Reviews for Can't Buy Me Love
KayEn78 chapter 1 . 11/18/2011
The story starts off very slow and doesn't actually pick up any speed until the girls reach the mall. Carla heads to Regis to get blue (?) hair, while Karen wanders over to ROSS.

Instantly, she sees a suspicious man wearing gloves. Although the kind or type of gloves is not given. It could've been thin-winter-type gloves or rubber gloves they have at the hospital. Anyway, she also notices he's carrying a suitcase. She follows the guy to the womens' clothing department and watches him as he stuffs merchandise into the suitcase. Right then, Karen arrests him and the sheriff arrives only moments later. It's surprising that the security cameras that are planted throughout the store didn't pick this up. And if the guy tried to get away with merchandise, the alarm at the entrance of the store would definitely go off. But its Karen McCarey who saves the day once again!

After that exciting scene, Carla and Karen go to JCPenney. They browse the racks for a bit and come upon a Ralph Lauren outfit. What does this outfit look like? A description is not given, however, the price tag is which reads $1,599.00! Neither of them can afford such an outfit, they'd have to go on some sort of payment plan just to pay a little off each month or place it on a credit card, in which the interest would blow up due to them not paying the full amount for that month. They decide not to get the outfit and remark that clothing prices have sky-rocketed like gas prices only moreso. The two decide to head home and relieve Marlene Potsie of babysitting Karen's two adopted children Norman (age 13) and Jay (age 8). The lady has a date tonight after all.