Reviews for Fire and Ice
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu chapter 1 . 11/10/2011
Shit. Near ten thousand words worth and my brain got busted. I swear that the next time I see this one being updated, I should just pounce on it as soon as possible lol! :D Anyway I guess it's a good thing to see that you're raring to go on that long awaited promise of a rewrite. Okay, firstly I'll have to say that this time round, your description of the Sithous are much better honed. Instead of using literal descriptions, you opt to use the subtle format where physical imagery became the order of the chapter. On this end I'll have to say good for you. :)

As for the fighting scenes, well truth to be spoken it seems that you might be watering down the extent while focusing more on the plot and character mechanics in the future if my own gut instinct is correct. On an interesting sidenote, the fight here between Zane and Palain seems pretty much ambiguous. On the first glance, it seems that you're trying to make him underestimating his opponent, but yet towards the end, you seem to hint that things are really not that simple. Bzt, you've officially fried my brain. x.x

On Palain's end, it's pretty much interesting on how his very own sense of emotions have ended up playing the turncoat card on him. Apparently he's being driven by hatred in the quest to destroy the Sithous, but yet he nearly got killed by the very same opponent due to that same driving force: his own humanity. I know he won't last for long, but it will be interesting to see whatever little impact he will have on the plot because I'm pretty much convinced that this very facet of his character will have a certain character impact on another party. Which in turn will affect the overall plot itself.

Also it's pretty much interesting that you've managed to create a multifaceted look on the entire humans vs nature thing. It's like on one hand, nature can destroy at it's own whims if it wants to, while on the other, humans with the relevant means can go a certain way in taking the proverbial detour. At the same time, the conflict between man and beast here seems to be really blurred as well. Not so much on the human side, but rather the other end. i.e. the Sithous being the bestial parallel. It's pretty much interesting to see you creating a certain what if on the end of the beasts themselves. It's either that or I'm reading too much into the subject due to Zane himself.

As for Mercury, I'm not too sure what to make out of him. Of course he's pretty much powerless. But then again the entire self-doubt issue here seems a bit single patterned as in it reminds me of the cliched format. i.e. The entire self inferiority complex without any hints to anything different. Of course this is just the first chapter and it's been N ages since I went back to this story, so I'm not gonna jump the gun. :)

Actually I think I know what to make of him right now. The helpless nature of man in the face of nature itself. But yet ironically it seems that without such a concept of self humility, there's no way he could survive. Now I'm not gonna play the comparison game with the human civilization on the whole, but apparently from this facet, he's pretty much like the Irish or Native Americans of old where the respect of nature is concerned. A sense of belonging due to revere and awe more than anything else. However due to my own envisioning of his looks, I think I'd prefer to see him as an Irish. Preferably an Ulsterman. Gawd I really need to swear off that Ulster Cycle. -.-