Reviews for Hitting Hard
chiroho chapter 16 . 3/28/2012
Both these people very much enjoy being devious with the other - showing up unannounced and the like. But Jeff does a very good job here of making sure that Kim doesn't know he's coming.

"Music was pretty good". Nice reference to the drummer, Kim!

The panic button when Jeff is sitting on the bonnet? That would pretty much make anyone jump, even if they'd been told to be there!

Yes, Rodriguez is going to be in a world of hurt when his four girls reach their teens. I have one pre-teen now and that's difficult enough. Four would be VERY hard.

I don't think Kim would have paused for a second if she knew Jeff's car was a 'vette.

You know some interesting bands that I've never heard of. Then again, I'm old, so I know old stuff and some of what my kids listen to now. Hardly very exciting.

And speaking of OSU, final four in the men's NCAA? Do you think they can win?
chiroho chapter 15 . 3/28/2012
I guess the job of the evaluation is to make you feel about as bad about yourself as you possibly can? You really have to wonder whether the people who come up with these questions actually know what the people who fired the shot are going through.

I mean, you get pulled out of regular duty, so you feel like you've done something wrong even though you made the only decision you felt was good in the situation. Then you're made to go through an evaluation where you're asked questions which make you second guess everything you did. It's as though it's designed to make you totally doubt everything about yourself. But when it's over, you're just supposed to go back out on the street as though nothing happened!

So how do you, a soldier, understand so much about Navy enlisted rates? :)

Hmm, so not knowing Jeff is heading up to Seattle to spend the weekend with her, Kim randomly picks up guys in a bar. That should cause some major guilt in the morning!
chiroho chapter 14 . 3/28/2012
Given that there are so many LEOs who manage to get through their entire careers without discharging a weapon in the line of duty, you'd have to think that procedures like this are far more the norm than the exception when it comes to this sort of thing - no matter how justified the shooting.

Not sure if you've ever watched the show "Flashpoint" (it's the one about special SWAT guys in Toronto), and each time they shoot someone in the line of duty they have to have a special investigative process they go through. I'm sure that, for some units who actually may end up doing this sort of thing more often, it's less restrictive than for other groups, but in NCIS Gibbs seems to pop someone every few episodes and still have his gun, which is highly unrealistic. In fact, the shooting on most TV dramas is highly unrealistic.

Anyway, thanks for giving us this picture. No matter how many people Kim may have shot as a Marine, this is NCIS now.

I guess you'd know the statistic on how often hospital staff sleep with each other better than we would. I'm guessing it's much less often than on Gray's Anatomy though, by which measure everyone in the hospital is sleeping with everyone else in the hospital at any particular moment. ;) (I don't watch, but my wife does)

And yes, Kim is lucky to have Jeff, no matter how messed up they are.
chiroho chapter 13 . 3/28/2012
I think we all need our friends to help us see past the things that are right in front of our faces at times. At least Jeff and Kim do, that's for sure! And, even if Jeff still talks like the Marines did when he was in Iraq, Dr. Mox is certainly there to help him out. Even if he can't work out where on earth she is leading him with her conversation!

Seattle isn't that far. People have done longer distance relationships. They're certainly not easy, but they do happen.

There's a standard uniform for San Diego beaches? I obviously need to visit. Though I more fit the standard uniform of a middle aged office worker, which likely wouldn't go down anywhere near as well. :P
chiroho chapter 12 . 3/28/2012
Always like the way in which you're able to bring in military terminology that even people like me, who have an interest in that sort of thing, don't necessarily know. Like the whole "18s" thing for Recon.

On a completely unrelated note, have you ever read any of the "Scarecrow" books by Matthew Reilly? May not be to your taste at all, but he really likes Recon Marins (His main character in several books is a Recon Marine with the nickname Scarecrow. Couldn't be more different from Hammer if he tried!)

