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shulesaddict77 chapter 98 . 8/29/2012
I knew they would start to argue and I'm sure Jeff feels betrayed that she didn't act like his friend in the first place but as a NCIS agent.
DD200 chapter 98 . 8/27/2012
Wow! This one ended bad enough for a review! lol! Just letting you know I'm still faithfully reading. I can't believe the two of them! (I mean I guess I can bc it's them) but man! Hope Kim comes to her senses soon.
chiroho chapter 98 . 8/27/2012
And there's the argument which leads to them not speaking until Kim sees him after he's rescued from a terrorist camp. (Yes, went back and re-read the NCIS story on over the weekend, so I could refresh myself with the plot points which are overlapping.)

I guess we know why Burley wasn't at his apartment for Kim to pick him up, don't we? Of course, that was all part of an elaborate set up as well. Still, you'd think the guy would remember when Kim was going to give him a ride and let her know that he didn't need one. Common courtesy.

Unfortunately, like so many people in jobs like hers, Kim has a hard time distinguishing between when Jeff just needs a friend to talk to, and being the NCIS/ex-Marine/LEO that she is. He doesn't want to give her the details on the case, and to a large extent it doesn't matter. He just wants his friend, and she's too pissed off with everything else to understand that.

And, while I can understand her frustration that the first time they've spoken in six months is for Jeff to tell her something she can't do anything about, that's EXACTLY what friends are for! Which, unfortunately, Kim only realises once she's had her tantrum and hung up the phone.

And unfortunately, those sort of phone conversations do often end up with neither party talking to each other for a while.

Of course, we know that Jeff will manage to put together what has happened, and the fact that his phone, which he never remembered removing from his pocket, is now bugged means that those who are following him will know that he knows an NCIS agent in Bahrain - even if she's not likely to be talking to him. Likely won't be long now until he gets hauled off somewhere. Think there are two more chapters in you? ;-)

Thanks as always for writing.
Guest chapter 97 . 8/24/2012
Ahh, he is calling Kim. I know he is beating himself up that the kid is dead. Jeff is really a great doctor.
chiroho chapter 97 . 8/23/2012
I was sure that I started a review of this earlier, but on reading the story again I can't even remember reading everything! Apparently work does strange things to you.

Has to be really, really hard seeing children struggle with sickness. And, much as we might all like it to be, medicine isn't Dr. Gregory House. The patient doesn't always survive, though admittedly several died on the show, and they don't always find a solution in time. Can't make it any easier.

I didn't realise that there was a much higher likelihood of an African-American male having more problems.

The way the story is going, it seems like you're getting much closer to the end - I seem to remember things that might possibly hook into other stories, though it could just be my imagination. And Kim still hasn't solved her drug issues yet. Surely you have to wrap those up! Right?

Missing father sure isn't good. As I said, this seems to ring a bell though.

No wonder the lab paged Jeff. They're going to want to let someone know that information ASAP!

And as I said, even when they actually have a diagnosis, sometimes it's too late.

Nice tie in with the rug. Though you also have to wonder if there was anything deliberate in that at all. Of course, how can she even tell her husband given that he's missing?

Not surprised at all that Jeff is drinking. I can imagine that doctors always beat themselves up over any patient they even almost lose. "If only I'd seen things sooner" sort of thing. And hopefully Kim can offer him something of what he needs.

Thanks for writing!
LimeJuiceTub chapter 97 . 8/23/2012
Oh no! And then comes a disastrous conversation... Followed by months of silence.

Thanks for responding to my last review! It's good to know doctors do get trained in reading x-rays properly. I guess it's the same across a lot of jobs - students get taught a lot, but they can't really do it properly until they've had some practice in the workplace.
chiroho chapter 96 . 8/22/2012
What's wrong with you is that you want to reach 100 chapters. I mean, at 96, who wouldn't go for a few more? Do you think you'll wrap it at 100, or blow through that? Either way, I'm sure you'll break 200,000 words. You know that's about 4 times the length of an average novel?

And a big time jump here from November to March. That's a LONG time for Jeff not to be seeing Kim.

Even though Jeff is no longer an attending and is merely a fellow, he obviously has a lot of experience dealing with medical students. Kinda scary though what this one doesn't know!

In thinking about appropriate procedures, I remember a scene from a while back where either Colleen or Siobhan let go at someone about how things should work. I guess more senior doctors need to do that from time to time. D

It's amazing how much parents know and remember about their kids treatment. Sometimes they even seem to know more than the doctors who are treating them - unless it's their primary doctor.

Interesting background on the husband. It actually makes sense that he'd volunteer so that his son could get treatment at the military hospital. Would likely be very expensive otherwise, even with the good health insurance he likely has.

Hmmm, interesting about the iPhone. I wonder how it really got out of his pocket?
chiroho chapter 95 . 8/22/2012
Not being American, and my wife not having the best relationship in the known universe with her family, means that while I certainly enjoy Thanksgiving, I don't know that I'd miss it that much if I didn't have to go. Of course, I'd still have a family to celebrate it with, which Jeff doesn't have.

