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CanadianChick07 chapter 72 . 5/30/2012
As normal, awesome! I can't wait to see Jeff and Kim on their "vacation."
shulesaddict77 chapter 72 . 5/29/2012
Ahh, can't wait to see them on R&R.
chiroho chapter 72 . 5/28/2012
I'd be dead asleep by the time evening rolls around after getting up at midnight, running a marathon, and then coming back home again. Cannot believe Jeff is still awake. ;-)

Hammer must be difficult as someone who is hanging around all the time, especially with the tendency to just say things!

Kids grow up so fast. Both mine are more than old enough to read Harry Potter, but don't seem to be interested - though they do a LOT of reading.

It can't be THAT many digits. Country code, area code, number - and that's probably a US number.

Probably not a bad worry when it comes to Kim - that she'll try and take everything on and it will come back and bite her in the arse. As I guess does seem to happen when Burley gets killed.

It will be interesting to see if Jeff and Kim can stand to be around each other for 5 days straight. It's one thing when there are other around to run interference, like at Simple's wedding, but when it's just the two of you ...

Hoping to head to the local Memorial Day parade today. Need to get moving if I want to do that though.
Dr. JES chapter 71 . 5/24/2012
I'm sensing foreshadowing here - its pretty laid back, not much going on, mentioning the internship, then the final I wonder when I'm going to get to see her next comment :) I'm just glad for the update and I still love love love the story. Thanks!
chiroho chapter 71 . 5/24/2012
Getting up at midnight for a 4 hour drive, to get somewhere 3 hours before running a marathon? Talk about crazy! No wonder the petty officer thought the same.

Now there's a disquieting thought - imagining that someone who has been running and jumping to greet you for years suddenly stops doing so. Admittedly it's something most parents go through as their kids get older - though by the time they stop you probably want them to do so else they'll throw out your back!

And of course the Washington/Oregon rivalry. I seem to recall watching a game many years ago between Washington and Oregon as a friend of mine was from BC. Can't remember who she supported though, or even who won!

Apparently being on a base for who knows how long really does get Jeff going! Have to say though, you'd have to be young and fit to be able to do that and then consider running a marathon afterwards!

Nice indication that the time with Gibbs was crappy. I'd imagine that, given that it's hardly ever sunshine and roses even for his team, time with team Gibbs is pretty universally crappy. You'd actually have to wonder what would happen if Gibbs ever ran into someone who really wasn't prepared to let him do whatever he wanted, and had the connections make that stick. Gibbs really gets away with whatever he wants, no matter how against the rule book, so long as it agrees with his "gut". That would really grate with someone as forensically minded as Kim is.

In a military family like Kim's you'd think that there's always a good chance of someone being deployed, and I guess Afghanistan is the next spot for someone. She's right though, the last empire to really successfully go through Afghanistan was that of Alexander the Great!

This whole parting until unknown times really would have to bite. I know I'd find it awfully difficult.
shulesaddict77 chapter 70 . 5/21/2012
I liked the chapter. Especially Jeff and Kim's banter at the end. :-)
chiroho chapter 70 . 5/21/2012
So I'm guessing that you have the same problems with morning meetings as Jeff does? I imagine that, given that there are enough medical things going on, Jeff would have a hard time dealing with all the military aspects that don't affect what he's doing on a day to day basis.

Nice that Jeff is hand feeding Hammer his meds. At least he knows for sure that he's taking them!

LOL at the pillow on the chair. At least they have a sense of humour.

Okay, took me a couple of reads to work out that "limdu" is limited duties.

Ah, right. I remember the H1N1 stuff. Got two flu shots that year myself. We had to have special clinics set up in town because of the supply issues, then making sure everyone got them.

Apparently Kim knows about Jeff's distaste of the morning meetings as well - understandably.

Kim probably also has the ability to sleep just about anywhere. I mean, if I were that small I'd have no problems sleeping in an airline seat either, just like one of my kids. Being 6' and on the more solid side of things, I just don't fit in those seats that well.

Obviously Kim's time in DC is over - for which she is most likely very glad.

A more sombre final note. I can imagine that you don't want to say good-bye to someone who is there, because it does signify a sort of permanence. Perhaps that's why the French always say "au revoir", because it means "until we meet again". Or at least it used to until it became more generic.
Dr. JES chapter 70 . 5/21/2012
Thanks again for another excellent chapter. You write with enough detail that I can set the scene in my head, but no so much detail that it smothers the story. And yea, they are both in the same time zone! But yet really so far away. Again, I look forward to how you are going to weave this all together :)
chiroho chapter 69 . 5/17/2012
Still on my iPad for this review, but this time I'm at 30-something thousand feet on my way home. Gotta love wifi on planes.

I do enjoy Kim's insights on Gibs - the fact that he barks orders and disappears to who knows where, the fact that he doesn't seem to do any actual work, just make observations and connections. It's stuff that you don't entirely notice on the show because of the way it's cut, but is obviously the anyway. It would have to be most frustrating for his team that they really are treated with little respect for what they do. I guess it's why there were so many "Tony takes the Rota job" or "Tony takes a job other than Rota” stories at the time.

Nice that Kim gets to Skype with Jeff. I guess, so far at least, things aren't too terrible for him on his tour. Certainly if Hammer managed to convince him to go on a patrol anyway!

