Reviews for Unfair!
FairyMermaid chapter 1 . 11/28/2011
If mine don't get much bigger in a couple of years (I'm still an A cup!) I'll probably stop wearing them too. I like bikini tops better anyway.
HaylinOka chapter 1 . 11/27/2011
I agree completley. Aside from your points, its proven that some bras can stimulate breast cancer. (I beleive its wire ones)

Maybe the female scientists will fight for the cause ;)
that writer person chapter 1 . 11/27/2011
Clarify this for me: Do you think bras are something forced onto women by men? No offense, but that sounds ridiculous. Women wear bras as support. Not doing so can cause great discomfort for many women, even back problems in some cases. Bras and corsets are not meant as some sort of restriction.

I think the reason that young girls want to wear training bras so eagerly is because they want to feel grown up.
tofujunky chapter 1 . 11/24/2011
Ironically, women are likely the ones to judge you if you walk around bra-less. Men will be too busy thinking about 'motor-boating' your unanchored honkers to care.
Stabheart chapter 1 . 11/24/2011
Whilst it's very much 'good on you' for making your own decision about this (and I really mean that :D), I don't really agree that bras are forced on us by men...I think a lot of women appreciate the support and comfort (and sometimes confidence) that aforementioned garment can offer and don't view it as a symbol of male control but as something designed to help us lady-folk out.

Stuff like pain from larger breasts and/or cysts in the chest can often be alleviated a little by a well-fitted bra...never mind those ones that are two sizes too small and four years old...those things are evil. Women also deserve to be as comfortable with their sexuality as men, and if a bra helps them do that then it's all good...heck, if shaving their heads helps them do that then that's also fine :D

Girls that I have met couldn't care two hoots if their buddy had a bra on or not...sorry to hear you had a bit of a rubbish time, if only people could be more accepting of the decisions of others...and if only peer pressure didn't exist...but that's probably been around since the dawn of time. It seems like a lot of pressure on young ladies isn't from men at all, but from other young ladies...whilst it might seemingly have its male origins, bra-wearing has ended up as something of a 'female rite of passage'so no wonder there's a lot of pressure about it.

A few years back they were making 'Little Miss Naughty' thong/bra sets for very young girls...and that's definitely bad (terrifying, actually)...the items were pulled from shelves, but like a Hydra, more sexualised stuff has taken its place! I don't really see bras as a sexy item of clothing unless they're designed to look that way...but thongs definitely are, and the last thing we need is younger and younger folk in thongs. I don't know that the stuff above really makes any sense...I have been typing this for ages now and mercilessly editing it.

On the plus though, people are coming up with new designs for bras all the time (some are very clever) and there should be some articles about it online somewhere. There are a range of bras, including front-fastening ones (they took a darn long time to think of that!).

At the end of the day, you certainly made a decision that makes you feel good and that's the vital thing here...never mind all this rambling I typed above here :) Also, I just noticed 'Booby trap'...I laughed, I admit it.