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chiroho chapter 8 . 10/6/2011
Okay, seems like we're still with Jeff in this chapter. Not that I mind at all. Just sayin'. :)

I remember that section of your previous story, though it's nice to get the reminder - and the timeframe! Obviously some time has passed since their "first" days: Kim joining NCIS, and Jeff starting back at work.

Obviously the whole "Kim runs all the time" thing has rubbed off on Jeff, which is why he's now continuing the habit. It's amazing how if you do something every days for a year how it becomes something you can't not do any more, regardless of teasing from your co-workers.

You'd think Jeff would have noticed that the uniform he picked up had a skirt rather than pants. Then again, maybe he's a closet cross dresser? Or at least has a kilt somewhere? Now seeing Gorusch in that uniform - sounds like some sort of really nasty prank!

Nice little seed there about Kim wanting to do more anti-terrorism work. Obviously gives something towards her reasons for taking a job in Bahrain in the future.

I don't know about Jeff, but Madison didn't say please. That's not terribly polite in my book. I'm constantly correcting my children - and they're 11 and 9! The strange thing is, they used please and thank you much more when they were younger! That said, I can almost hear the mother saying "Please" after Madison says "Can I have a panda bear?". That's obviously the parent in me. :)

You can't go to school without your shots. We had them done on the schedule the state mandates for both kids. Doesn't seem to have affected them adversely at all.

Siobhan is obviously of the co-conspirator variety of friend, which works out nicely for Kim. ;-) Though, to be honest, I think most people would have been happy to help out if asked.

I can imagine that most people would definitely start the rumour mill going with someone turning up in Jeff's arms - and Kim in civvies would obviously be a lot less intimidating than Kim in uniform, regardless of how tall she is.

Nice little interaction with Siobhan making sure that Jeff did in fact find Kim rather than leaving the building and somehow missing her. Of course, it finishes up with the casual crudity of soldiers which you capture very well - of course being one definitely helps!

Of course, Kim showing up for Jeff's birthday - and flying from Seattle to do so - would definitely seem to make more of the relationship than perhaps we've seen so far. If what happened in "Falling" was something of a fling, people generally don't fly across the country for birthdays after that. They move on. So whether Kim and Jeff want to admit it or not, there is definitely more there.

I'd been working in the technology sector for 16 years when the iPhone first launched, yes I'm not a spring chicken, and while I thought it was neat, I certainly didn't understand just how much it would revolutionise the phone industry - though to be honest, the iPhone when it was first released was a poor seller ($600 with no discount was VERY steep), and it wasn't until the 3G a year later that it really started selling like mad. I had a Blackberry for work, still do, and didn't see any reason to change. Now I have a personal Android phone, I don't drink the kool-aid, and it's amazing how many changes have come in the last two or three years.

Anyway, enjoying the story as always, and definitely like the days when I get an email from Fictionpress to start the day.
LimeJuiceTub chapter 8 . 10/6/2011
Nice birthday present! The way things I going, I find it really hard to see how Jeff and Kim drifted far apart enough for either of them to start new relationships. Although I'm sure we'll eventually find out.
chiroho chapter 7 . 10/3/2011
So I guess this isn't all about Kim, and we do get to see some of Jeff. Was wondering how you were going to split things up given that Kim was pretty much the focus of the first 6 chapters.

Good to see that some of our favourite Marines haven't changed at all since their return - though they're all dealing with at least something after having returned from deployment.

I have to admit that I've never been a place and ordered a burger and had tater tots as an option. Is that usual near military bases? Or is it something you just have personal experience with preferring?

The only experience with Recon Marines is reading the "Shane Schofield" books by Matthew Reilly. So what I know probably isn't terribly accurate - though it was entertaining to read. However, we know that Hammer does actually end up becoming a Recon Marine thanks to slight spoilers from another one of your stories.

BTW, I'm glad you cleared up the timeline, though I have to admit to still being pretty much as confused as to when all your stories are set. Obviously most of the ones involving Tony and Ziva are in the future from now, I think at least three or four years at this point, but it's been harder to keep track of these. So I appreciate the reference. (Maybe you should publish a timeline ... :) Though no doubt I would have picked something up on the whole "Apple's making a phone" comment. Though I thought everyone was pretty much blown away when Jobs announced the iPhone. Would have to check on that though.

