Reviews for Blue Tears
Dark Blue Lover chapter 1 . 12/2/2011
OMG - a sad work, but beautiful. I'd like to hear this performed (:

I'm not so sure about the end. It'd probably sound better when sung, but like this it's kind of open with only the chorus. It might fit that "pushing forward" line but I admit I'm not too sure about it.

Also... I'm wondering what happened to that "you" person. First you say "you're gone out of town"; then towards the end, it's "your life was taken from you" - I understand that this person died? It's a little confusing, that's why I'm asking.

But overall, a great job. I especially love the chorus - can't really explain why, but it's relatable to me. Maybe I'm in the blues... (Nah, the pun wasn't intended )

Really, good work! Keep writing :)