Reviews for Suffering Normality
Hadas chapter 1 . 11/3/2011
Wow this story's amazing it just shows you what getting lost in fantasy can do! Have you ever considered writing a book? I think you're really talented.

one small critism don't make typos it makes it hard to figure out what you're saying.
GoneAway-MightNotBeReturning chapter 1 . 11/2/2011
Reviewing as I read.

So, is that stream-of-consciousness narration I detect? It's very intriguing and a clever thing to do, but it confuses me (aka brain-dead biology student) dreadfully...However, it adds to the sense of mystery and the fantastical elements to the story.

"Go for a swim in the bins?" Sorry just had to quote this piece of witty dialogue. Now back to the topic...whoa! Cliffhanger ahead much?

Okay, Daph, for the love of bouncing avocados be more lucid! *Ahem*

This was chapter had a hazy feel to it. There are many questions and you leave them all unanswered (you evil genius, you). Such as, is the story a fragment of Amelie's imagination or does it relate to the story? Is Amelie going to Narnia Eustace-Scrubb-esque? I say Narnia, because the prose is very Chronicles of Narnia-esque, but plot-wise is much, much darker (or so it promises)

In terms of character, Amelie seems very...isolated. I'd use depressed, but I'm no armchair psychologist. Furthermore, she's not perfect, which gives her tonnes of potential development-wise. Plus it's always fun to read aobut characters like this. Aiden - is a bit of a enigma. See, Amelie doesn't think that much about him and from what she thinks of him, I get the he's lonely, but in a different needier sort of way than Amelie.

Dialogue...fantastic. Prose...reminiscent of the great CS Lewis. Characters...interesting. Relationships...a bit off (like in the good braindead-Daphne-wants-to-know-more-way)

Definitely going on favourites and alert for now. Update soon.

~ Daphne (sorry for rambling on)