Reviews for The Seventh Stone
The Whimsical Queen chapter 6 . 9/13/2012
Do you accept other people's OC? I want my OC! If I could.. y'know, just suggesting. Forcing is not my thingy

I wonder if Ari met Lyne again and decided to follow him. ;3 chapter 4 . 2/29/2012
Hello my name is Adam. I just read your entire story. I liked it. Did you every play dungeons and dragons? Your story has a strong d&d feel to it. I had one question though. Why the name Keleth. I have a d&d character named that and I can't remember why I decided on it. Also I was wanting to start to write a book on a character of mine from a game session. Could you offer any tips? And I would love to review your other stories when you write them... As long as they are not romance ]
Teru Kisuke chapter 3 . 11/27/2011
Well, looks like I'll review first on this story. Reading your note from chapter two, don't give up on fantasy stories like these! Fantasies from the imaginations of people will always be what fascinate and impress me. Don't feel pressured if the crowd tends to like romance stories more (I think the crowd mainly consists of girls after all, although there are some guys here.) Do what you have fun doing, plus there are more people reading these stories than you think :) I myself am not an expert at writing romance stories either, though I'd like to take a shot at one as well x)

Okay, so diverting the topic to the actual story at hand! I like this little story you cooked up, it's something different than what I normally see :) Wizards and such have always fascinated me, since their abilities and backgrounds have no bounds. I wonder if he'll be a different wizard that will be going against the other brothers? That and if the gatekeeper guy will be coming into play as an active character as well instead of just legend (sorry new names always escape me XD takes time to seep in). So many questions unanswered! Keep writing and help me answer those questions I have, and better yet, leave some other good questions a mystery ;) Can't wait to read more!

Before you know it, those reviews will be pointing in in no time! I have a story myself over on fanfiction that only has about three reviews (and I've been so slow on updates! Bad author!), but I still think up the fresh ideas of imagination for it. I respect how you keep going anyway even if you haven't gotten any encouragement for this one. So I'll cheer you on! Your writing style's impressive, your dialogue is well planned, and your characters are mature and well described. Who wouldn't like a story like this? Romances can be good, but fantasies from authors like you can be just as great! Keep up the good work I say!

And by the way, this story can be as successful as the Mirror of Revelries (a masterpiece in the making :) ) or even better if you want to be! Don't give up, and keep writing!

(Sorry to future reviewers, since my reviews tend to take up a lot of space :o So many thoughts in so many paragraphs! But it needed to be done!)