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Coli Narago chapter 1 . 3/4/2013
Who told you it as okay to write this? Shame on you! Breaking the hearts of your loyal readers. I'm hurt.

Seriously, though, this was really good. I had kind of wanted to hear more about the attempt, and more about Wilson's relationship with Clayton (I'm a sucker for brotherly love). This definitely showed both of those things.
I really hope you write more about these two in the future.
Raaawr Ima Dinosaur chapter 1 . 12/8/2011
This made me cry so hard. It's horrible that Wilso felt that he had to do such a thing and heartbreaking that he decided that he was doing the wrong thing when it was too late. You wrote this so well! I've never had experience on this topic but I feel that the emotions are exactly right and...just amazing job. It was extremely heart-wrenching.
Rose Moriarty chapter 1 . 12/3/2011
Well, I just had to read this, since I'm a total Wilson & Taylor addict. Very well written and VERY depressing - I hope that's the angle you were going for, 'cause if it was, it totally worked!

I'm normally not a fan of this crazy depressing stuff with all the inner ANGST and TURMOIL (it's the angst and turmoil part that gets me - I've got enough of that in MY life, thank you, I don't need to read about it) but this was a very interesting insight into Wilson's mind and lets understand him just a bit better. I almost laughed when I imagined what his life would be like only just over a year from then (graphic sex scenes with the man of his dreams - whoa, didn't see THAT comin'!)

PLEASE write a W&T sequel! It would make all of us so happy.
jesterhats chapter 1 . 11/29/2011
Ahhhh! I really liked it. :) I love the characters of Taylor and Wilson anyway, but in the story Taylor and Wilson, Taylor sort of gets more of a story than Wilson does, so it's definitely fun to see this dynamic side of Wilson. I love the family element, which was carried over from The Edge as well. All this added depth just makes me love Wilson, and therefore Taylor Wilson, even more.

My favorite part was definitely "the four of us who shared a womb and blood were sharing the same bed". I love that it was a "moment to be engraved in his heart eternally". I've had those moments (though usually not with family) and I can relate to that sentence especially, and I like that we see that familial bond that Wilson feels. It comes across pretty strongly in those few sentences. And that detail seems to touch on a deeper subject than a lot of other typical teen thoughts you could have interjected in its place. It makes me feel more like Wilson is a real person. I mean, some authors say things like "I'm totally in love" and try to base a story on a character just being madly in love for whatever reason, but never offer any other type of depth to the character, and as a result the character seems unreal, two-dimensional, and usually pretty ditzy and empty-minded. So I think these extra details are important. Good job.

Also, his thoughts about Taylor are totally adorable. And I'm a sucker for angst-ridden romance, so I loved that at the end he just wanted his mom to call Taylor.
Jessica Jewell chapter 1 . 11/22/2011
Oh, wow. Words can not even describe how good this was. I started tearing up when he spoke about the blood he split in the bathroom was the blood they all shared. I loved "Wilson & Taylor" and I loved this. Although, I must agree with you about not writing a sequel. I mean, I like the idea of a sequel and I would so read it, but I must also say that what would you do? And would you ruin the magic of "Wilson & Taylor" by making them go through more drama?

Just some questions to think about. :) I do love the characters though.

You know what might be a good idea? Just to do some one shots on their life. Not a sequel, but little stories that tell how they live. Like maybe them having Christmas with their families as their own house when they are in their late 20s, or stuff like that.

Anyway, loved this prequel and I'm going to make all my friends read this as well as "Wilson & Taylor."

Au revoir.
JHeartbreak chapter 1 . 11/21/2011
I like this. I don't know if it would stand up if I hadn't read Wilson and Taylor already. I like how we got to see more of Wilson's relationship with his family. I'm impressed that you were able to encapsulate everything you wanted to say in one long scene - I think you're getting better at communicating everything you want to in a dramatic situation.
DawnSister chapter 1 . 11/21/2011
Poor, poor Wilson. Thanks for writing this. It's like a confirmation really, since you painted the character of Wilson so well this is exactly how I imagined he would be feeling when he tried to end his life. It's also good to see the other members of his family through his eyes. It's almost like seeing them for real.

Even if you don't write a sequel Wilson and Taylor will always be around, living their life somewhere.
Catherine Julia Jefferson chapter 1 . 11/20/2011
Okay, this was really hard to read. Not because it was poorly written-quite the contrary-I just have a hard time reading transcriptions of suicidal thoughts.

I'd still really love to see a sequel... but a new slash story is good too. :)
tye-dye eyes 191 chapter 1 . 11/20/2011
Pllleeaaassseeee do a sequel! That would be awesome. but anyways this was really good, it was kool to see why Wilson did what he did. It kinda makes the whole story make more sense now.
foreveran chapter 1 . 11/20/2011
It's really sad but it's good to see how it happened and what exactly was going through his head during that period

the sequel may be pointless but for fans who love Taylor and Wilson having them kiss and say cute things to each other would make me happy xp aha their so cute together anyways

I really enjoyed the story I have to go and read ur other ones :)
Woman-of-the-night chapter 1 . 11/20/2011
So...I was happy when I saw your submission of a new story and that quickly died down.

You described everything with such intensity and emotion I was left speechless. His thought process is exactly what I would picture someone going though this would think.

I felt like I was him. I felt the torment of emotions, the pain, sadness, peace, horror, tiredness..

You had me in tears, full blown out tears, by the time he cut his first arm. I don't know how you do this. You are amazing. And as much as I know this will hurt me, I am going to re-read this right now.

As for the sqeueal, don't do it if it doesnt feel right. Obviously, I would love nothing more than to read about my two favorite boys but if you dont feels its right than thats okay too. Either way, I am excited fo your next slash story.

now if you excuse me..*sniffles* I am going to go reread this...