Reviews for Greetings from Lichtenstein
Raha chapter 1 . 10/30/2011
Good writing all around. It sort of reminds me of that anime, Hetalia: Axis Powers. Is that where you got the idea? One thing that bothered me a little, though. I know you want people to KNOW what you're characters to look like, but all those descriptions are really slowing down the flow of the story, and I found myself just skipping over them entirely.

You don't have to give more than the hair and eye color, really, and maybe an adjective to along along with that. Like "she was a handsome sort of girl, with bushy brown hair and large doe eyes", something along those lines. Once you've developed the characters more you can add additional details, but most people are more interested in the action of a story when they first start reading, rather than what everybody looks like.

You've got some great talent at this, and I think with a little work you could make this into a wonderful story. Keep up the good work!