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Dr. JES chapter 82 . 7/4/2012
Oh, Kim! Bad choice, bad choice. Even though your long-time readers knew this was coming, it's still interesting to see how they get to the points they do. Keep coming with the updates :)
shulesaddict77 chapter 82 . 7/3/2012
I know it's only a coping mechanism because she is frustrated, but jumping into bed with her boss is a bad idea. But I guess she'll figure that out in the morning, too.
Guest chapter 82 . 7/3/2012
"Which was probably why she followed Burley into his hotel room." Kim, Kim, Kim.

I was delighted to see an update to this story, but I'm still worried about Colleen, lol.

I'm guessing it must be March of 2011 that Kim and Jeff get married if it's already January of 2010 here. Will wait patiently . . . *Ü*
Guest chapter 82 . 7/2/2012
Well that's just lovely, Kim. Jeff is in your apartment, sad and disappointed that you're not there when he is. He's trying to find out what happened to a very close friend and how she's doing. Who knows when you'll see the guy next, and you follow your boss into his hotel room. No wonder Gibbs had some serious questions for Kim when he found out Burley was dead. Talk about inappropriate behaviour. Still, nobody could ever say that Kim always makes the best decisions. Her relationship with Jeff is pretty much testament to that. Not that I wish her badly, but I hope she feels awfully guilty about this afterwards!

Back to earlier parts of the chapter, I guess the "wall of photos" is pretty much the way Kim expresses herself - though I have to say that having a whole wall of them is kinda strange, especially if there isn't any particular organisation. Though, as you say, that's very "Kim".

And yes, apples everywhere. Very "Tomblin". They probably ship them regularly to her!

Heck of a way to find out that, first, Colleen was pregnant and, second, that she lost the baby. No wonder Jeff wants to fly there immediately - though his skills as a paediatrician are somewhat less useful in that instance. And he does need to do his stuff for returning from deployment.

Will Kim really want to talk to Jeff if he calls tomorrow? Or will she be too guilty given that she knows full well he's the man she loves? Yes, rhetorical questions. :)

While it may be "good" in a sense that while they're at the hotel Kim can not only wear her hair down but can drink, is that really a good thing to be doing if you're in a country like Saudi Arabia and will need to be working to free a Marine the next morning? How much more difficult will things be if the Saudi's detect even the smallest trace of a hangover? More bad choices.

Followed by a much worse one.

*sigh* Oh Kim.

merryann chapter 81 . 6/28/2012
You're kidding an update, but no info about Colleen and the baby? You're killing me here!

This chapter bummer that Kim and Jeff miss each other. Looking forward to seeing how Kim's case works out.
chiroho chapter 81 . 6/28/2012
The whole review box at the bottom of the page totally confused me, as I had to log in before I could use it. I wonder whether it will increase the number of reviews received.

Well, if there's one thing that's been a constant about Kim and Jeff's relationship, it's that their timing hasn't been all that great. This time Kim gets a cause, which isn't local, the one night Jeff is going to be in town. I guess this is the way that you ensure that they don't see each other for a while. ;-)

You'd think it would be INCREDIBLY difficult for Kim to be able to function in Saudi Arabia because of the prejudices there towards women. Which is why Burley insisting that she go in some ways doesn't make a whole lot of sense, no matter what her skills.

Most people don't seem to realise that it's very few people who actually work at the Embassy who have any sort of diplomatic immunity. Many staff are locals, and only the highest ranking diplomats have diplomatic passports. And the guards, the only reason they get to stay is because the Embassy technically is American (national) soil. So while inside the Embassy, they're technically in America.

Wouldn't there be some sort of officer commanding the detachment at the Saudi Embassy? Or is it pretty much always noncoms?

I've seen it postulated in several places that Tony is very good at interviews because he just talks at people and doesn't seem that serious at times. Almost like he's your friend, and eventually people open up. Quite the opposite of Gibbs, Kate when she was around, and Ziva (though people used to talk to her because she was an open threat, which doesn't seem to be the case any more). So Stan has the same easy manner of calming people down? I guess that makes sense seeing what he's like.

And this looks like something that definitely won't be resolved quickly. So much for even the chance of getting back to Bahrain to see Jeff.

