Reviews for Challenging Coincidence
CosmosSurfer chapter 1 . 11/9/2011
Oh, I absolutely failed there. I had been looking for this story on FanFiction since you wrote it. Oops.

So, on to the review. I've probably already told you all of this in person (or by email), but I thought I might as well write it, too.

Great job portraying emotions; at the time of the graduation in the story, I didn't think anything could be written so accurate to what we did and how we felt in real life. I hope "Mack" reads this.

Has Matt143 read this? She NEEDS to. Maybe after the play.

Overall, pretty amazing. I feel like I've learned something about something I already know. You manageged to write about things you normally don't and do it well.

You can't really add on to this, can you? Maybe. You could leave this as a finished story. Or not. Your decision.

Well, see you tomorrow!


(not 'no pun intended' or 'pun intended', no pun at all) ;)