Reviews for Finding Michelle
Lockwood chapter 5 . 6/22/2012
It was good, I enjoyed reading it.

It may just me be, but I expected the ending to be something completely different, and much more cynical. This ending seemed like it was just trying too hard to be cynical. Other than the final chapter, I really enjoyed they story; Sure there were a lot of little coincidences, and things seemed to move rather quickly, but it's a short story and definitely worth the time it took to read.

Overall, great job! and I look forward to reading more
Pohlida chapter 3 . 6/16/2012
Mae is now one of my favorite ficitional characters.

I liked how you started this, with the news article. It was short, simple and it got the point across. Stuff like that means a lot to me because not many writers can pull it off.

Poor Mae! I'm wondering how much of her personality is Michelle's memories and how much is her own, but she is definitely not a flat character. I especially liked and how she accepts that she is a clone without wangsting about it.

The sudden declaration of love seemsskind of random (although since I don't read much romance it could be my own problem). However, Tomas is fully believable as he says it. I can imagine a guy in real life saying that. Mae's reaction is logical and sympathetic also.

The ending is sort of unsatisfying since it leaves some stuff out. It was obvious what happened, but even so I expected the text to say flat out that she died.

Altogether it was a nice read, though. Thanks for writing it!
NataFirefly chapter 2 . 4/21/2012
This story is intense! You must write more, you've drawn me in with this! Please?
Questionnaire chapter 1 . 1/4/2012
I like this premise - reminds me of "Minority Report" a bit. The situation is ripe for a deep exploration of the philosophical issues raised by this "imprinting" procedure. E.g., what if Tammy/Tomas end up falling in love with Mae? What happens when the "real" Michelle comes back? Perhaps this is why Sandvick is uncomfortable with it.

One question I did have was: If Mae's mind was copied from Michelle's a month ago, then Mae would be convinced that she is in fact Michelle, and that the people telling her otherwise are lying. Here it seems she has a kind of split personality, in that she remembers what Michelle does (before the time of imprinting), but accepts that she is not "really" Michelle. However, arguably there is no identity apart from memory (John Locke's theory of personal identity). It would be interesting to hear more about what it feels like from Mae's perspective.

I noticed you used the word "supplied" as a synonym for "said" twice in quick succession. Other than that there's not much for me to criticize as far as the writing is concerned; the pacing was pretty good in moving the story along. There were a few points where I was momentarily confused by the lack of a section break, e.g., right before "Hello again Miss Walker".