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Sepherohth chapter 82 . 15h
lol, that last part. After that buildup I'm expecting an epic fight scene but there's mind magic too, lol lived the scene.
Guest chapter 82 . 17h
such a perfect way to get the ring.
FR12 chapter 82 . 20h
Wow, last boss at the end of a dungeon- just use steal and teleport away.

Small typo:
It Zorian didn't have the marker's function to detect pieces of the Key, he would have never spotted it among all that junk the high priest was wearing.

If instead of It.
linnil chapter 82 . 23h
LoL! That last stunt is super satisfying!
You're the best Zoian!
Guest chapter 82 . 3/18
I feel like Zach's continued use of the Mind Blank spell even after three years of looping together with Zorian has more to do with him hiding something than paranoia.
ken chapter 58 . 3/17
Guest chapter 82 . 3/15
Corrections offered without malice.
"perform one simply action" simple
Ha!I love it.
tia chapter 82 . 3/15
This chapter is simply awesome!
MileyRowling chapter 82 . 3/15
Wonderful update!
Guest chapter 82 . 3/14
lambda: Maybe the primoridal isn't all that dangerous. Even if it can't be killed, a pocket dimension isn't the only way to imprison it. The planar alignment makes dimensional magic easier then it would be other times. We already learned in an earlier chapters that a group of mages used this effect to teleport their entire village between continents. So probably somebody powerful could teleport/send the primordial to some smaller island.
lambda chapter 82 . 3/14
I wonder if the lich really doesn't know about the danger of releasing a primordial or is gambling on Zach and Zorian not knowing. If the primoridal is anything like what has been hinted at so far, then altazia is going to be pretty much permanently uninhabitable: At least no bigger permanent settlements would be possible. His plan of Falkrinea to win the next war is only believable, if he doesn't know that.

Curious how Zach and Zorian are going to handle this detail in their negotiations: They might either play dump and just try to broker a deal for the imperial dagger or they might call him out on it and offer to tolerate the destruction of cyoria, if in turn he helps them avoid the release of panaxeth. - Ie share with them all he knows about the cults leadership and command structure.

Also would be a good oportunity to figure out the identity of red robe before he was aware of the time loop. Though I guess with all the clues they have got, they could have figured him out already, if they still actually cared ...
Will chapter 82 . 3/14
Great movment on all fronts. Really enjoyed the chapter.
Guest chapter 82 . 3/14
hahaha ggod one zorian
Guest chapter 82 . 3/13
Nice one Zorian!
TheOneWhoReadsTooMuch chapter 82 . 3/13
"Yes, but I had another idea about that," Zorian said. "What if… we recruited his help in breaking into the Eldemar's royal vault?"

Huh...I didn't think it would be taking a turn down this route so soon, but I guess the earlier the better, so he isn't as likely to catch on.

"Yeah, it is," Zorian admitted. "I don't know where the ring is, but I'm operating under the idea that our luck is horrible and thus our target is obviously in the most dangerous part of the ziggurat."

Good, soon, soon you will learn how to see the 4th wall, and then, beyond!

"In one smooth movement, the high priest ripped the imperial ring off his finger and threw it at Zorian, who immediately caught it in his free hand."

Zach in about 5 minutes: "Mind magic is definitely cheating."
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