/2012
How on earth could Kim see over the dash as a 10 year old? She's short now, at 10 she would have needed to have been sitting on a pile of phone books!

When my son was 12 months old, he learned how to climb out of his crib silently. He'd swing a leg over, then lower himself to the extent of his arms, and then drop the last few inches. He'd appear next to our bed in the middle of the night. Used to scare the heck out of me!

You must need to be young to consider sleeping on a roof. I'd just consider it uncomfortable!

Glad Kim could have that conversation with her father. She obviously needed to hear that not everyone went off the wrong way. Sometimes dads and their daughters need some time alone.
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