Reviews for Monsters
Erysimum chapter 1 . 11/26/2011
I'm surprised this doesn't have more reviews! (well, no I'm not - it's FP after all - but what I mean is I think it deserves them). It's well-written and plotted, good first sentence to grab the attention, and nice concept... Intriguing, too, which I think is key to writing good flash fiction; not revealing everything. I love how much this got me thinking. Like I'm still not sure about the relationship between the characters.. and when you write: "this was when her laughter came easily" - there's a whole unwritten back-story there hinted in one short sentence :) And I like the ending, the flipping of their sentences - sort of suggests the narrator is partly to blame for her degeneration.

All-in-all, great job, thanks for posting!
Arsideus chapter 1 . 11/25/2011
First of all, the atmosphere is incredibly well done, contrasting form quiet terror to lulls of tenderness that made me melt! I initially assumed that the girl was very young, and that the other woman was her mother, but this line:

"She'd kissed you then, so softly and temptingly..."

Made me assume something else, but correct me if I'm wrong! ;)

Description is spot on as always and overall, fantastic job! :D