I do live in NH, so I know that a friend's 16 year old not only has her own handgun, and I think it may be a Beretta, but also her own shotgun. Kids shooting young is really not as unusual as it sounds. It just depends where you come from.

It's really sad just how many of these sort of unwanted, or at the very least completely unplanned for, pregnancies there are. And given how young kids are when they're exposed to this sort of thing, it's amazing that so many of them don't know better.
chiroho chapter 11 . 3/28/2012
Obviously written by someone familiar with the base itself. Or at least familiar enough to sound like they're familiar with it. ;-)

And that's definitely the way I like to get welcomed back from vacation - with a phone call telling me that I needed to get my butt somewhere. Doesn't happen often, but it has once or twice. Though more in the line of "get working on x" rather than "get to x".

Why would the guy use a compass when he had satnav in his pocket? That really is a bit strange.

Given that the CID captain had to go back a half mile, get the other two NCIS agents, and then come back 3/4 of a mile, they arrived pretty quickly - even assuming Kim was slower than they were, she only had 1/4 mile to travel. McClosky must go as fast as Gibbs!

And while the bullet is certainly longer, doesn't the M4 carbine have a 5.56mm round, which is actually .22 calibre? One of the reasons why the standard 7.62mm round on something like an AK-47 seems so much bigger. As a friend who used to be in the Australian Army used to say, an M16 (and hence M4) round isn't big enough to go in and go out. It usually goes in and rattles around a bit. One of the reasons why that calibre round is used, I think.
chiroho chapter 10 . 3/27/2012
Apparently I haven't reviewed this chapter, since it let me start!

The first thing I thought about when I read the opening scene of this chapter was two female characters talking in a season 3 episode of Criminal Minds. I can't quote it exactly, but it was something along the lines of:

"Doesn't showering with someone always seem like a much better idea before you do it?"

"There certainly is a lot of work involved."

"And there comes a time when a girl just has to wash her hair by herself."

And when I think of how much hair Kim has, and how much time she seems to spend showering with Jeff, you really have to wonder just when she finds time to wash her hair by herself!

One of these days, Jeff is actually going to get better with a gun if he keeps shooting one. You never know, it could happen.

Yes, Kim is a BAD influence on most people, Jeff especially.

Rodriguez knows Jeff way to well - in this instance anyway. But ewww! Wouldn't want that in my daughter's bed for sure.
chiroho chapter 54 . 3/27/2012
Jeff really must be wondering what to do with himself if he's considering a deployment to Iraq again, with a recon battalion! I guess Hammer really just does have a way of talking people into things.

And I can certainly understand how Nahla would want someone like Jeff around as a liaison between one life and another. It would have to be hard, I'd think, in that situation. Obviously no experience with it, but I know my wife spends time dying to have adult conversation at times. It's understandable.

Running up to Washington to discuss the deployment with Kevan? I think that Jeff and Kevan are getting a lot closer than either of them could have thought. I also have to try and imagine a scenario where Kim ends up marrying someone else, only to discover that Jeff visits with her family more than she does! Wouldn't that be weird on the old new marriage - um, this is my ex who is best friends with my brother, his wife, my parents, and they hate you. Whoops!

And now it seems I'm up to date. Gotta work hard not to get behind again!
chiroho chapter 53 . 3/27/2012
You'd think Kim would realise how much closer Jeff is with her brother and sister-in-law, even if her niece is sticking with her, than he used to be. I mean, they had a nice conversation about coming out for dinner. I guess you don't always see the things that are right in front of you.

If she didn't know it before, Kim should realise know that Jeff really loves her because he just wants her to be happy. And he's willing to let her go if it means doing something she really wants to do.

I guess there is always someone in the room who has issues with boundaries ...

Will Kim and Jeff make it to five years in a row? I guess only time will tell.

And yes, I've been at that airport saying goodbye. It really does suck.
chiroho chapter 52 . 3/27/2012
Small children can be very amusing - to people other than their parents. I'm sure I haven't slept well in years, and I only have two!

