Reviews for Mother of Learning
fromJapan chapter 84 . 6h
How you think who is red-robe?
Guest chapter 84 . 7h
You should make a patreon account, AND publish the story on kindle.
epain chapter 84 . 5/23
Thank you for writing this interesting story. Are there any pronunciation rules for the names? There are many cases of unclear pronunciation of C, CH, J and X. Many names look Slavic but they seem to lack the gender agreement of Slavic languages (like "Knyazov Dveri").
NickLofty chapter 84 . 5/23
Absolutely amazing! Have reread this book 4 or 5 times already!
sanjiyanunkara chapter 84 . 5/22
it might be an oversight or something else, but i find it strange that it took 6 months for a full soul recovery when Zorian has access to multiple soul healing methods and even used a few on Zach to kickstart his healing.
I mean, why not drink some of his own potions, and once his spellcasting becomes somewhat viable use that to reduce the recovery even more ? I don't believe Z&Z recovery of spellcasting ability happened in the last soul healing since soul damage already happened before and didn't result in full magic ability negation. Besides Zorian was less affected so he should have recoved first and help magically heal Zach afterwards.
Imo the vacation should have been about 3 months to reflect the significant effect of Sudomir's soul healing techniques, potions and rituals.
Guest chapter 84 . 5/20
Nice setback for Zach and Zorian...but I was thinking they would improve their physical strength a bit like that female friend of Zorian
DogRancher chapter 17 . 5/17
I just wanted to point out that "opinionated" is an adjective, not a verb. The word you're looking for is "opined". Someone can be opinionated, but it's not an action.
Guest chapter 82 . 5/16
Oh shit! Is that self-sacrificing Zorian simulacrum forshadowing the real Zorian’s demise?
serialkeller chapter 84 . 5/16
On the eight read through and it's still an amazing story, can't wait for more :D
Torn chapter 84 . 5/15
Typo thread:

"wow" - "vow"

"jets of water of energy attacks" - "jets of water or energy attacks"
LOL chapter 84 . 5/13
For some reason I really want to know how all their classmates and associates reacted to that first restart's events. What was poor Ako thinking of Zorian?
Guest chapter 84 . 5/10
Amo está novela
A chapter 84 . 5/9
After you end this story, you should consider publishing it. Seriously, I would buy it any day.
Drew chapter 84 . 5/8
Very good chapter, as usual. I'm rather confused why Zach and Zorian "[having] no choice but to patiently wait for their soul to heal" makes sense, since Zorian just barely used a bunch of potions to speed up Zach's recovery. Why couldn't they keep doing that?
Critical Reader chapter 84 . 5/8
I love this story. Always happy when I realise that it has been updated. )
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