Reviews for Grimm Things
MonstaGurl1 chapter 13 . 8/9/2012
I've never laughed this hard in a long time. It's rare that there's a story which includes humor to crack me up like this. I love Hades xD no matter how evil the guy is. That goes for Regi and Deigo, I mean "come one!" How can you NOT enjoy that?
You did a great story :P I'm pleased !
J chapter 8 . 5/25/2012
really shouldn't center the whole story, kinda makes it hard to read.
RedNoble chapter 13 . 5/22/2012
uggh. who is this freak of nature (no pun intended) who is trying to sex up hades.

fuking don.

fuking celio.

noooo, i hate regina. what the helll? his babies? whyyyy D;

that was it? the incest was just hades kissing celio? seriously... i thought there was going to be some butt action xD i was hoping even..

i like hades, alot.

and i think i'll start saying the whole 'middleworld' thing.. like 'damn these middleworld laws' or 'stupid middleworld problems!"

ir'll become my new saying xD

hercules, and so the myth goes... the lion the twelve tasks.. yadda.
RedNoble chapter 12 . 5/22/2012
when hades stepped on the plant, he stepped on my foreshadowing guesses... damnit.

so jager is still alive- sort of. her soul at least, she's not completely gone forever.

wait... so what is Eris? was he really her lover.. or?

AND SO SHE LIVES TO SEE ANOTHER DAY! WOOT. so my foreshadowing assumption was correct! ha. ha. i feel so victorious :D
RedNoble chapter 11 . 5/22/2012
scythe died! T_T

wait what? she died? YOU KILLED HER? what.. why? T_T

first scythe and now her?

they say: "when a girl cries for a boy, she loves him." "when a guy (in this case, the king of death) cries for a girl, he will never love another like her."

so sad. so sad.

oh, oh OH! foreshadow! i can see it! the seeds that tallion has just planted.. and jager's mother talking about growing fruit.. its all coming together

*clicks on next chapter to find out it i is correct*
RedNoble chapter 10 . 5/22/2012
wait.. did jager's armor just burst her attacker into flames? fuking awesome! i want one!

what the hell is happening to her!

"i was that crow." neil is awesome. enough said.

jager is persephone? I KNOW THAT MYTH!

i'm so proud of myself. such a geek.

oooh and jager just dodged a major bullet. that's called something.. i forgot now, but its a kind of 'force' that happens in the plots of greek myth. at the last possible second, something happens and they get saved.. i forgot was that was called. darn it.
RedNoble chapter 9 . 5/22/2012
if this guy thinks that getting beat is better than sex... then he is obviously a VIRGIN.

lol, i love scythe.

Tallion is such a sadist. how can you beat the person you love?

ah.. that's not the sweet-talk after-sex i always imagine... nevertheless, its something! theres some action up in here.

must suck. her two friends are in the angelic side then Jager is fighting for the hellish side. i wonder what the outcome will be.. but isnt she immortal now? i know you said something about being destroyed but, i still think its going to last forever if immortals are fighting against other immortals.

idiot camera-women. she just needs to get laid or something...

intense chapter. the action is coming, i can tell.
RedNoble chapter 8 . 12/23/2011
Real life and its problems can suck my bal-


alright, well the beginning had me ROLFING like a mad woman. Hades has to be the cutest bad guy ever :3

i was drinking water and then i started to cough violently because Diego was trying to be all nice and flirty with Jona and she just shot him down. haha. poor Diego. we Hispanics are used to unrequited love. sad but true. -Forever alone-

lol igahtranem (i had to go back several times to see if i spelled his name right.. though i doubt i did in the end. sigh) he's hilarious.

"Let me set things straight whelp. I have no interest in you, or your kind. Just show me the room or get your throat ripped open."

i think i've used that line before on idiots who dare bother me when im in a shitty mood... or wake me up..

the elevator scene seemed vivid.. uggh, Boogie, you sure know how to describe all these scenes -shivers- too well... what have you previously done in your life? -is growing suspicious-

aggh, necrophiliac... gross. just another thing to expect.

wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait... WHAT?


_ there had better be an explanation to all of this madness...
RedNoble chapter 7 . 12/3/2011
damn, run Diego run it's immigration! xO

like seriously, Jona, if you want the burrito under his pants just ask sister, food rots when its not eaten right away.

i thought jager would go: NO BITCH, MY COOKIES, THEY MINE! and turn into a monster u_u

hey, you said she was evil right?