Are males really that bad about uniforms? Or just the ones in this universe? I guess the only uniforms I've ever worn were school ones, and that's nothing on the same scale. You'd think "wearing your uniform" would be part of OCS or something!

I think you mean "what's with the mess dress?" not "what's with the dress mess?"

And I think Kim suddenly realises just how much Jeff loves her, and just how unsure she is about the situation.

Nice speech from Kevan. No wonder he was nervous. Filling in for a dead brother has to be very tough.

I think Kim in a suitcase would be most amusing ... but not at the other end!
chiroho chapter 51 . 3/27/2012
Yup, totally messed up. She knows that she loves Jeff, but can't seem to take the step that neither of them seem to know what to do about moving forwards.

At least Colleen is able to get Kim to admit to what is really going on, even if it's only by getting her drinking. They both have hurt each other in some ways but taking, or not taking, postings, but isn't it very difficult to keep following each other around in postings like this?

But if Kim has convinced herself that he can't work, she's never going to be able to move forward. Maybe she needs for him nearly to die ... oh! ;-)

It is amazing how little age many Asian women show. I have three that work for me, and it's very hard to pick their age - even when you know it!
chiroho chapter 50 . 3/27/2012
Nice to see that Jeff is having some sort of an impact on Kim, at least in the way she deals with the guy with the stolen vaccine. Even with the efforts of various groups to help get vaccines for various things into Africa and other third world countries, it has to be nearly impossible for them in many ways, and seeing children dying of flu when you know it can be stopped ... wouldn't you do something if you could?

And there is the offer I was expecting last chapter. :)

So Kim wants to go to San Diego for Jeff, but at the same time is trying to get together with Sadoz? Yes, that is one seriously mixed up girl.
chiroho chapter 49 . 3/27/2012
Ah hah, Burley's first interaction with Kim. I'm guessing that what happens in the next couple of chapters leads into him asking her if she'd like to work there in Bahrain.

I'm surprised that Kim hasn't shown more initiative in trying to track down how Adams was able to bypass the mandatory testing. Maybe she's been hanging out too much with Sadoz. While I don't know for sure, I don't know that Tony would have let that slip quite as much. Perhaps Kim isn't quite so on the ball as she'd like to believe? Or maybe it's just onboard life wearing her down?

She feels guilty about talking to Jeff because she knows that she really loves him and wants to be with him, even if she can't admit that to herself at the moment. And I think even Burley can tell something of that based on just hearing her side of the call!
chiroho chapter 48 . 3/27/2012
Hmmm, Jeff is missing Kim and hanging out with her family, and Kim is out picking up guys she's deployed with? Guess that wasn't unexpected given that we first ran into her in a situation where we knew she'd slept with her supervisory agent in NCIS, which was before events conspired to get her back together with Jeff. I guess she has moved on from Jeff then at this point, and strangely he's the one who is still pining for her.

People who do that much running are like people who go to the gym all the time - it's an addiction. Though you'd think Kim would be into that with all the running she likes to do.

I kind of have a nasty feeling that Raul may not be coming back.
chiroho chapter 47 . 3/27/2012
Can't stand treadmills myself. I find they kill the knees. If I use anything, it would be an elliptical. Somewhat easier on my old knees.

How did anyone not realise Kim was a maniac?

It would serve Kevan right if his next child did have red hair!

The Marine comments about the navy never fail to make me laugh.

When I first moved to the US, my best friend started coming over and having dinner with my parents once a week - he was living with his two sisters and I guess wanted at least one decent meal a week. He pretty much became part of the family until he was married a few years later. It's amazing how that can happen, as it has with Jeff and Kim's family. If only Kim knew just how close he was getting with them.

And it is something of a bittersweet end with Jeff realising that he has, pretty much, lost Kim as well as having her. But at least he has her family, even if he doesn't have her own.
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