Reviews for A Good Workout
VelvetyCheerio chapter 1 . 10/14/2012
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The emotion in this piece was very powerful. I was so concerned for the son when he started screaming and wailing and all I could think was why the dad wasn't listening to him. The different emotions gave the story a realistic touch to it. Good work on that.

The overall story was confusing to me, though. I didn't understand why the son didn't want to be dropped off at the day-care, and then when the dad comes to pick him up, I don't understand why the son says the man is not his dad.

["I'll be reporting you," I hissed in her face as I stomped out the door.] I also didn't understand this line of dialogue at all.

Did the woman try to convince the boy that the man was not his father? Or was the son just very angry with his dad?

[I stood up and he cling to me still,] *clung