Reviews for School Warriors: A Simple Delinquent Story
Darth Zannacross chapter 5 . 8/11/2014
Looks like build up for things to come, not bad build up at least. Sounds like the group had a brutal past, hope they can get a better future.
360pages chapter 1 . 8/11/2014
At first I was worried about the script format, but you actually use it rather well and don't skip on the details...though that really has me bring up a question.

A lot of your detail with small modification could just be standard prose in a book, the only thing missing is the fact that you don't give attention to a lot of characters body motion while speaking. But the actions are still pretty good.

I'm not sure how I feel about the whole grounded thing, and, this doesn't really seem like a series that should focus too much time on romance. I can see fights turning into something a little dull without some kind of Martial arts or fighting style. Though I can see that your focus is less going to be about the fights themselves and the meaning behind the battles.

That being said this reminds me of another series I remember.
Darth Zannacross chapter 4 . 8/11/2014
Good thing they don't have to defeat the Undefeated of the East from G Gundam to own the East, then they would be quite screwed lol. Well, not sure how far this" Revolution" will go but for now things seem to be on a good note, good bonding moments and all that.

Well, nice bonding moments I guess, we will see if the bonds can last after this war is over.
Darth Zannacross chapter 3 . 8/11/2014
Begun the gang wars have. Well, Date show show gutsy he is. Not to bad a fight, we will see where it goes.
Darth Zannacross chapter 2 . 8/10/2014
Well things are shaping up to be intense nicely, quite a big school. So back stories and new females, that will raise the stakes in the emotional area, we will see what amounts to. Well, a fun ride so far.
Darth Zannacross chapter 1 . 8/10/2014
Script format, this takes me back. Well, this reminds me of that Bully game, mixed with Saints Row, only its a gang war of High School Students. Well, lots of aggression exploding, lots of wills, not much else to say so far, we will see what happens.
Haruka-sama chapter 21 . 7/22/2014
Is this the end? I loved it from end to beginning!
Miles Montgomery chapter 1 . 4/27/2014
Interesting opening chapter. A few spelling and grammatical errors here and there. Those two have a big goal.
DappledKarma chapter 2 . 2/9/2014
Dat bromance. Also. Akemi. She's awesome so far. XD
TheFreeEdge chapter 21 . 2/9/2014
My... Swimsuits. Fine -3-

So anyway, I get some manly talk instead. Not too bad. Come to think of it, this killbox kinda implies that our leads' childhoods weren't that pretty and that fighting was the norm since way back when. Maybe that's the source of their Charles Atlas Superpowers.

I wonder if the stakes are going to be raised. Since Akemi and Ringo are coming along, i expect them to play a vital role this time around. But I don't want them to be kidnapped like damsels, I'd rather they kick some ass. Yeah, the girl's didn't get to shine for quite some time, let's change that!
Ereh chapter 18 . 2/9/2014
I keep getting the vibes that Taitou will be killed in this arc. I don't know why. But that would be interesting. Adds some drama to this story, probably. XD

Oh boy, our main trio got news of the North's sudden attack. This is what I was waiting. Now start the fight for real!

Like what I said in skype, Kenshin reminds me of Hidetora Tojo from Beelzebub. They're both way too strong. XD
Katsurou Shimizu chapter 21 . 2/9/2014
Oho, a vacation chappie *w*

I bet Date was watching UP. Don't judge me -.-;;

Kenshin and Tatsu loved each other asses, don't they?

Poor Red Dog, being the scapegoat just because he was a long-winded rambler.

Conclusion: Manly arguments are mean business.

It's been a fun trollathon on a rollercoaster full of fists thrown around, countless casualties, shounen flashbacks, and some unexpected tender moments. Keep trucking on, Pogoman ;)
Katsurou Shimizu chapter 20 . 2/9/2014
I ship Kenshin and Akari so hard.

Well done, Pogoman. I enjoyed the emotional touches that you employed here. Haruki and Hiromi's confrontation, Taitou and Yumi's tender moments, it showed that you clearly wrote this with a lot of heart. And for that, SW has ascended a new level of awesome. And it certainly warrants the length of this chapter.

Keep it up.
Katsurou Shimizu chapter 19 . 2/9/2014
*Takashi - Apollo Creed baby
*Kenshin - Rocky Balboa on the house
*Masu - Solves everything with his mouth.

With regards to the bonus, who cares about Godzilla or Gamera? Pokemon ftw.
Katsurou Shimizu chapter 18 . 2/9/2014
(Oh, that piece of dialogue which I butchered. I remember it *w*)

Hiromi-chan is a big dick. If you want to seek your vengeance, fight like a man for goodness sake.

Wait, I thought it's a typical manga trope to have girls being bad at cooking? /shotandmurdered

I bet Yamagata was trying to tell Taitou that Yumi has his baby. I'm calling it.
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