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Hidden50 chapter 87 . 3h
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Typos and possible corrections:

Its eight head fanned out and snapped angrily
Its eight heads fanned out and snapped angrily

hydra's heads could twist backwards to reach people
hydras' heads could twist backwards to reach people

making sure hydra was focused on him
making sure the hydra was focused on him

he almost lose his balance
he almost lost his balance

patting the hydra gentle on the flank
patting the hydra gently on the flank

she wanted to follow after Zach around like a puppy
she wanted to follow Zach around like a puppy

out efforts to understand and modify the marker
our efforts to understand and modify the marker
Letouriste chapter 87 . 16h
guest: never? you seems to think the problem is maturity when the problem is actually he doesn't like them. i don't see him reconciliate with fortov or his father anytime soon.
Guest chapter 87 . 7/21
Zorian is a lot more mature now so when is he goin to reconcile with his family?
haven custos chapter 87 . 7/19
Wahh~ this is soo good. .
CannedMushroom chapter 87 . 7/19
Alternatively, Xvim could just create duplicates of the marked papers the way Zorian does.
VernoSSS chapter 87 . 7/18
Huh you updated on my birthday! Damn Princess is quite funny and I'm looking for forward for more
John Locke chapter 87 . 7/18
Even if Zorian (or Zach for that matter) aged closer to Ilsa, their brain chemical is still teenage-like. They still think like teenagers albeit more level headed. Zach's brand of joke was shown to be immature; not calm tease like Imaya nor sinister prank like Silverlake.
Guest chapter 87 . 7/17
a pet hydra, how many magics has that thing, wind magic, mind magic, teleport and some kind of final attack, that is not a pet, its the pet, better than the grey hunter
Guest chapter 87 . 7/17
i'm pretty sure divine power here is just refined life force or something similar but less personal, so thats why the knife need to cut zach and the imperial ring doesnt need anything to mark a soul.
with tracking magic of QI they would find those rare animals, like the eyebeast, blood magic is dangerous, like veyers, but they would learn a lot, like alanic fire magic or that flower's soul magic.
Guest chapter 87 . 7/17
I feel like the Zorian Simulacrum Mind-Network is getting close ! So much potential, can't wait.
lambda chapter 87 . 7/17
Sepheroth: Or even better: Place a marker on the sandworm after taming it. Would be a nasty surprise for the Sulrothum when time resets again...

regarding all the speculation about girls and Zorian: Don't forget that with all the time spent in black rooms he is already closer to age to Imaya and Ilsa then to Taiven. But OTOH I think this story only has a true happy end if the original Zorian outside the timeloop survives too. And he still isn't quite over Taiven ... so lot's of possible constellations when multiple copies of people are involved. ;)

Also you have to consider this situation from Taivens PoV: She is now caught in a time loop with a bunch of mostly strangers mostly quite bit older then her. There are few people that she can actually meaningfully interact with. Some kind of bonding over that experience is to be expected.
Sepherohth chapter 87 . 7/16
I loved the scene with the hydra, I wonder if they could place a temporary marker on hydra.
ravanin chapter 87 . 7/16
With his shaping skills as they. Are shouldn't zorian be able to use orbs of severing force like yondu uses his arrow?
DiabolicalGenius chapter 87 . 7/16
Thanks for the chapter. It was very good. I liked pretty much everything and I'm excited about them rigging the Orb into a time dilation chamber. That could buy them a lot of extra time, assuming they can fill the dimension with enough supplies to last them that long. Glad that Zorian's mental enhancements are coming along, plus the blood magic we haven't heard about for a little while. Good that stuff wasn't forgotten. Hopefully Zorian can find a combination of enhancements that will be useful in the long term out of the loop, rather than just to study pocket dimentions.

If there's anything, it'd be nice to hear a little from Kael, even if it's only a short conversation. Before he partnered up with Zach, Kael was pretty much Zorian's closest confederate. The first person he told about the loop by choice and who believed him and helped him as much as he could. Even if partially out of self-interest. Now that he can actually remember the loops, I'd like to know if he still gets along with Zorian the same way, how he's taking it all and such. Just to show Zorian hasn't forgotten those who were there for him and helped him before he began looking something like an Archmage.
Guest chapter 87 . 7/16
Love from a dumb phone
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