Thanks, as always, for writing. Not sure what I'd do on the three mornings a week you're posting otherwise. ;-)

Sounds like a set up if the cops came up to Ritchey and said that they had reason to search him. Someone either must have called them, or must have given them reason to do so. Can't imagine why else they'd be looking to search anyone for a few pills of meth.
shulesaddict77 chapter 80 . 6/26/2012
Oh no, she lost the baby! I hope Colleen is going to be okay.
merryann chapter 80 . 6/25/2012
Great chapter! Aren't medical folks always the last to admit they need medical help?

OK, who's the knuckle-headed resident who tells Simple that 'the baby is gone' before doing the U/S? And what happened to OBs having the best of all bedside manners? I know she was flustered (I'm sure you planned it that way ;) but still!

Now you have me obsessing over tertiary characters (secondary characters to your OC's, lol) Fine work! Can't wait to see what happens!
PitselehVV chapter 80 . 6/25/2012
Wow... This is so freaking sad. On one hand, I'm glad it wasn't anything Colleen might have done that caused this, but then again, the situation is just awful when you look at it from any angle.

Going back to past chapters, I'm glad Kim and Jeff had a chance to mend things. They're both too headstrong not to have these little arguments, I guess. As usual, well written, and looking forward to more.
Dr. JES chapter 80 . 6/25/2012
Wow! Poor Simple and Colleen. I can't imagine that loss, and then having to make that decision for your wife without her. But isn't it always the doctors themselves who put off seeking medical treatment the longest. Nice work despite the tough subject matter.
LimeJuiceTub chapter 80 . 6/25/2012
Oh no! I hope Colleen's ok. (Well, I guess I know from your other stories she is... but still...)

I never knew that one of the symptoms of ectopic pregnancies is bruising. Your medical knowledge certainly adds a more realistic dimension to your stories.
chiroho chapter 80 . 6/25/2012
Well that's certainly a sad chapter!

Have to say, the fact that Colleen didn't say anything to anyone about the pain in her left side getting worse, or especially when she noticed the bruising, doesn't say a whole lot about her thinking - though I guess she's focused on her job. You'd think she'd ask someone to check it out once she sees how bad the bruising is though.

I can't say that I think the idea of reheating leftovers in front of the TV is terribly appealing either.

And no matter how bad, at least Simple is still at the hospital.

Is it sad that, in this day and age, there is almost an automatic assumption that any bruising may come from an abusive spouse, and not give them the benefit of the doubt?

I can't imagine the feeling of losing an unborn child, though I know the incidence of that sort of thing is very high. In fact, I've heard that a large percentage of women lose a baby at some point though never even know it as it happens very early in the pregnancy. I know my sister in law lost her first child at around 10 weeks - though it was a normal pregnancy. Fortunately they have a 3 y/o girl and she's 20 odd weeks pregnant with a second child.

Hopefully Colleen is okay, and her ability to have a child in the future isn't impacted.
merryann chapter 79 . 6/23/2012
The conversation between kim and her Mom was cute. I feel for Sally, sounds like my little one.

Kim & Jeff are talking again hooray!

The Price of Honesty was just as good the second time around!
chiroho chapter 79 . 6/21/2012
Well, "make up Skype" at least starts with the same letter as "make up sex", though it obviously involves more clothes.

Were sweater dresses and boots popular back in 2009? I guess they were, but I live in NH so everyone wears jeans in the winter. We're way to "hick" for that sort of trendy stuff.

Sally Tomblin must have been severely disappointed if she'd wanted a "girly girl" in Kim. Though, to be honest, my wife gets extremely frustrated shopping with my daughter, so perhaps that's not all it's hyped up to be.

I think any doctor doing a sick call on a regular basis is likely to call their patients "whiny bastards" whether they're soldiers, sailors, Recon Marines, Seals, or Delta Force. And yes, there definitely seems to be a correlation between size and whine about small things.

For a person who has as many "rules" as he does, Gibbs sure seems to break a lot of actual ones (as against the ones he made up). I'd think Kim would find that difficult in and of itself.

I still find it amusing that Jeff sees WAY more of Kim's family than she thinks, and he was very likely to visit there on his return anyway.

Aww. At least she knows where she'd rather be. Even though she doesn't always act that way.
merryann chapter 78 . 6/18/2012
How fun that Colleen and Jon are going to be parents; Kim & Jeff must be getting close to where they kidnapped Jeff, since Colleen is still pregnant at the wedding. I'm re-reading The Price of Honesty because my memory isn't what it once was, so it should all come together pretty soon!
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