Reviews for Rematch! Round 3
Persevera chapter 2 . 12/17/2012
I'm glad this took place during the Bake-Off. It was time for Nathan to shine.

The idea of him and Keisha with candy is cute but unless she was already eating them, it doesn't make sense that she pull out a box of candy just for that purpose.
The argument itself, though, bringing up things from the past, was very realistic.

I like it that Keisha was ready to come to her big brother's aid, even when they weren't completely reconciled, and I love Ricochet's attitude and reasoning.

Camille just seems more likable with Nathan than with Ricochet.
[Nathan wrapped his arm more securely around Camille. "Well, how 'bout I whip up my Eskimo Eclairs, and we chill some more?" he said, massaging her shoulder with quick rotations. "Double frosting, naturally. And no Rocky quotes."]-That might be my favorite line.

I like your description of Keisha's father, especially in the context of laying down the law for Ricochet. She really does seem to like him a lot more than he likes her so the last line is really sweet.
vera chapter 1 . 12/14/2012
oops. Didn't mean to submit review prematurely so I'm finishing it under my name
[So you don't like him anyone because he got cool?"]-anymore
Jarrod is supposed to be a real jerk but he seems a little too glib. [the Male Beneficiary League of P.S. 114!] doesn't sound like something a knuckle-dragger would come up with.
I like Keish'as remark about a blog.
I like that the girls dispatched the MBL so effectively.
Tom Jones sang Vehicle, in case you think that might be cooler or more iconic.
Favorite prose-[Camille reached out and twisted the gizmo counter-clockwise. With a jolt, the engine broke out of its stalled stuttering and, just like The King's Speech, started piping up with cool confidence. Nathan looked wide-eyed at Camille, while her own gaze remained cool and frosty. "Like I said, to the left," she finished, allowing a light smirk to slip onto her lips as she crossed her arms easily.]
[Too bad things ended up going sour, with Ricochet and his exasperating flights of fancy, and her own weariness with a boyfriend that seemed to go through life on a permanent sugar high.]
Persevera chapter 1 . 12/14/2012
[Camille rolled her eyes. "Vehicle, Nathan?" she groaned.]-I guess you must have changed it at some point but in your fantasy paragraph, you use the word car, not vehicle.
[The chef pulled his head back inside the car and tossed a wave out the window. "Hey, I'm your vehicle, baby!"]-I can see where Camille would be more attracted to that.
[Yeah, but I don't wanna to you." Keisha tried to maneuver around Camille,]-Not sure exactly what Keisha meant to say here
mizgardenia21 chapter 2 . 1/18/2012
So cute! I LOVED the ending with Keisha's dad going "I will finish you" awesome story. LOVED it, I absolutely LOVED it.