Reviews for Reach
3M2R chapter 1 . 12/28/2011
Wow. dumbfounded. Like literally.

This is amazing. The imagery here was awesome. Okay, I need to beef up my expression. My words are so lousy.

Jeez, you just stole them away from me with this brilliant write.

I don't know I thought she died. But it's weird how so many people could see her. Then I thought, maybe she didn't, but it was that she saw a whole group of dead people lol. Until the last line... No reflection. But wait, the last line seems a little incongruous. they left the mirror out of sight yes, okay.. until one girl is left. if that's the case, she'd have reflection! So yea, a little off there.

Overall, it was gripping.

Interesting, interesting. It's a frequently used plot for supernatural, but with a new twist.