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Marksbay chapter 90 . 1m
If it's one thing you know how to do, its keeping me on my toes
GustyEagle chapter 90 . 9m
So Zorian might just be being illusion-ed into betraying Zach, Panaxeth maybe control things/be smart enough to sow seeds of doubt and make Zorian re-encode his memories with a nudge against Zach. Of course this breaks up the dynamic duo, Z&Z witch is against the central through line of the story. If it were me, lots of things would be different (like blood magic, mind magic secrets, ect.).And I have long suspected Zach of Manchurian candidate-ing at the last possible moment.
Guest chapter 2 . 9/20
What does Taiven look like? It's pretty glaring how you simply don't bother to describe the characters at all.
Hell, I haven't the slightest idea of what Zorian looks like either, or how he's dressed, or for that matter how any of the other teenagers are dressed.
I can't really picture how the school, or the city looks like either.
It's something this story sorely needs.

The lack of descriptive text is probably the biggest thing you need to work on if you want to improve as a writer.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/20
You really need to add more descriptive text, I basically have no idea what most of the characters look like, which hurts the immersion.
I simply can't picture them in my mind.
Guest chapter 41 . 9/20
archaeologist, not archeologist
Guest chapter 36 . 9/20
Some of your paragraphs are simply too big.
Too many walls of text. I've noticed it in other chapters also, so I would recommend spending some minutes skimming through them to pinpoint the largest blocks, but it's worse than average in this chapter.
Guest chapter 22 . 9/20
"Magnitude 12"
What does that even mean? I can't remember it being explained. If you are creating a term you need to explain it first before using it.
Raging Iron Thunder chapter 89 . 9/19
So, I read this over a few days and have to say I like it a lot.

I did find the first few chapters not that engaging. Knowing that it was a groundhog day fic, I skipped to the first repeat and found it Much more engaging.

I do feel your fic and readership could benefit from going back and redoing/editing the first few chapters. They need more to be higher tension (make the reader feel like more is at stake) and add some polish.

Combat scenes: Sometimes these are presented as a bit more of a puzzle, and while they have lots of actions, don't really have much of an emotional component. I'm a more mature reader, so these would have interested me a lot more 20 years ago, but now I find them not that interesting. What makes fight scenes to me interesting is when they reveal plot points (which you do have happen sometimes) or character, or make me feel something emotional.

Otherwise, I do find the characters interesting and engaging. It is ALWAYS interesting to see the planning and the results of the planning. You do a good job of shaking things up, introducing new problems and fixing old ones.

I do quite like the cliffhangers on some chapters, this one notably. You've been foreshadowing Silverlake's enmity for some time, and it's a delicious surprise to see her betray the group.
Senera2000 chapter 89 . 9/19
4 days. 89 chapters.
I love it. Can't wait for more.
Guest chapter 26 . 9/18
This is the first time travel storie that actually challenge the main character, nice work. I like it.
World Theory chapter 89 . 9/18
Dooooomed! The whole world is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!~ Doomed, I say… :/
Guest chapter 89 . 9/18
one guess on how the primordial knew the looper inside out without invading their mind while not knowing RR name : RR did not store memories inside the imperial orb.

If i assume that the loop universe is actually the primordial body, and that the key are made from it as well, then it make sense that the newly awakened being could access those ex-part of itself.

similarly, the aligned mana of the crown could be hijacked ?
Guest chapter 2 . 9/17
"Clearly something was happening here, and he hated being left outside the loop."

This is my third re-read this story (it's been a while, I forget where I was), but this is the first time I noticed the pun. Made me chuckle!
Guest09 chapter 39 . 9/16
You know what I especially loved about this? Enough so to make a review long after this chapter was first posted? Rea and her family died. She was talking with Imaya about Plum brandy. Way earlier into the resets, Zorian had to deal with a shipment of books in the library from a household that had died. The first book? Plum cultivation. Damn.
shallowords chapter 89 . 9/16
Goddammit !

(your story is perfect btw)
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