Reviews for The Conqueror
Adrian Laeily chapter 1 . 1/2/2012
The Basics: Correct grammar, seems to me an absence of spelling errors. Appropriate length, appealing layout

Language: No rhyming, but still a gripping rhythm, understandable yet witty metaphores, well chosen words with varied dynamics.

Message: "No, you don't touch their bodies—

you're worse. You take their hearts,

sneaking and slithering slowly

toward what you know you shouldn't have,


The above quote, obviously taken from your poem, decided much of the quality of the message. A majority of any literary works concerning disgraceful and false boyfriends appear to equal sexual lust with depravity, yet here we have the perfect gentleman portrayed in shady lighting. This adds a depth to the subject of false love which has remained in the dark before.

If I am to sum my review up it was a truly enjoyable and giving experience to read your poem.