Reviews for Photocopy
WhatDidTheCatSay chapter 1 . 3/20/2012
This is , but excellent. The use of metaphors helps portray the dramatic,scathing undelying meaning. The sexual imagery is shocking and whebn conrasted with the candied word "Honeybun"(which could be sarcasic or not)makes it seem like the narrator has progressed from seeing people as beingtheir peers- they sexualise the people they're atracted o and cannot properly interact with other people.

The tone of his poem actually reminds me of Marilyn Mnason's lyrics- the rock-goh singer, as he uses lots of showy meaphors, describing his life as a sick kind of show. The penulimate line of this poem is quite reminiscent of his work.
IceCream-Girl chapter 1 . 1/29/2012
Hey there,

I like the intertexual reference to followed by the Doctor Frankenstein, it added a sense of sass to the author/persona.

I also liked the "(wo)man" use of an aside, it forces the reader to consider their thoughts and assumptions.

I disliked the rhyming scheme as it seemed forced at times, or that words were used purely due them being convenient.

I also disliked the disjointed nature of the poem, sometimes truncation and enjambement can be used effectively to convey the persona's pausing thoughts or emotions but in this case partially due to over use the techniques and lack of punctuation to signify tempo changes I felt disconnected from the poem.

Keep writing!


~The Review Game