Yes, I'm sure that everything is worse when Jeff is on. ;-)

Fairly big time jump here. I guess the other tests didn't show that much for Kim. Or at least nothing serious. Glad to see she's up for the annual turkey trot.

Good to see that Kim had a great time in Europe with the Rodriguezes. Interesting to see that your sense of completeness here didn't have to descend to a chapter from there. As you say though in your note, moving quickly towards the finish, and even with padding from other characters, there's only so much you can do with a LONG distance relationship.

You'd think Jeff, if he's actually met Laura, would have picked up on the fact that she's half Japanese. Even if the other half is Mexican. He must not be paying attention.

Kinda depressing Thanksgiving with just a run home from Balboa to his apartment, and then looking forward to pizza and beer. Though I guess that isn't too terrible a meal. Better than MRE's anyway.

Yes Jeff, I think you always will miss Kim!
chiroho chapter 94 . 8/22/2012
I guess that for every positive athletic endeavour, like Simple, there is a negative one. And 40 miles a week is a LOT of running for a body to endure.

Most of the NP's I've met aren't like that at all. In fact, some are better than the doctors. And while Kim may THINK she knows what she has, it doesn't mean she does necessarily.

As always, appreciate the realistic medical discussion. Have a feeling though that, with all the tests the doctor wants to run, something else not pretty is going to show up for Kim.

Can't imagine why turning up to work with a radiation count would cause problems in counter terrorism. Can you? ;-)

You'd think that Burley would understand that the military has a very different leave schedule than NCIS does. I mean, he works with them enough. Federal government employees are spoiled with vacation though. Nowhere near so much in the private sector.

What else is Tomblin going to do with sick leave? She can't do her job, so Burley expects her to just sit around in Bahrain? Weird! Hopefully she does get to catch up with some people in Europe though.

Thanks, as always, for writing.
chiroho chapter 93 . 8/22/2012
Based on what you've said, I guess all runners and athletes are that type-a about having their stuff ready. Hardly surprising through, given what they have to go through.

Awwww, I guess Simple is a bit of a cutie, getting a teddy bear for his wife. How cute! And maybe it helps make up for him being a jerk?

Great to see that Colleen has become friendly with Siobhan - always nice when someone to the area helps welcome you in. And she brought cookies! Though you didn't say what kind. ;-)

I wonder if Jeff knew who made them before Colleen said anything? (Given that he's chewing on them.)

Nice to see all the Simple family there to support Jon, especially his parents. And to have him acknowledge Colleen and Jeff, as well as his family, to the guy doing the interview. Hopefully he gets a big spread in the magazine!

And Jeff's right. Much of what our returned soldiers do simply is amazing, and those aren't even the injured ones.
chiroho chapter 91 . 8/22/2012
That's a lot of hours to spend on a bike. I know he's training for some serious events, but even so. And then to go for a "light run" afterwards? Definitely has to be very fit!

Not really that great of Simple to just write off attending the meetings out of hand. Alright, he's a guy and these are mostly intended for women, but still not great to dismiss it out of hand.

Colleen really is wonderful to him, already suggesting something that he didn't know how to broach and was worried that would only make the conversation more difficult.

And Simple has unfortunately fallen into the trap that can break so many relationships - he doesn't know how to deal with things, so would rather not talk about them at all, which causes a definite divide. Yes, it was terrible that she nearly died, but very selfish of him not to remember what she went through when he lost his legs. Very much the "typical male". Funny how we hide our fears in that way.

Hopefully things can move forward far better now for the Simples. It's either that or go off the rails completely, and certainly don't want that!
Dr. JES chapter 96 . 8/21/2012
Ooh, ooh, ooh. Now we are really getting to the meat of things, aren't we? I can't wait to read about all the details of how they pull this off. Knowing you, I know it will be worth waiting to read.
shulesaddict77 chapter 96 . 8/20/2012
Okay, I know dropping his phone had to be somehow important but only after reading the reviews it hit me. He is gonna be kidnapped soon. Do you actually planning on telling us Jeff's side of the story a little bit? Because as far as I remember we only know Kim's side of the story, right?
emmaplodocus chapter 96 . 8/20/2012
This is just prior to Jeff's kidnapping, isn't it? The phone has something to do with being cloned and enabling someone to nab him?

I have a feeling I need to re-read the entire series. Oh, how I would love ebook copies of them...
LimeJuiceTub chapter 96 . 8/20/2012
Hi Sashile!

And once again, you continue weaving and winding the stories together. I've been looking forward to reading about Ethan Hoskins' story. But now I'm also nervous - because the phone thing definitely means that something suspicious has started - which can only lead to reading about Jeff being kidnapped and worried for Kim.

The medical examples you include always make me wonder how well trained doctors actually are. Do med students really not get taught to read x-rays? Jeff always seems so capable and efficient - but how many doctors like him are there in reality?

Once again, I look forward to the adventures in the next chapters. :D
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