Reviews for My Purpose
Blurry Face chapter 1 . 1/27/2012
I guess you don't believe in the "soul mate" thing then, keeping feelings hidden up inside your "frozen" heart. I agree that people build fortresses to keep feelings away from prying eyes, trying to act as if nothing is wrong, but everyone needs to let it go after a while, like you said;

"All I need is a hug,

just one chance to let eighteen years of silence

of unrest

of hurt

pour out as waterfalls

of tears and cries."

I would probably give you a hug, letting you cry yourself to sleep if needed, I mean it is a sort of thank you from the hug you would've given me if you had half the chance when you reviewed "Sadness and Tears".

Feelings are interesting things, in a way. It's what supposedly separates us from animals, the ability to "feel". Sometimes it's not good to hide your feelings from people around you for too long, or you'll become "inhuman", unable to feel anything.

At least let it all out, even if it is to yourself, shouting into nothing. It'll make you feel better, though I am here if you need/want me.

Kenny x
biobeach chapter 1 . 1/1/2012
Is it horrible of me to believe the same?

Gahh... this is a wonderful poem. I enjoyed it very much. But it is depressing me so much that I'd cry if I had it in me.