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No Regret chapter 75 . 20h
I have spent 26 of the last 28 hours reading, gg thanks! It was a blast!

Looking forward to updates :)
DeNarr chapter 75 . 20h
Love your stories. Just wish they appeared more often.

Btw, you reuse the sentence "too many things vying for his time". It's not grammatically incorrect or anything, just seems a little redundant.
Fraser chapter 41 . 10/15
Its taken 10 hours of reading, but harem warning
bmsattler chapter 75 . 10/14
I'm really enjoying the story. Its original and doesn't rely on a particular system, but it hangs together very well. The writing is well done and the 'tone of voice' feels natural. The challenges are realistic and continue to lend tension to the story.

Very well done, please continue!
Guest chapter 75 . 10/13
you switched the names around a bit in this one
Guest chapter 75 . 10/13
You wrote twice within 3 sentences of text that Alanic didn't have too many other things vying for his time in the 4-5th paragraphs after the first break.

Otherwhise I think the chapter is brilliant.
A chapter 75 . 10/12
Great story, I've read through all of it just this week and I am very sad to have to wait now. Though I suppose reading the ridiculous amount I have already is more than enough for now. Anyways, the magic system is very well thought out and a lot of things leave me intrigued about the story. So yea, really good story keep it up.
Paradox42 chapter 75 . 10/12
I absolutely love this story. I discovered it only a few days ago, but all my free time recently has been spent reading it. You write in a wonderfully thorough and interesting way. Your world building is extensive and well thought out, and I love this fantasy world of yours containing an interesting magic system combined with technology.
I love that your protagonist Zorian has real and very noticeable and relatable flaws, but that he steadily grows as a character throughout the story. While not focused on humour, some parts of this story (one line offhand comments, mostly) I've found hilarious (notably the recent flower incident and Zach punching Zorian after promising he would). Fore me, these small moments definitely add to the story.
I particularly liked that there were hints of Zorian's empathy ability early on in the story, enough that I actually did catch on that you were writing him as a latent empath before the story revealed it. And overall, you're continuity and making sure that something mentioned is never just forgotten is a large part of why I love this story.
I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how Zach and Zorian deal with the approaching time limit of their stay in the time loop. I hope that they will in fact both escape, but I suppose there's no guarantee (I've grown rather fond of these two and don't want to see them suffer a terrible fate!).
I honestly don't really have too much criticism, other than some editing that needs to be done for small grammatical errors and the like that seem to be more common in the most recent chapters. I also feel like some of the characters not part of the time loop seem to be developing as characters anyway, and while this might seem somewhat likely for the ones transferring notes across, it just feels like there's too much difference in personality sometimes to be explained away by only that.
But really, good work! I deeply admire anyone who can write of this quality and yet is doing it for free!
kari chapter 75 . 10/11
Great as always.
With all this more info dumps I'm starting to doubt it'll end soon..
And I think Zorian should have fetched Kirielle to complete the whole siblings squad.
MileyRowling chapter 75 . 10/10
Great update!
FantasyReader chapter 75 . 10/10
Whoah. Girls are scary, confirmed.
Soul sight into combining self?

Door accomplished. I doubt Zach will ever get soul sight while in this time loop, but Zorian can definitely get it. Maybe he can live as a soul entity separately as well now he gained soul sight. Perhaps because he is a completely different being, the controller will have to account for that too.
High chance Veyers is Red Robe and left. Suddenly dead in a warded scheme, unless Red Robe killed him earlier, which I doubt since Veyers seem unimportant. However, we can definitely tell if they come back to life in reality and then Veyers suddenly shows up in class when he shouldn't be.

Zorian, if he and his clones worked together to train, he can definitely master pocket dimension so much faster. Haha.
Maybe he just needs to learn how to open a pocket dimensional space using the gates? Even asking the controller would be fine.

I just want to note how calm silverlake is as a 700 year old mage to meet a 15 year old 'archmage' , or rather 2 no less. Definitely a genius or super suspicious as who it is. Truly possible he's a time traveler. :D
Guest chapter 75 . 10/9
Undertale Epic Battle :-)
TheKrister2 chapter 75 . 10/9
Another good chapter, but a bit more grammar mistakes and surprisingly even some missing words here and there. Like when Zorian is talking with Silverlake about the keystones and stuff. Other than that though, nothing bad really. A good relaxing chapter this time, good amount of plot wrapped with some action, drama and character development. Overall, I'd say it's a good chapter. The wait time for this chapter was less than last time I think, but still fairly long, hopefully the next chapter will come a bit quicker, but it isn't really important to the enjoyment of the story. I'll be waiting for the next chapter, good luck with your writing.
hm chapter 50 . 10/9
caiooa chapter 75 . 10/9
Really nice chapter. It was fun to see them having so much trouble in the wilderness, but having good results.
"He remembered a series of senseless, disjointed images: a sea of suns connected by glowing threads, a massive volcano in the middle of an eruption, a carpet of smoke crawling across desolate lands…
Just like his usual dreams, in other words. He put it out of his mind, and focused on the important stuff… "
oh...maybe there is something different in his dreams? Lot''s of things that Zorian dismissed as just normal had interesting his headaches in public places or personal exchanges being a sign of his mind magic powers...
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