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shulesaddict77 chapter 95 . 8/16/2012
Of course he will always miss her until they'll finally get their head out of their asses and get married. :-)
shulesaddict77 chapter 94 . 8/14/2012
At least she gets a vacation. :-)
shulesaddict77 chapter 93 . 8/10/2012
It's amazing that he finished the IronMan. I loved this fluff chapter. :-)
DD200 chapter 93 . 8/9/2012
Hi! Im still here, faithfully reading every chapter! I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this chapter. It's great to see simple succeed! Thanks for the great fic, can't wait for more!
chiroho chapter 92 . 8/7/2012
On vacation at the moment, so a little behind, and using my iPad for comments. Let's see how I do, because I can't say this is my favorite keyboard in the world.

Jeff really should have realized that going into an ID fellowship really would be going back to school. Much as we all like to think that we don't have to do that, I'm sure that as a doctor it's something that comes up a lot more then for us average type people. Must have been a bu of a shock to the system to have it all just dumped on him though. That can't be easy at all.

At least Jeff doesn't have to go to the boring meeting. ;)

And we meet the people who are going to be close to Jeff over the next couple of years. Nice that you take the time to introduce them. It hardly seems that long ago that Colleen and Siobhan were talking to him about things when he was in the office.

Completely nattached, huh? Pretty much in denial too?

I'm guessing it's not that unusual in the military for a third year fellow to only be an LT while a first year fellow is a Lieutenant Commander. Not that doctors seem to put a lot of store by rank - at least in what you've written anyway.

And Jeff returns to a seeming life of luxury. I wonder if it will really turn out as Jamie Vega predicts. My guess is no, because after all this is Jeff we're talking about!
Dr. JES chapter 91 . 8/3/2012
I've been traveling here there and everywhere and I haven't had time to review. I love getting your new chapters and they are always a joy to read. Thanks for being dedicated enough to keep writing, even during the Olympics (which are a HUGE distraction to getting pretty much ANYTHING done!)
shulesaddict77 chapter 91 . 8/2/2012
Oh yeah, facing the fears it is! That was really a great chapter. I love all your original characters.
shulesaddict77 chapter 90 . 7/30/2012
I love it when Jeff's friend meet and the 'Jeff and Kim soap opera' comment made me smile.
chiroho chapter 90 . 7/30/2012
Okay, now for today's chapter.

I knew, as soon as Simple's CO came in the room, that something was definitely up. I guess he gets his goal of making Major by the end of the year, though I can't imagine that he expected to be transferred to somewhere nowhere near as close. And this is certainly going to play havoc with the place they live, and more significantly how much time they see of each other. Then again, it seems to me (an ill-informed civilian) that they're probably somewhat unusual in that they're a married military couple and able to see so much of each other, so having one of them posted elsewhere shouldn't be a huge shock. This isn't going to be an easy decision to make - especially since he's been given no choice in needing to report in July.

Nice way to introduce Dr. Mox and Dr. O'Shaughnessy. I guess they had to meet eventually, because most of your characters have crossed over somewhere. Of course, what she gets called into must be pretty darn rough given what she went through - even if Siobhan has no idea that's the case. I guess that's one of the really sucky things about working in a hospital.

And of all the things they're going to talk about, one of them is going to be the Tomblins? ;-)

Nice comments on Jeff and Kim about the hard hit to the head. Then again, they certainly have it pretty difficult in the way their postings are working. But yes, a good kick in the rear end would be certainly something those two need. Only problem is that it eventually comes from some terrorists.

Don't know if you've ever watched the show "Army Wives", my wife watches it, but Zack going to the Oakleaf meetings reminds me of a character in that show married to a female 1-star who participates in all of the "army wives" stuff with the wives of the other characters. He seems to take it very seriously though, not quite the "doing this for a lark" that Zack does.