It's definitely possibly to miss someone after just a few hours - been there myself. Though admittedly after more than a dozen years of marriage you do become somewhat more blasé about things. Of course, they don't end the call with anything much more than "have a good night", which indicates still a pretty significant wall on Kim's side. One that won't be broken down for a while.
shulesaddict77 chapter 7 . 10/3/2011
Thank you for this Jeff chapter. I missed him too. Like Kim. :D It was great to see the "gang" again and the Lions Den.
shulesaddict77 chapter 6 . 9/29/2011
Kim has really a hard time adjusting to the civilian life. I guess it would have been easier if she would still be together with Jeff. Great chapter. Thank you.
chiroho chapter 6 . 9/29/2011
And Kim continues to second guess her decision to follow the two sailors who had crossed the border. :)

Obviously something a little more retrospective this time with you mostly talking about Kim feeling alone and dealing with being back from Iraq, and now out of the military. A friend of mine's son just got back from a year in Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne. I haven't seen him since he's been back, he's living near Fort Campbell, but from what I understand he's doing okay. I'll hopefully get to speak to his dad a little more about him this weekend.

Aaaannnnyway ... obviously something of a small town feel to the area where Kim is based, with her team leader being married to the local Sheriff. I suppose part of that is because there is that much less for a major case team to do in the Washington State area than there is in the DC area.

Nice ending with the Deputy figuring out that Kim is going through many of the things which other soldiers and sailors have gone through over the years and offering some advice.

One qn. Will we get to see Kim kick arse with her SemperFu skills at some point in this story? ;)
chiroho chapter 5 . 9/26/2011
Okay, going to try and be good and keep up with reviews here. Know you get less than over at , so that's why reviews here matter more. :)

No worries on the single response. You're a busy person after all.

I certainly wasn't complaining about the whole situation with her not immediately making the right decisions. I like the fact that her instincts are telling her that there is a lot more to this situation than is obvious at face value, but also that she's not really sure what to do as she's still finding her feet. And that flows through into this chapter where she's sure as heck that something is up with Spivey but just isn't sure what to do with it - and it's not like she's still an MP Captain who can yell and swear and assign all sort of nasty duties if she feels like it. Obviously that would take some getting used to!

I liked the way you had Spivey throw in "LeBlanc", and thus giving him and Adams the same story, without Kim having to ask for it. Which of course makes her doubt herself even more.

I like the team environment you've fostered with McClosky and Matthews. Much more like what I'd imagine many of the other NCIS teams are like - people who work together, go drinking together, and generally get on. So totally unlike Team Gibbs - and I did like that quote from Sheppard which you included in your response. I have to say though, that's a tough way of learning! Watch and learn isn't anywhere near as good as being given a suggestion and then told to figure it out for yourself. And I've taught many training classes and tried to mentor many tech support people over the years. But that's obviously a different conversation. :)

Some nasty little suggestions from the team on recommended punishments though. I know I like to read, but a whole month afloat without movies would be pretty horrifying. No wonder Matthews calls it cruel and unusual punishment!

Dave Matthews though? Really? Does he have a band? ;)

Can't wait to hear the story of his first day as a probie though. We never really had that with either Ziva or McGee.
LimeJuiceTub chapter 4 . 9/23/2011
I love the way Kim casually drops the last minute question, which is really the most important question.

Are you planning on focusing this story simply on the case? Or also with some focus on Jeff's work / challenges at the hospital?

How far along the drug supply chain will this story go? Just the initial import? Problems with distribution?
chiroho chapter 4 . 9/22/2011
I'm late enough on the scene getting to this chapter that you'd obviously gone back and changed the name of the Canadian to LeBlanc which means it was the same as the one used in this chapter. So obviously I wasn't confused at the fact that you changed the name.

So are you just good at doing a lot of research, or do you come from Washington State yourself? I do find it interesting though that you have Kim run into two guys who grew up very close to where she did. Of course, it does give them a nice little alibi for crossing the border into Canada. So I liked the way you had Kim immediately second guess herself over the whole thought of bringing them in. Of course, McClosky does do the mentoring thing well, and I very much like what you have her say. Again, obviously not from the Gibbs' school of team leading. ;-)

Great that Kim made sure to separate the sailors. She may be new to her job, but she has plenty of experience from being in the Corps - especially of dealing with stupid enlisted types.

