Reviews for The Champions
Superhuman chapter 198 . 3/29
Either you've uploaded the last chapter again, or I'm tripping shit here xD
ShuckFace chapter 197 . 3/23
Dude, this is such an awesome story... But it would be terrible to have to read a book 1,895 pages long. If it was published(as in the real world) this would have to be seperated into like 6 different books!
Miles Montgomery chapter 194 . 3/1
All right. Next episode we see what they can do.
Superhuman chapter 194 . 3/1
Eddie. Eddie's coming back. I am willing to put money that Eddie has been zapped into this time period. Good intros, I like all the characterisation so far, keep it up!
Miles Montgomery chapter 193 . 2/28
Not much to say here. Have to see how it goes.
Miles Montgomery chapter 192 . 2/18
Not sure if the military would discharge you to take care of family. As a navy vet, they told me once you're in, it's almost impossible to get out. As one of their best assets though...
InFlamesYouBurn chapter 192 . 2/16
Brother and sister on the team? I'm already dreading the moment when you kill one of them off months from now. Don't even bother denying it!
InFlamesYouBurn chapter 191 . 2/12
Sweet. I know it's been a while, I was away for a while, but I crammed all the chapters again. Just in time for you to start back up apparently. Always looking forward for more. By the way, it's pretty awesome you've kept this going for so long. Not many people are that devoted, it's pretty admirable.
Miles Montgomery chapter 191 . 2/8
Sounds interesting. Can't wait until the next team starts.
TheAndyX55Storyteller chapter 148 . 1/10
Here I am at Chapter 148 and still have plenty of chapters to go. I absolutely love this series. I was immediately hooked after reading the first 5 chapters and haven't stopped since (I basically binge read whenever possible xD.) Anyways great story, great characters & some epic plot twists.

BTW, I'm also a shipper and I've been shipping MelissaXVictor for THE LONGEST TIME xDDDD
Annamarie chapter 191 . 12/29/2013
So how long will the hiatus be? And will the story still be called The Champions? I know me not having an actual account is an issue as it prevents me from following you and all that good stuff (I'm just too lazy to bother making one as of right now. Maybe that'll be my resolution this year)
omega1012 chapter 191 . 12/29/2013
How about introducing a much younger character e.g. An 8 uear old whose fairly rebellious and annoyimg in battle?
Miles Montgomery chapter 190 . 12/21/2013
Ha! It took me 190 chapters to realize that Melissa and Alvin are your version of Scott and Jean.

I'm not too bright.

So many of the original Champions would be pissed. They wanted Melissa too.
Annamarie chapter 189 . 12/17/2013
Well, I consider you to be awesome because you've got 189 chapters and you've got this whole thing figured out. But anyways, Yeah for Julie and Will! I like the two of them, although, when did Will get kidnapped? It probably was part of the story the other person wrote, oh Montgomery I think? Anyways, DIE JANET DIE! Okay, I'm good now. Annoying little kid. And annoying team for not just pulling the trigger. Oh well, whatever. I "kinda wish there will be excitement at Alvin and Melissa's wedding, but at the same time I'm glad for it. There gonna have little Alvin's and Melissa's!
Miles Montgomery chapter 189 . 12/14/2013
Nice how you still keep the story from Final Justice intact. Keep up the good work.

By the way, you ever thought of turning this into a web comic?
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