Reviews for I'm No Angel
CC333 chapter 1 . 8/9/2013
Hey there,

Long time, no see!
Er, okay. So we've never actually "seen" each other but hey, that's not the point. *shifty eye gaze*
The point is that I love this story of yours! Listen, I get it, fictionpress is kinda like a small town where there are barely any people and barely any reader response. Heck, there are barely any readers. But you told me to check this out a while ago and it totally slipped my mind. So here I am not, totally and completely late.

I really like this story and hope that you share about where it's going because I'm exciting. The second part felt like scenes from a movie, so great imagery!
Anyways, PM me brosef and we'll catch up or whatever.
Guess Im off to read your latest Skyrim fic
Fenix chapter 1 . 12/2/2011
"Character dialogue should always end with punctuation," the reviewer said, shaking his head, "or else it just looks weird!"

That said, this is a good story so far. You're really into time-travelling, aren't you?