Reviews for Freedom
Shayol chapter 1 . 10/19/2011
I see where you are coming from with the whole" if we had it to start out or not" that we would want a little or a lot of the other we were denied. And Everyone at one time or another wanted freedom when we were kids still fresh from our mother's milk holding on to her skirt. we want to be able to make our own chooses and when we are given it we seek to find a way for it to be looked over, to have a different sort of control. both ways have there way of being right or wrong or making a person feel happiness.. It depends on the way you view life and if you are fine with who runs it. Be it you or another if you can deal with the effect afterwards. But then again freedom is like the social norm. it is all on how the person views freedom, for each it is different on the constrints in there life.