Reviews for Duty
prostock69 chapter 1 . 10/24/2011
Just lovely :) Favorite Line: ... and Adrien smiled slightly, pulling him closer still. Here, now, like this, he could say it.

"Lucian D'Arcy, I have fallen in love with you," he murmured.

Shock stilled his heart as sleepy silver eyes fluttered open, and Lucian smiled at him in return, just slightly—neither of them was much for smiles, really. Then he buried his face in the curve of Adrien's shoulder and mumbled, "Love you, too. Go back to sleep. Too early." - LOL...This made me chuckle. Lucian's response is so typical of a man. He shows very little feeling in saying it back. Just enough to acknowledge it then dismisses by expressing his need to sleep. :)