"!" i really made that noise when Klymeno revelaed his true identity... God damn, am i an idiot? i didn't even suspect that! i'm losing my touch to predict things.

no, i think your just that good of a writer. i loved that part to death.

lol those transforming demons that took jona and diego's form are happy, a.k.a gay -

OMFG, -MOTHER OF ALL RAGING NOSEBLEEDS- HAHAHA, this made my inner yaoi fangirl self soo happy. i died and went to hell. *u* ah, now i can sleep in peace.

lol, but seriously, fuking hot. -fans self-


that deserves a major

HURR HURR HURR, for plus points.

awesome! :D

update woman, do it. xD
RedNoble chapter 6 . 12/1/2011
You just know the detectives are top quality when they start calling each other a 'Pussy' xD

"Have you found anything yet, Tom? We've been looking at this one spot for a flippin' hour now and my friggin' ass is frozen." i lol'ed so hard because i know what the feeling of a frozen ass from sitting for too long feels like.

woahh woahh, they rolled down the hill. they weren't fetching water, their not siblings. no one broke their 'crown' but jager's dress came off, so that has to count for something.

but looking now at Klyemeno's sneaky personality, i cannot help but to think hades is soo much better. the main boss man. the pimp daddy of hell. the wall lover (pun intended)

sigh.. i hope she goes back to hell.

(that sounded a lot less ironic in my head)
RedNoble chapter 5 . 11/30/2011
wooooah, Scythe is getting a little bold there aint he?

i don't blame him.

Hades, in tattoos? HOT PIECE O right there xD

as single-minded as this sounds, i wonder who's be the seme in this?...

ha, its obvious. HADES IS THE ULTIMATE UKE! HURRR HURRR HURR. -chokes-

i was wondering why the hell the name 'griffin' sounded soo familiar. isn't greg a Griffin? scratch that. isn't he the GOD of all griffins? *O*

how awesome would it be if he was mentioned?

Scythe, I know you have an itching for Tempo, but I asked for the girl." Hades said,

that part made me quackle like a fangirl. i find it so cute how he's not a homophobe. its nice to see them making jokes at each other like that without it being awkward. :D

no feel? common HADES, you had her right there! be a man and cup a feel will you?

Ha! "Jager i hope your with the , i just hope your not in hell." what a friend she is, isn't she? lol.

well jager is far away from angels. and tallion... even her friends are skeptical of her 'angelic-ness'

"I didn't know you were dead to! How did you die? How did you get in hell and not me? You're a sweetheart." no further comments.

i just noticed the weirdest thing.

CIELO means sky or heaven in spanish. CELIO, is the name of the Holy angel guy. i don't know if that was just coincidence or just your genius showing again but that was clever, either way.

awww, klymeno.

heh, jager why not just have a wild time and get into a threesome?

why do love triangles always have to be so complicated. sheesh.

anyways, this was as awesome as the others! :DD

i cannot wait for the next installment... so hurry.

and Fabulae what happened to that? xD
RedNoble chapter 4 . 11/30/2011
A-ha! the ending author's note confirmed my suspicions! you did have them making out in the wall on purpose.

what is it with your characters and wall! xD

i cannot lie, i had my pervert smirk on when Hades made-out with Jager.

i felt just as helpless as Kakios when he was waiting for the pain to come, i too was waiting for it to come. geez, your evil. but we've already established that.

OH-HO-HOE. Jager's mama is a hoeeeeeee. who's in heaven. xD i have hope. (kidding)

the look on Tallion's face when she finds out her friend is the missing link in the middleworld.

shit is gonna go dooown.

i have a soft spot for diego. it has nothing to do with my race. *shifty eyes* i'm not racist, i swear.

this was my favorite chapter so far, i read it like it was a movie :D

on to the next one!
RedNoble chapter 3 . 11/28/2011


Jager is the awesomest!

i love her.

fighting with one eyed couches means your wayyyy past hammered and borderline high.

'no no i won't say i'm love' Hercules, anyone? anyone? no? alright... i knew it was just me :(

you were right though... Teenage Boogie likes blood. alot of it.

i'm still drenched in all this bloody gore..

*reaches for napkin* uhh...

haha, but seriously, this was good. the characters are starting to grow on me.

BUT ALAS, greg.. jack.. jill, gabriel (hurr hurr hurr).. sicily, MITKL! they will always have a special place in my heart.
RedNoble chapter 2 . 11/27/2011
the GORE it is back! Oh, Boogie you have not lost your magical touch.

so by the end of the chapter i feel as if they mistook jager and tallion's eternal rest destination.

slapping an angel is a common know no-no thing to do. and well, jager's too sweet to go to hell.

errgh, i sense a predicament here..

the EMS uniform part made me smile, since i am taking EMS/EMT classes (random thing.. but true)

'how do you do?'



xD major LOLS. love Hades.
RedNoble chapter 1 . 11/27/2011
you wrote all that just now?


well, what can i say? i'm hispanic, i re-read diego's dialouge THRICE... yet i didn't get it right away. xD

i fail in my culture.

i like noshkin (his name specially)

i can sense some serious hell coming down.. (literally)

continue, please!