Where do you think the line would be of Kim explaining cases to Jeff? Would that be against some sort of regulation? I mean, not that he's involved in any way, but cops don't usually discuss the details of cases with those outside of cases, do they?

Nice little piece of history there between Km and Kelly. You'd also think that even if Kim's dad didn't know Gibbs, then Gibbs would know who hews. After all,the guy as a master sergeant. You'd think that would mean something.

And yes, quitting time for the MCRT does seem rather non-existent, doesn't it? Not the sort of thing that most people would want to put up with.

e if

Poor Timmy. Though you'd think he'd go and hangout with Abby if Tony and Ziva are off in Israel taking care of her sick father.

I don't remember. Was Sopko one of yours, or an actual person from the show at some point? Speaking of one of yours, I think I like Sonja Gracy WAY better than the Character Jamie Lee Curtis plays on the show. She really does not seem like the sort of person Gibbs would have anything to do with at all. I think it's rather bizarre.

So where from here? The drug cases are related, but Kim is no closer to resolving them. Will she do so in Bahrain?
shulesaddict77 chapter 68 . 5/15/2012
I like to see Gibbs and the team, but Kim's thoughts while she was talking to Jeff were pretty sad. Yes, he is back at war and she loves him. Must be pretty hard.
Dr. JES chapter 68 . 5/14/2012
Oooh, I loved how you snuck in there the case that Tony and Ziva went undercover for an eventually led to their getting together. Very nice :) Again, I don't know what else to say except another fine chapter. I am so excited that you are posting so regularly and I just love how you weave a tale together.
chiroho chapter 68 . 5/14/2012
Reviewing from my iPad in a hotel room, so I'll see how I go here.

Nice to see the cameo from Dr Sault. I guess it would make sense that he'd show up as a psych intern. Also nice that, when Kim is in DC, she has someone to hang out with. I guess that's the case for many former and current Marines - the people they once deployed with end up everywhere.

Gibbs really can be a complete tool at times, can't he? It's made out On the show like he's God's gift to NCIS, but he's usually just rude and less than helpful. So I can well understand why it is that Kim ends up losing the good mood from her run. (Nice way to tie in the whole ending of your story over at the other site. I can well see why Kimo would be rather surprised at McGee being given the evening off though. Seems very unlike Gibbs.)

Also like the tie in back to the previous drug cases, and Kim realizing that she'd not really followed up as she should. At least that will help her to do better in the future.

And Jeff finally makes it to a place that Kim really doesn't want him to be, huh? Hence the feeling she that they get to talk, and I think that him calling her has nothing to do with his mother not answering and everything to do with how he really feels.

Unfortunately out of time so have to go. Thanks for posting!
CanadianChick07 chapter 67 . 5/11/2012
As usual, very good. You wrote the goodbye excellent and goodbye's are never easy.
chiroho chapter 67 . 5/10/2012
Lot of stuff you need to go through when going into a combat zone. I know that I'd have trouble coming up with a duress phrase, though the PIN might be too hard - there are always old university student ID numbers.

Hopefully Jeff remembers to get new insoles for his combat boots! Otherwise he's going to have a rather uncomfortable time for the next six months.

Lacrosse ball. I guess that would be good for stretching out muscles in your foot. It's hard but also a bit squishy.

Let's hope that there isn't another Lt. Taylor who does actually need medication!

Now I need to go back and see if Jeff's leave request form when he was kidnapped involved something about Cougar Rd! :)

I now wonder what you actually have planned for Jeff in this deployment, given that Kim is spending so much time warning him about security. But I can certainly see what you mean about surgeons knowing so much about what's likely to be happening given that, even if they don't know the details, they're likely to know about upcoming deployments.

Kids sometimes do sound surprisingly articulate.

Nice that Kim is growing up a bit here, and realizing that she can't judge other people's relationships because her own is definitely very complicated in and of itself.

The Navy has large passenger transport planes? I guess I never thought about it and figured that most of the big stuff was USAF. Still, I guess there's the C-40 which is the military version of the 737, and while it's not as large as the larger USAF cargo craft, it's still a decent size.

And now Kim figures out what to do next!
chiroho chapter 66 . 5/7/2012
Exercise has to be just as addictive as many drugs, the way some people get into it. Doing for pleasure something that you were made to do as part of a training process does seem rather like something only an addict would do.

I hope the sergeant's name wasn't Lara, which I guess was the joke Kim was thinking of making.

I guess we'll never know whether Lara was impressed with Kim's time or not. :-)

And I wonder who she'll end up speaking to if she calls headquarters, hmmm?

Ha! Called it. Who else hangs up without really finishing a call?

So we have Ducky, but no Palmer?

Kind of interesting that Kim ends up being Zach's alibi. And that she has to justify herself to Gibbs when he questions her about that alibi. He doesn't take anyone for granted.

Tony? Sounding bitter with relationships? Most people don't pick up on it, so Kim is obviously doing well.

Nice to know Gibbs can come to the same conclusions - or at least he knows that the alibi checks out and there isn't any way Mox could have done it.

And Gibbs takes over something else just because he feels like it. Sometimes I wonder how it is that he has survived as long as he has, especially with how off the rails he seems to go at times.

So I guess this is in the same timeline as Ziva being undercover with their researching the killing of the non-Jews in the mixed religion relationships, just so I have my timeline right? That's why Gibbs is down one and a half agents?

I won't tell if you slip in the names. Going to be VERY hard if you're not using them with Kim TAD to the team!
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