Reviews for An Ode to Heartbreak
Acc0untKiller chapter 1 . 10/4/2011
Incredible Poetry...

Seriously, that poem was just outstanding due to its simplicity and due to the passion & fervour with which it was written. It was simle, honest, raw, to the point and bare... So much, that it is like the jagged edge of a glass piece twisting inside you...

Fav lines :

"Therefore, I dedicate my Ode, my tribute,

To bipolar emotions and masochistic reasons."

"But 'perhaps' is too uncertain

For me to really believe.

So, instead, I'll devote my Ode, my tribute,

To hopelessness and uncertainty."

"But I know that words will never be enough

To express the pain

To explain the sheer hopelessness.

So I'll just tell you that my Ode, my tribute,

Is a sarcastic thank you to heartbreak and broken love.

After all, it's the truth."

You are a fantastic poet. The hertbreak captured in those lines is inexplicable!

Really, really good poem... _