Reviews for Melodía Mysti Force
LadyMaestra chapter 7 . 1/17/2012
And the story just keeps getting better with every new chapter! I can't believe Pascua used animals as a part of her evil plan; as the owner of a cute little beagle, I find it appalling that anyone would use animals just to harm others. In my opinion, she learned a very hard lesson just like Norte. Makes me wonder if Oeste's plans will be worse than theirs all together. It was good to see Director Jaziel again; the last time was way too short, but they were in a hurry. Plus, I'm glad that Flora is in the know about everything...and the day she becomes a Mysti is DEFINITELY something to look forward to! Call me biased, but there's nothing like a heroine holding her own with an all-male super team! Although it was pretty sneaky to turn Santiago into a kitten, I thought it was kind of cute in a way. Renaldo was able to tell that it was him and the way that he attacked Pascua was priceless! A cute, little kitten scratching away at her face while cursing her out with furious "meows"! *LOL* This episode is definitely a nominee for the most cutest of the series...keep 'em coming!
LadyMaestra chapter 6 . 1/4/2012
Well, this episode was indeed a rush! I hardly know where to begin to talk about it...but here it goes. I'm very proud of Carlos; it takes a lot of courage to overcome the past, which can be painful and tragic. When you lose a loved one, especially a parent, it can be very difficult to live with. No one should have to carry that burden. Just how Michael helped Santiago find his self-confidence, Raphael did the same thing with Carlos. I'm starting to see a pattern with this, so I think Manuel may have a similar problem that must be resolved with Abel's help. I'm curious to find out what that is, if there will be one. Plus, I'd like to know what Santiago meant when he asked if he was back to being mean. Does Carlos have a "dark side" to his past as well? On another note, I loved how Carlos was beating the crap out of Norte; he was getting way too cocky for his own good. And yet, I feel as if there may be a side of him that's, dare I say, "human"? I believe the Requiem Note may have awakened some hidden inner feelings inside him. Maybe the same will happen to Pascua and Oeste. Anyway, I'm sure Pascua may use her manipulative ways once again in the next episode; I just hope Flora is on to her tricks this time. Post again soon!
LadyMaestra chapter 5 . 12/23/2011
Another great episode as always! Pascua is quite the vindictive "gentlewoman", isn't she? She knew all along that Flora was associated to the Mysti Force and tried to act nice...what a witch! (I'd call her something more offensive, but I don't want to get in trouble - *LOL*) There's nothing more rotten than someone trying to come off as a different person just to use someone else, ESPECIALLY when kindness and sincerity is considered. On a similar note, I can understand Jose; for people to speculate what type of person they think you are without knowing your story is quite shameful. Why would anyone take HIM as a criminal when all he did was defend himself against ACTUAL criminals? I'm glad the guys became friends with him and I'd like to see what his comic book looks like myself. Did I mention how CUTE Michael was when he was confessing about his feelings for Santiago? There's no harm in having a crush on a friend...just as long as you're always there for him, even if the relationship doesn't go past the "friendship" level. Oh, and those weapons...never knew that a baton could even be considered as a weapon! At least they were able to defeat those inky dopplegangers...that battle must've caused quite the mess, huh? YUCK! I'll be waiting for the next soon!
LadyMaestra chapter 3 . 12/5/2011
Nice to see Manuel and Carlos get along; it was a shame to see their freindship deteriorate over a stupid misunderstanding. Makes me wonder who or what created that "deja vu" scene with the cute little preschoolers. As for Santiago, I'd probably feel frustrated as well if my friends didn't learn to stop fighting amongst themselves over trivial things. As least they were able to work it out on their own, which I'm sure makes Santiago even more proud of them. I'm really interested to see Pascua's "perfect" plan to defeat the Melodia Mysti Force and collect their four Ornament Gems; hopefully, she'll get a taste of defeat just like Norte did en solo. Can't wait to see what happens next!
LadyMaestra chapter 2 . 12/3/2011
Great first episode! I always like to see a group of friends take on a new adventure together. It's kinda funny to see Manuel and Carlos bicker amongst each other; it makes since that Santiago is the peacemaker of the group since he knows when to be stern and serious. Abel, Michael, and Raphael are actually angels that can take on the form of hummingbirds; sorry I didn't understand that the first time. Glad to see Norte get his behind handed to him. He is such a bully! I hope Pascua and Oeste get the same thing when they meet the Mysti Force. BTW, very interesting fashion choice for the heroes. Who says you can't look like a gentleman while fighting off dark forces? I'm starting to get hooked to this more please!
LadyMaestra chapter 1 . 11/29/2011
Well...ain't this interesting? It seems that Suite PreCure is a major source for inspiration in this story; I can't blame you since it's going pretty good so far. Nice use of musical terminology. Tenuto and Diminiuendo as the opposing kingdoms, the Ornament Script as the source of all life energy, and scores as attacks & defenses. Norte, Oeste, and Pascua are quite the immature bunch, aren't they? I can tell that Oeste is the only one who can actually act mature at least half of the time; Pascua and Norte just come off as short-tempered, inconsiderate and rude. Makes me wonder what Maestro is like. As for the queen, her sons, and her director, they seem like quite the family. Abel, Raphael, and Michael are hummingbirds, right? I'd like to know if they have human forms. Guess we may find out soon when we meet the Mysti Force warriors. So far, so good. Keep it up!