Reviews for Soliloq
Clithridiate Noose chapter 1 . 11/27/2011
I took an instant liking to this piece. Epiphora is all too common an occurrence in poetry, and it rarely works, but "again" is an ideal candidate, and it flawlessly paints the scene of confusion and loss that you seemed to be going for. "Sit", "reach", "grasp" implants certain mental imagery (though perhaps only in minds sick as mine), but I certainly don't think that's what you were going for. That said, I'm lost; "Split it (again)" seems to be in reference to a broken heart, but I can't square it sensibly with the line after. Still, confusing readers with your picture rather than your paints is a virtue, I feel, and I don't doubt I'll be coming back again in attempts to unravel its cryptic message.