Reviews for nametag
ink colored chapter 1 . 11/17/2011
I was just rereading this poem and it made me think about who I am, and who we all really are, and then I went into some wannabe-insightful mental rant about what makes up people, and who I would be based on the things I've witnessed and the people I know.

There was a point to this when I started out, I swear.

This poem is really exquisite. I especially like the first two lines. "i am the stiletto words keyed into y locker door/because of someone's second hand hatred." You phrase things so eloquently, and I really admire that. When I'm feeling like writer's block is taking over my life, I just go through some of your poetry and reread it, and it always seems to get me inspired.
ForThoseNotBreathing chapter 1 . 10/1/2011
Another beautiful piece. The imagery in this was really unique and flowing, as well as incredibly intense. The questions at the end leave it off on an interesting note :) Really nice work.

Favourite lines:

"i am so many people, numbers. letters, faces.

but i am not - and i have never been -


- I really know how this feel, and love how these lines back up the rest of the poem.