Reviews for Heartfelt Surrender
Ney13 chapter 28 . 5/29/2014
I'm so happy! I can't wait until they start having more romancey moments. Its gonna be so hott!
Bookworm chapter 28 . 5/29/2014
So I just consumed that during my lunch break. I loved it! I love that she punched him and they are now on a first name basis! I have a theory on who Porter is meeting but I don't want to say incase I'm wrong. I think I saw two verb agreement errors at some point but everything else was fine. I'm so not looking forward to the wait for the next chapter because I really want to read more! I love this story!
Arkytior's Rose chapter 28 . 5/29/2014
OMGGG! You know I was thinking last night that I will message you asking when you will update it? And today I saw the mail alreat that you have updated.I don't know this is a telepathy or a co-incedence.. But I am extremely happy.. What an awesome,superb,amazing,fantastic chapter.. Words are not enough to I read your update you amaze me in every know some story you just read,some you enjoy,but this story makes me feel like SWALLOW ME UP, MY HEART MIND AND SOUL.. Like it consumes me.. I am bookworm, I read tons and tons of stories and books,novels in various sites but this story made me feel like this that I never before.. Congrats Dear for writing your book,your doing a brilliant this story is a gem dear,once it is finished just a advice please publish it good publishing house will grab your story eagerly to publish it.. And can I request something? You could add a every chapter select the songs that matches best with the mood of every chapter.. Now to the story romance began,the talk between General's wife,Rea's breaking Caleb's door and bringing him back to almost normal,and our Rea and Caleb's first hug.. Though it was awkard for him,but it gave us readers a warm,fuzzy feeling inside.. Dying and eagerly waiting for the next chapter to see what will happen next.. Don't kept us waiting for so long.. Please Please Please Please Update Soon Dear... :)
TheGirlWhoHasALongSurname chapter 28 . 5/29/2014
You finally updated! How long has it been? Please don't leave us stranded like that again, I was literally in disbelief when I saw the update! But OMG, you updated! I hope there's like one scene where Belle is like shot and is on the ground of like a battlefield and Rea goes back for him, carries him while shooting and saves him. Lmao sorry I'm kinda cheesy. I love your story! And ill be the first to buy your book! Please update soon! You said they should be rolling in quicker, please, please update!

- #1 Fan - TGWHALS
kiwishae chapter 28 . 5/29/2014
Ugh no you can't end it there your killing me! I don't think your realize how addicted I am to this story. Reading these chapters literally make my day. Any who please update soon! I know you literally just updated a few hours ago but I'll die if I have to wait forever again. Not really but it seems like I will... Mmkay till next time I guess.
The Beautiful Filth chapter 2 . 5/20/2014
Ooh, it's really interesting so far! :)

Bookworm chapter 27 . 5/15/2014
I'm not here to bug you about updating your story, eventhough it has officially been over a month since that cliff hanger ending was given to us. No I'm here to bribe you to update! Yes I said bribe and what better bribe than virtual nonexistent chocolate! If it's one thing scientifically proven it's that we girls like chocolate! If this nonexistent bribe does not appeal to you then maybe Kevin could have it in the next chapter! Anywho I just wanted to remind you that your loyal readers are still here even if I still refuse to get an account after 8 years on this site!
ginabobina chapter 27 . 4/29/2014
This chapter was heartbreaking. I can't believe you did this to Rea and Harver. Gah! I definitely when Quentin told rea about whatsherface... Oh yeah Jen. I kind of hope you make her a mean brat and not a nice sweet girl that Rea simply can't hate. I can't wait to see how Harver reacts to the news and what will Rea do to console him. Update when you can.
Guest chapter 27 . 4/27/2014
Hey, I just want you to know that I live for this story
I haven't been able to review in so long because I use my phone's saved pages which freeze everything so I can still access it when I don't have wi-fi.
Please update whenever you can. Thank you so much
The Lovely Orange chapter 27 . 4/8/2014
Cliffhanger! Ugh, I must know what is going to happen next. And Caleb is beaut, I can't wait for the sexy steamy romanc please update soon!
Chloe chapter 27 . 4/5/2014
I suspect (am wishing for) some Raleb comfort in the next chapter... Please update soon!
Guest chapter 27 . 4/4/2014
Goodness, why must you torture us by leaving the story hanging like that. Blah! But, as always an amazing update that was worth the wait.
ParLeClairDeLune chapter 27 . 4/4/2014
I loved Rea and Harver's dynamic in this chapter, I was smiling the whole time. He kind of reminded me of Kevin at first, and I love Kevin, but Caleb is slowly but surely becoming lovable as well. I wonder how he will deal with with Head General's death. Sad that he had to die though, I liked him.
Also, if I thought it was possible I definitely wouldn't have reviewed since I quite like the thought of Belle giving me any sort of examination lol.
Update soon!
Bookworm chapter 27 . 4/3/2014
NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not the head general! I'm now really concerned about Caleb and how he's going to take this! Like the good guy was on charge and now he's dead which could mean someone evil takes over! Like this is just cruel. Off topic though I used to freaking love Kevin but he's definitely a friend to Rea, where as Caleb I adore and well... We have yet to see if he's better than a friend. I just wish I could know how long the wait will be for the next chapter. Please take pity on my soul as it's tax season and I need the escapism. I loved the chapter if I wasn't clear enough.
scarlett.simone chapter 27 . 4/3/2014
OhmyGODDDD. Why are you doing this to me?! I love Porter (; He's so cute. And Quentin Henry is a massive dick. You should totally have him go on a mission where his genitalia get sacrificed... Just saying. Your story is amazeballs! Keep updating please(:
P.S.- I would love for Belle to give me an invasive medical examination.
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