Reviews for Thief In the Night
Queen of Spiritual chapter 1 . 2/29/2012
I see how busy you've been posting on this site. I've been busy with my own stories too. I couldn't post my stories on this site because it wouldn't let me break the single lines when somebody is talking so it looks all scrunched up when I try to work on the story (ies) on document manager on this site so I sadly have to take the story down on this site. I've been having issues with document manager on this site since November of last year and I can't post anything since then.

This is a pretty good but interesting plot you have. All my readers usually don't review or anything sadly. Wish they would but I do love my reviews/favorites when it never happens. My dream is to go big and still I get is silence. I mostly post my stuff on fanfiction since it's the only choice I have to post. Feel free to check them out if you want to.
Ruby Kart chapter 1 . 1/9/2012
This is so different from what I usually see from you. Yes, you do a lot of tragedy. Yes, you do a lot of symbolism. But this is still different. It seems a bit easier to confront on this one - but your characters are different. The story line seems different because I know (or, as far as I know) you're not taking anything from real life here. This isn't anything to do with your past experiences. The settings are different. The language *cough* is definitely different. But it all fits together very well. I enjoyed it.

It's terribly heart breaking though, I must say that. I don't know where you're going to go with this if it's part of a trilogy, but I'm excited to find out!