So that's the real reason the Tomblins keep inviting Jeff up? They just want to get a doctor in the family, even if he's a paediatrician? ;)
chiroho chapter 89 . 7/30/2012
Apparently I'm behind with reviews. Last two weeks were incredibly packed work wise, so I'm trying to recover from that this week. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it anyway. )

I'm enough of an Internet junkie that I have to check my email etc. before I leave for the office. You never know just what sort of important things may arrive. Kim is apparently restrained enough that she can leave off doing that until she gets to work. Which I guess makes sense if you get in before everyone else, but you'd think she'd have limited opportunities to watch that sort of thing if anyone else was in. Maybe that's why she always gets in early...

Nice to see Jeff planning ahead, getting the video ready when he knew he could, versus when he may not be able to. Love the interaction with Hammer though. You have to wonder how many takes it took to get to that point!

Time zone differences between Pacific and whatever zone Bahrain is have to be difficult. I know it's 9 hours to Central Europe, and that's difficult enough when working for a company whose head office is near Frankfurt, and largest US office is in Palo Alto. I seem to end up with a lot of conference calls scheduled between 10 and 12 Eastern time, because that's really the extent of the overlap between those time zones, and it's still early on the west coast. No wonder Jeff hates that time zone difference.

Cute shirts on kids are always extra cute. Adults, and even older kids, just can't get away with that.

Nice that everyone gathers around Skype, though I've always found that the video is relatively poor quality. I sometimes do a Google video call with my brother and his wife and 3 year old in Australia, and it can get pretty sluggish at times.

For Kim, she really does have something of a slow birthday, doesn't she? I seem to end up at a conference in Orlando every year for my birthday these days. Can't say it's exactly exciting.

There is a slight chance that Kim's family do like Jeff more than her - especially as they see him a whole lot more!

Pretty maudlin thought about wondering how they were going to survive the next two and a half years - even if it doesn't actually end up being that long before some major events get in the way. Of course, Kim would likely be thinking that's almost another tenth of her life that would have passed by that point - and that's a lot when you're just turning 30.

Thanks for writing. And btw, I think in the second last line Jeff should say that "playfully", not "playful".
shulesaddict77 chapter 89 . 7/26/2012
Ah, Jeff was super sweet. I grinned from ear to ear about the video. Such a Jeff thing to do. I miss them being together, too. At least reading your new NCIS story I can read about them being together. :-)
chiroho chapter 88 . 7/23/2012
Well I definitely appreciate the new chapter, even if it meant you had to truncate any replies. I'm sure I can manage. ;-)

Nice to see Jeff on his way to the Tomblin orchard with the Moxes, and that he has the opportunity to introduce them so that Zach can work on his project with Daniel.

Nice to see Jeff interacting with Andrew and the Moxes. One of these days he'll actually make a really good dad - though it seems like it might be _quite_ a while before that actually happens. Which is kind of sad in some ways given their relationship, but at least we know they get together in the end.

And we see more evidence that Jeff is in extremely good graces with Kim's family, based on the way Sally greeted him at the airport. So it's interesting that Jack asks Jeff if Kim knows how often he comes up there - which seems to be practically every leave. And I guess that Jack is almost the grandfather that Jeff doesn't have, especially given his own family relationships. It's really nice to be able to see him able to talk to someone about what happened, and why things are bothering him in the way that they are. So perhaps it is the old Iwo Jima vet who is a romantic who is the person Jeff needs to connect to. Sometimes it's easier to talk to someone who has already been through everything in life.

And yes, great advice at the end - pull your finger out, Jeff!
merryann chapter 88 . 7/23/2012
Jack just has all of the answers. I guess they're right, with age comes wisdom! I hope Jeff is listening.

How cool that the Mox family is able to meet Daniel! I'm sure it means the world to both Zack and Daniel.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
shulesaddict77 chapter 88 . 7/23/2012
Thank you, Jack, for telling him the most important thing. Life is too short to waste it! I like the idea that Jeff is a lot a the orchard. Brings him closer to Kim, I guess.
sheila.bundy chapter 87 . 7/20/2012
I usually won't read anything not COMPLETE, but I make an exception for your endeavors. Will be awaiting the end of this...impatiently, I might add! Thank you for writing.
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