Reviews for quasar
anachronistic chapter 1 . 9/22/2011
oh. i thought this was going to be another geeky science poem and then i read the tag.

anyway. usually your ampersands don't bother me but they did, here, maybe because it was in the last line and i don't know, that symbol there just gives it this. unreal vibe and not in the unreal sense that i usually use it in. like it's just. stylized. i don't know why i am feeling like this because i usually don't?

hm. other points:

1) i really really really like how it starts off innocuous and steadily grows darker.

2) i like the repeated science theme.

3) oh. a lot of the &s occur near the end of a line and it just pops out like that and i think that was part of the grating factor? i know it's a stylistic thing so feel free to disregard this.

4) "salivate over the thought of / whole new worlds brought on, / brought forth, tie her knots & / unhook her straps & adore the / idea of another universe out there" oh my god this part. this part.

anyway this is really really really lovely and why is this review so long. :