Liked the interrogation with Adams. He's obviously very nervous and she's trying to get him to reveal something. Liked how you had him thrown off by where she'd grown up.

Looking forward to the interview with Spivey next time. Be interesting to see how mr "picture of casual boredom" does with Kim.

Enjoying your story as always. Hopefully I can keep up on the reviews this time!
chiroho chapter 3 . 9/22/2011
You're almost writing an episode of 24 here, with each chapter just being an hour in length. ;)

Nice repartee between Jeff and Kim, especially with the references to those overhearing their conversations. Obviously McClosky is not from the Gibbs school of team leading. Tony can only get away with that sort of conversation when Gibbs isn't around!

Also like the little relationship bits thrown into the background, like the fact that Kim is planning on visiting San Diego, and that their phone conversation is awkward because they've never actually talked on the phone before! You can see how that would definitely make for some stops and starts, though they know each other well enough that you'd think it wouldn't be too terrible.

And the little border hopping "breakfast" incident has Kim's spidey senses tingling? Be interesting to see how the interview goes next chapter. I'd almost like to read it from the perspective of the sailors rather than Kim's but I'll see what you have in store.
chiroho chapter 2 . 9/22/2011
Okay, I had the timeline a bit wrong in the first chapter, but I've now realised we've reset to when Kim was just joining NCIS. You'll have to forgive me for thinking it was the same timeline as your most recent story. :)

Anyway, so the introduction does make more sense now that I know where Kim is and what she's doing. Bummer that she's feeling so down about Jeff, but you communicate that very well. She was running in a sense, but at least it eventually led to them being back together in the future.

New probie in the office? Can't be easy for Kim the Overachiever! Commanding the security platoon, to lowest rung on the totem pole on a small team? No wonder she gets the scut work - which she'd probably have passed to someone who reported to her in her platoon. I guess everyone has to start somewhere. :)

Of course, I'm now very interested to learn how this particular crime ends up dogging Kim in the future. You always bait our appetite for that.
chiroho chapter 1 . 9/22/2011
Okay, I was a terrible fan when I didn't review your last NCIS story - believe me I wanted to, but I've just been so darn busy with work and home I haven't had the time. But I did want to make sure I came over to fictionpress and reviewed this story because your stories are always worth it.

I've always enjoyed the scene setting you do at the beginning of your stories. This was definitely a little less dramatic than some of the others, but it makes a nice change of pace. Of course, we now get to spend the next however many chapters working out how this connects to the story, and in what way. Of course, because we know Kim is on the terrorism side it can't be the run of the mill meth thing which Gibbs' team might end up dealing with.

Anyway, thanks as always for starting a new story. It's always awesome to be able to see one of your new chapters pop up, no matter how infrequent it happens to be.
shulesaddict77 chapter 4 . 9/22/2011
"She loved the casual last mintute question." LOL. Thats so Columbo. I cant help with jump start the creating juices right now. I have no idea where I want this story to go. If possible with a lot of Jeff in it. Maybe some chapters from his POV so that we can see how he is doing being separated from Kim? Just a random thought because I really like Jeff.
shulesaddict77 chapter 3 . 9/19/2011
Thank you for the chapter. Made me smile! Especially the lines "Could have had something to do with wanting to get you into bed" and "Theres no way anyones going to be making a TV show out of NCIS". Im glad they did make a TV show out of it and Im still hoping for some Tiva on the show. It was kind of sad to read how hard it is for Jeff and Kim to be apart. I can really understand that Kim is fairly certain that she will stay with Jeff when she visits.
LimeJuiceTub chapter 3 . 9/19/2011
I see you did end up changing his name. It's less confusing now. :D

McClosky seems nice. I'm glad Kim's got some good new teammates to work with.

It almost seems like Jeff and Kim are long distance dating w/o actually long distance dating - the phone calls, her travelling back to San Diego where she'll undoubtedly see him and stay with him.

It's very hard to imagine Kim as a 'probie' in the same style as McGee. Undoubtedly, she's much more competent.
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