Reviews for A Blank Slate
Dark Blue Lover chapter 1 . 12/2/2011
Once more: A great work. Love the imagery of the blank slate. Also, the injustices of this world are quite well portrayed. It's quite dark, but a brilliant job nonetheless (... uh, the pun wasn't intended). I'd really like to hear this to music.

Especially love those lines:

"Was it always supposed to be this way? - Or was it something that you did?" OMG who hasn't felt like that yet. Those doubts about one's life, situation, and ultimately of oneself - definitely relatable.

"But tomorrow is a new day... - I can make it if you can." Well portrayed how people can support each other through such situations.

"But being sad or crying, - Doesn't go!" Reminds me of what you said about your song "3 Days", that true emotion isn't wanted in this world. Geez, I sorta agree when I see what's running around on TV... or occasionally in the streets.

Dark but kind of true overall. An unjust world with twisted morals, leaving people to doubt themselves. What can I say? Don't doubt yourself, doubt those who keep the world that way.

I just ruined the review's end. Anyway, great job, and I hope you continue writing!