Reviews for Religion
instant bliss chapter 1 . 10/9/2011
This is interesting. It's like there are multiple voices speaking at once. For instance, "Death / An Atheist's worst nightmare" is an expression that usually comes from the more fundamentally religious (while said atheists stand by, bemused) but the speaker immediately goes on to locate themselves as "Faithless". It's like someone's breaking away from religious thought, while they're still speaking with a religious vocabulary - perhaps because they haven't had a chance to encounter anything different yet, or perhaps they don't want to. That's a very deep struggle, and I think you show it well. This is a good poem!

The one thing I might suggest is that you proofread a little more closely before you post, because there are a couple of typos - "to far gone" rather than "too", "Was their ever one" rather than "there". No big deal, really, but it would help the reader to stay more engaged in the poem if those were fixed. Keep it up!